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Year Album Artist
2000 Claudia Muzio sings Verdi Claudia Muzio Record Label
1999 Caruso: Puccini Recordings, 1902-16 Enrico Caruso Record Label
1999 Caruso: Verdi Recordings Vol.1 Enrico Caruso Record Label
1999 Lauritz Melchior: The Wagner Roles [Box Set] Lauritz Melchior Record Label
1999 Lauritz Melchior: The Wagner Roles, 1929-1940, CD 1 Lauritz Melchior Record Label
1999 Lauritz Melchior: The Wagner Roles, 1929-1940, CD 2 Lauritz Melchior Record Label
1999 Richard Tauber rarities (1929-1939) Richard Tauber Record Label
1999 The Verdi Recordings, Part 3 (1902-1915) Enrico Caruso Record Label
1999 The World of Singing Vol. 3: The Italian School Tenors Before World War I (1912-1913) Record Label
1999 Verdi: Aida Beniamino Gigli Record Label
1997 Entfuhrung Aus Dem Serail Record Label
1997 Great Singers Of The Bayreuth Festival Record Label
1997 The Verdi's Singers Marlene Dietrich Record Label
1997 To The Memory Joseph Schmidt Record Label
1996 Rare Recordings from His Golden Years, 1930-1945 Jussi Björling Record Label
1996 The German Repertoire (1928-1942) Helge Rosvaenge Record Label
1995 Nellie Melba, The Best Of Her Victor Recordings Vol. 1 (1907-1913) Nellie Melba Record Label
Alfred Piccaver Alfred Piccaver Record Label
Amelita Galli Curci: The Unforgettable Recordings, Vol. 1 (1916-1920) Amelita Galli-Curci Record Label
Apollo Granforte: The HMV Recordings (1925-1931) Record Label
Arias and Duets from Operas by Wagner Kirsten Flagstad Record Label
Arias from Italian Opera (1911-1914) Pasquale Amato Record Label
Aureliano Pertile Vol. 5: Bizet's Carmen Aureliano Pertile Record Label
Aureliano Pertile-The First Legendary Acoustic Recordings Aureliano Pertile Record Label
Beethoven Liederalbum Michael Raucheisen Record Label
Beniamino Gigli: Ensemble And Rarities (1922-1939) Beniamino Gigli Record Label
Brahms: Liederabend Alexander Kipnis Record Label
Canta Pe' Mé Record Label
Celestina Boninsegna Record Label
Claudia Muzio-The Great Repertoire, 1911-1935 Claudia Muzio Record Label
Conchita Supervia-Opera & Zarzuela Conchita Supervia Record Label
Donizetti: L'elisir d'amore (Excerpts) Otto Ackermann / Giuseppe di Stefano Record Label
Edmont Clément: The most Famous Recordings Edmond Clement Record Label
Elisabeth Rethberg Sings Verdi Elisabeth Rethberg Record Label
Elisabeth Schumann-Songs, Lieder & Cantatas Elisabeth Schumann Record Label
Emmy Destinn - Her Berliner's Record And G.&T. Recordings (1901-1908) Emmy Destinn Record Label
Enrico Caruso-The Early Recordings 1902-1904 Enrico Caruso Record Label
Enrico Caruso: The French Repertoire, part one 1902 - 1919 Enrico Caruso Record Label
Enrico Caruso: The Verdi Recordings, part 2: 1906 - 1918 Enrico Caruso Record Label
Ezio Pinza-The Ealy Legendary Recordings (1923-1923) Ezio Pinza Record Label
Fjeodor Chaliapin Rarities-Acoustic Recordings From 1901 To 1912 Feodor Chaliapin Record Label
Flagstad & Melchior: The German Repertoire (1938-1941) Kirsten Flagstad / Lauritz Melchior Record Label
French Repertoire, Part 2 Enrico Caruso Record Label
Gerhard Hüsch: Schubert "Die schöne Müllerin" Gerhard Hüsch Record Label
Gino Bechi-The First Great Recordings, 1941-1948 Gino Bechi Record Label
Giovanni Martinelli-The HMV & Victor Recordings Giovanni Martinelli Record Label
Giovanni Zenatello-The Tenor, Vol.1 Giovanni Zenatello Record Label
Giuseppe De Luca On Stage (1918-1930) Giuseppe de Luca Record Label
Great Singers Sings Tosti (1846-1916) Record Label
Gregorian Chant: Selected 1930 French HMV Recordings of the Choir of the Abbey of St. Pierre de Solesmes Saint Pierre de Solesmes Abbey Monks' Choir Record Label
Hans Hotter Sings Schubert Hans Hotter Record Label
Hans Hotter as "Wotan" in his first interpretations (1938 - 1942) Hans Hotter Record Label
Helge Rosvaenge Sings Verdi 1928-1943 Helge Rosvaenge Record Label
Her First Recordings, 1944-1947 Kathleen Ferrier Record Label
Hyppolite Belhomme: The Rare Recordings (1905-1907) Record Label
Jan Peerce-The Late Toscanini's American Tenor Jan Peerce Record Label
John McCormack: The First Recordings (1907-1914) John McCormack Record Label
Jussi Björling 1930 1945: From Europe to USA His First Greatest Hits on Record Jussi Björling Record Label
Lauritz Melchior: His Greatest Hits on Records, 1923-1939 Lauritz Melchior Record Label
Lawrence Tibbett On Stage (1926-1939) Lawrence Tibbett Record Label
Liederabend Karl Erb Record Label
Liederabend Lotte Lehmann Record Label
Luisa Tetrazzini - The London Recordings, Vol. 1 (1907-1914) Luisa Tetrazzini Record Label
Marcella Sembrich: The Queen Of The Warsaw Opera House Marcella Sembrich Record Label
Max Lorenz Sings Wagner Record Label
Miguel Fleta Sings Opera Arias And Songs, Recordings From 1922-1930 Miguel Fleta Record Label
Ponselle Sings Verdi (1918 - 1928) Rosa Ponselle Record Label
Riccardo Stracciari Opera Recordings, Vol.2: 1917 - 1926 Riccardo Stracciari Record Label
Richard Tauber, The Best Of His Favorites Richard Tauber Record Label
Rosa Raisa The Great Soprano, Vol. 1 Rosa Raisa Record Label
Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin Lotte Lehmann Record Label
Schubert: Lieder Elisabeth Schumann Record Label
Songs from Fonotipia & Gramophone Company Records, Vol. 1 (1909 - 1921) Fernando de Lucia Record Label
Stracciari-His Great Operatic Recordings, Vol. 1 Riccardo Stracciari Record Label
Strauss, Dvorak, Kreisler and others Rosa Ponselle Record Label
Tancredi Pasero - La Scala Repertoire, Vol. 1 (1927-1944) Tancredi Pasero Record Label
Tancredi Pasero: La Scala Repertoire, Vol.2 Tancredi Pasero Record Label
The Acoustic Fonotipia Recordings Giuseppe Anselmi Record Label
The Acoustic Records (1910-1918) Josef Mann Record Label
The Acoustic Records (1913-1918) Giovanni Martinelli Record Label
The Acoustic Records, Part One (1918-1923) Beniamino Gigli Record Label
The Acoustic Records, Part Two (1918-1923) Beniamino Gigli Record Label
The Beginning of a Legend, Vol. 1 (Lausanne, 1944) Giuseppe di Stefano Record Label
The Best of His First Victor Recordings, Vol. 1 (1903 - 1908) Pol Plançon Record Label
The Cetra Recordings 1940-1943 Ferruccio Tagliavini Record Label
The Donizetti and Rossini Recordings (1902 - 1920) Enrico Caruso Record Label
The HMV, Parlophone & Argentine Victor Recordings 1928-1939 Lily Pons Record Label
The Legendary Mezzo-Soprano: The 1907-1911-1931 Studio Recordings Elena Gerhardt Record Label
The Legendary Recordings 1920-1925 Claudia Muzio Record Label
The Mythical Recordings Francesco Tamagno Record Label
The Polish School, Part 1: Sopranos and Mezzo-Sopranos (1902-1935) Libro 1 Record Label
The Russian Songs (1926-1934) Feodor Chaliapin Record Label
The World Of Singing, Vol. 2, Singers Of Imperial Russia (1900-1916) Record Label
The World Of Singing, Vol. 4-The Italian School Tenors Before WWI, 1902-1913, Libro 2 Record Label
The World Of Singing, Vol. 8: The Italian School, Part II Record Label
The World of Singing Vol.1 Record Label
The World of Singing, Vol. 9: Tenors before, during and after World War I, Book 2 Record Label
The World of Singing, Vol.6 Record Label
The World of Singing, Vol.7 Record Label
Tito Schipa Sings Mozart (1913 - 1941) Tito Schipa Record Label
Tito Schipa, Vol. 3: Donizetti - Don Pasquale Tito Schipa Record Label
Tito Schipa: The First Recordings (1913-1919) Tito Schipa Record Label
Titta Ruffo: The Best Of His Favourites, 1912-1929 Titta Ruffo Record Label
Toti Dal Monte: The most famous recordings Toti Dal Monte Record Label
Verdi: Othello (Excerpts Sung by Lauri-Volpi, Pertille, Vinay) Giacomo Lauri-Volpi / Aureliano Pertile / Ramón Vinay Record Label
Victor Maurel-The Baritone of the late Verdi Record Label