Walter Braunfels

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Walter Braunfels was one of those all-too-ubiquitous figures in the German musical world of the 1920s and early '30s, who -- through no fault of his, and even less of his music -- managed to go from the…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Die Vögel, opera in 2 acts, Op. 30 1920 Opera
Verkündigung, opera, Op. 50 1933 Opera
Phantastische Erscheinungen eines Themas von Hector Berlioz, Op. 25 ("Fantastic Appearances of a Theme by Hector Berlioz") Orchestral
Chinese Songs (3), for soprano & orchestra, Op. 19 1914 Vocal Music
String Quintet in F sharp minor, Op. 63 Chamber Music
Symphonic Variations on an old French Children's Song, for orchestra, Op. 15 1909 Orchestral
Don Juan, introduction, theme & variations for orchestra (after Mozart), Op. 34 Orchestral
Scottish Fantasy, for viola & orchestra, Op. 47 1932 Concerto
Te Deum, for 2 voices, mixed chorus & orchestra Op. 32 Choral
Sinfonia brevis, Op. 69 1948 Symphony
Hölderlin-Gesänge (2), for baritone & orchestra, Op. 27 1916 Vocal Music
Der Gläserne Berg, suite from the opera for orchestra, Op. 39b 1929 Orchestral
Einziges Geschiedensein, for voice & piano, Op. 4/2 1905 Vocal Music
Piano Concerto, Op. 21 1910 Concerto
Nachklänge Beethovenscher Musik, for voice & piano, Op. 13 1910 Vocal Music
Serenade, Op. 20 Orchestral
Klärchen-Lieder, for voice & piano 1916 Vocal Music
Songs (6) for voice & piano, Op. 4 1905 Vocal Music
An die Parzen, for baritone & piano, Op. 27/1 1916 Vocal Music
Von der Liebe süß’ und bittre Frucht: Japanese Songs (4), for soprano & orchestra, Op. 62 1944 Vocal Music
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