Vivian Fine

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Vivian Fine anchored the first wave of women composers in twentieth-century America. Before Ruth Crawford (1901 - 1953), "arguably history's first major woman composer" in Kyle Gann's view, Amy Marcy…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Emily's Images for Flute and piano 1987 Chamber Music
Concertante for piano & orchestra 1943 Concerto
Quartet for Brass 1978
Momenti for Piano Solo 1978 Keyboard
Canzones y Dances, for flute, cello & guitar Chamber Music
Missa Brevis for Four Cellos and Taped Voice 1972 Chamber Music
The Flicker, for solo flute 1973 Chamber Music
Alcestis, ballet 1960 Ballet
Toccatas and Arias, for harpsichord 1986 Keyboard
Sinfonia and Fugato for Solo Piano 1963 Keyboard
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