Valentin Haussmann

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An enigmatic character in the history of music, Haussmann had no difficulty in finding a station wherever he went. It seems that he did not hold one position for a lengthy period of time but pursued travels,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Catkanei 01:22 Chamber Music
Galliard 00:55 Chamber Music
Paduan 02:17 Chamber Music
Pavan (based on Roland/Lord Willougby) 03:37
Tantz 00:46 Chamber Music
Galliard (based on Roland/Lord Willougby) 01:13
London Prentice (to the tune of Nancie) 02:45
Courante 01:01 Orchestral
Mein Buhlschaft Ist Frau Musica 02:48 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Nachtanz 01:35
Gratia Musarum 02:35 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Two Dance-Musics, for ensemble 1604 02:16 Chamber Music
Pavana 7 01:54
Nancie 02:36 Orchestral
Polish Dance ("Durch Lieb bin ich gar schmertziglich"), for voice & continuo 04:36 Vocal Music
Polish Dance No. 3 for ensemble 01:11 Chamber Music
Fuga prima, for string quartet 1600 04:53 Chamber Music
All ye who love, song 01:26 Vocal Music
Fuga secunda, for string quartet 1600 02:27 Chamber Music
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