Valentin Haussmann

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An enigmatic character in the history of music, Haussmann had no difficulty in finding a station wherever he went. It seems that he did not hold one position for a lengthy period of time but pursued travels,…
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Year Title
All ye who love, song Vocal Music
Catkanei Chamber Music Dance
Courante Orchestral Courante
1600 Fuga prima, for string quartet Chamber Music Fugue
1600 Fuga secunda, for string quartet Chamber Music Fugue
Galliard Chamber Music Galliard
Galliard (based on Roland/Lord Willougby) Galliard
Gratia Musarum Miscellaneous (Classical)
London Prentice (to the tune of Nancie)
Mein Buhlschaft Ist Frau Musica Miscellaneous (Classical)
Nachtanz Dance
Nancie Orchestral
1598 Neue artige und liebliche Täntze (1598) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Paduan Chamber Music
Pavan (based on Roland/Lord Willougby) Pavane
Pavana 7 Pavane
Polish Dance ("Durch Lieb bin ich gar schmertziglich"), for voice & continuo Vocal Music
Polish Dance No. 3 for ensemble Chamber Music
Tantz Chamber Music Dance
1604 Two Dance-Musics, for ensemble Chamber Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)