One of the most popular volksmusik groups of the German-speaking world, Ursprung Buam hails from Zillertal, Tyrol, and ascended to mainstream popularity in 2001 after winning an Amadeus Award in the category of Gruppe Volkstümlicher Schlager. Founded in 1993, Ursprung Buam is a trio comprised of brothers Martin Brugger (fiddle; born December 11, 1976) and Andreas Brugger (accordion; December 29, 1978), along with cousin Mannfred Höllwarth (bass, harp; April 5, 1962). In accordance with the trio's alpine origins, they sing in an Austro-Bavarian dialect and embody the age-old cultural traditions of the region. Ursprung Buam made their recording debut in the late '90s with the album Echt Zillertalerisch. Incredibly scarce, the album was released -- presumably re-released -- by Tyrolis in 1999 shortly after the trio had signed to the MCP ...
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