Since their formation in Tottenham, London, England, in the late 80s, Urban Species were widely tipped as the next potential breakthrough in UK hip-hop. They originally comprised lead rapper Mint (b. Peter Akinrinola) and DJ Renegade (b. Winston Small), whose partnership principally involved messing about in their north London bedrooms, since when they have added the services of toaster Slim (b. Rodney Green). The trio started to produce small runs of white labels, distributing them under the names of either Mint or Renegade. This earned them a reputation among both the pirate radio stations and clubs, where they would be invited to appear. Even the hip New York stations Kiss and WBLS picked up on one of their tracks, ‘It’s My Thing’, but they were hamstrung by finances and unable to capitalize. Their next cut, ‘Got To Have ...
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