Formed as a trio in 1989, Swedish death metal band Vomitory steadily expanded its lineup, but never remained stable for very long. The band initially consisted of Ronnie Olson on bass, Urban Gustafsson on guitar, and Tobias Gustafsson on drums. Not long after playing its first show in 1990, the band opened its ranks to bass player Bengt Sund when Olson decided to handle vocals only. The band expanded again in 1991 with the addition of Ulf Dalegren on guitar. With its lineup somewhat steady and complete for the moment, the group put together a demo by the following year. The eponymous tape made its way through underground music channels, making a name for Vomitory among fans of death metal and bringing the band to the notice of Switzerland's Witchhunt Records. The label issued Moribund, a 7", in 1993. Swedish fans of death metal bought ...
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Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize 2007 Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize
Opus Mortis VIII 2011 Opus Mortis VIII
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