A jangly Southern power pop band in the classic mold, Atlanta-based Uncle Green featured vocalists/guitarists/songwriters Matt Brown and Jeff Jensen, bassist Bill Decker, and drummer Pete McDade. Naturally, Uncle Green looked to R.E.M. as a chief influence, but also drew from less elliptical power pop influences both classic (the Beatles, Squeeze) and contemporary (Trip Shakespeare, the Posies, Matthew Sweet). Formed when some of its members were just 15, Uncle Green debuted with two albums for the small New Vision label (1987's Get It Together and 1988's 15 Dryden), but didn't truly hit their stride until signing with the indie DB. Produced by Brendan O'Brien, 1989's You was a major step forward, finding Brown and Jensen both perfecting their voices as lyricists and their senses of craft and structure as tunesmiths. 1991's What an ...
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What an Experiment His Head Was 1991 What an Experiment His Head Was
Book of Bad Thoughts 1992 Book of Bad Thoughts
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