Veljo Tormis

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Prominent Estonian composer Veljo Tormis is mostly known for his masterly, folk-inspired choral compositions. Perusing his works list, one is amazed at its lopsided appearance: while Tormis wrote songs,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Estonian (17) Wedding Songs Miscellaneous (Classical)
Suomalais-ugrilaisia maisemia (Finnish-Ugric Landscapes) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Estonian (4) Lullabies Miscellaneous (Classical)
Helletused (Herding Calls), for chorus 1982 Choral
Karelian destiny, for chorus Choral
Muistse mere laulud (Songs of the Ancient Sea), for tenor soloist & male chorus 1979 Choral
Litany to thunder (Pikse litaania), for tenor voice, bass voice, male chorus & bass drum 1974 Choral
Sügismaastikud (Autumn landscapes), song cycle for chorus 1964 Choral
Raua needmine, for mixed choir, tenor, bass & shaman drum Vocal Music
Singing aboard ship, for alto soloist & chorus 1983 Choral
Estonian Game Songs, for chorus 1995 Vocal Music
Incantatio maris aestuosi (Incantation for a Stormy Sea), for chorus 1996 Choral
The singer's childhood, for soprano soloist & female chorus 1966 Choral
The Bishop and the pagan, for countertenor voice, 2 tenor voices & male choir 1992 Choral
Meestelaulud (Men's Songs), for men's chorus, Series 2 1965 Choral
Kihnu Island Wedding Songs Miscellaneous (Classical)
Vespian paths, for chorus Choral
Kullervo's Message 1994 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Kaksikpühendus, diptühhon (Double Dedication, diptych), for chorus 1983 Choral
Meestelaulud (Men's Songs), for men's chorus, Series 1 1964 Choral
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