An integral part of the inner circle of punk royalty, Viviane Katrina Louise Albertine was born in Australia but raised in London by her Swiss mother and French father. After dropping out of Chelsea School of Art, Albertine formed the Flowers of Romance (named by Johnny Rotten) with Sid Vicious and Keith Levene in 1976 before joining the (then) all-female lineup of the Slits. Supporting the Clash on tours in 1977 and 1978 earned the Slits increased exposure, and their seminal debut, Cut, was released on Island in 1979. Produced by Brit-reggae legend Dennis Bovell, the album's raw, energetic, dub-inflected D.I.Y. sound perfectly encapsulated the Slits' freedom of spirit. This was also evident on the album's infamous cover photograph of the band as topless, mud-splattered Amazonians. Cut has proved to be hugely influential, not least on ...
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