Vulcano were one of Brazil's first heavy metal bands of note. Coming into existence some time before (and having no small influence upon) that country's most famous metal export, Sepultura, Vulcano's albums were far too inaccessible to surface above the heavy metal underground with any regularity; and yet, alongside fellow Brazilians Sarcofago, Mutilator, and others, their primal, astoundingly violent blend of black and thrash metal has attained a worldwide cult legend among some of the genre's most extreme practitioners -- notably, Norway's feared black metal inner circle of the early '90s. Vulcano evolved from an earlier band called Astaroth, circa 1981, and is essentially the vision of bassist, guitarist, and chief songwriter Zhema Rodero. Together with guitarist Paulo Magrão, keyboardist Carli Cooper, and numerous long-forgotten ...
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Bloody Vengeance 1986 Bloody Vengeance
Tales from the Black Book 2004 Tales from the Black Book
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