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Year Album Artist
2020 Cherry Blossom The Vamps Drums, Group Member, Additional Production, Composer, Drum Programming, Mixing, Producer, Programming, Recording, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
2018 Night & Day: Day Edition The Vamps Composer
2018 Night & Day The Vamps Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2017 Staying Up Matoma / The Vamps Composer
2017 Night & Day: Night Edition The Vamps Drums, Group Member, Composer, Mixing, Producer
2016 All Night The Vamps Composer
2016 All Night The Vamps Composer
2015 Wake Up The Vamps Vocals, Drums, Group Member, Composer
2014 Wild Heart The Vamps Composer
2014 Somebody to You [EP] The Vamps Composer
2014 Now! That's What I Call Feel Good Composer
2014 Now That's What I Call Music! 87 [UK] Composer
2014 Meet the Vamps The Vamps Vocals, Drums, Programming, Group Member, Additional Production, Composer
2010 The Town With the Bad Wiring The Upsidedown Vocals, Bass, Group Member, Composer, Lyricist
2009 Fifth Season Nanda Devi Vocals
2008 Christmas Hits Composer/Lyricist
2006 Christmas Pop Composer
2004 Trust Electricity The Upsidedown Bass, Voices
2002 Great Duets Composer, Vocals
2001 Happy Birthday Composer
Zimowe Piosenki Composer
Young Love The Tide Composer
Xmas Pop Composer, Drums, Producer
Xmas Party [Universal] Composer
Xmas Eve Composer, Drums, Producer
Workout Songs 2020 Composer
Workout Pop Hits Composer
Workout Playlist 2020 Composer
Workout Picks Composer, Drums
Workout Mix [October, 2020] Composer
Workout Mix Composer, Drums, Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background)
Workout Beats Composer, Drums
Work From Home Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Winter Mood Composer
What Your Father Says The Vamps Composer
Viral Hits, Vol. 11 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Viernes Night Composer, Vocals (Background)
Viaje a 2016 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Viaje a 2014 Vocals (Background)
Viaje a 2013 Drums, Vocals
Vesele Praznične Pesme Drums, Vocals
Vesele Božićne Pjesme Drums, Vocals
Vesel Božič Drums, Vocals
Verano 2020: Verano Hits 2020 - Verano Forever - Summer 2020 - Vacaciones 2020 Composer
Vaccine of Love Drums, Vocals
Vaccine of Joy Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Vacation 2021 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Up and Coming Pop Composer
Un Craciun Modern Composer, Drums, Producer, Vocals
Ultimate Love Songs Vocals (Background)
Tropical House Vibes Composer, Drums
Tropical Hits [2021] Composer, Drums
Trending Holiday Hits, Vol. 1 Composer
Trending Christmas Hits, Vol. 1 Composer
Top Hits Acústico Composer
Tik Tock Viral Hits 2020 Composer
Tik Tock Songs [2021] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Tik Tock Hypes Composer
Tik Tock Hits Composer
Tick Tock Songs 2020 Composer
Throwback Hits [December 2020] Vocals (Background)
This Is Pop Music Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
The Post COVID-19 Mixtape: Band Edition Composer
The Post COVID-19 Mixtape: Acoustic Edition Composer
The Holidays With Island Records Drums, Vocals
The Christmas The Vamps Composer
Teen Hits [Universal] Composer
Tailgate Party Composer, Vocals (Background)
Summer Ragers 2021 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Summer Party 2021 Composer, Drums
Summer Mix Pop Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background)
Summer Hit Mix 2017 Composer
Study Vibes 2020 Composer
Stuck: Traffic Jams Composer, Vocals (Background)
Strength Training Music 力量训练 Composer, Drums
Stolen Moments The Vamps Composer
Sretan Božić Drums, Vocals
Srecan Bozic Drums, Vocals
Spring Is Here Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Spring Chill 2021 Vocals (Background)
Spring Break 2021 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Sprang Break Composer, Vocals (Background)
Songs for Your Workout Composer, Vocals (Background)
Songs That Make Me Happier Vocals (Background)
Soft Pop Hits 2020 Composer
Smart Working a Casa Composer
Sleepy Pop Composer
Sleep Music: Pop Composer, Vocals (Background)
Self-Care Sunday Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Self Care Songs Composer
Salon Music Composer, Drums, Vocals
Road Trip Hits [2021] Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Right Now The Vamps Composer
Relaxing Music 2020 Composer
Relaxed Tunes Composer
Raw Composer
Raise Your Head Up Composer, Vocals (Background)
Pumped Pop Drums
Pregame Party Composer, Vocals (Background)
Praznicni Hitovi Drums, Vocals
Powerwalk 2020 Composer
Positive Energy Drums, Vocals
Pop of the 2000s: Celebrating Pride 2021 Composer, Drums, Vocals
Pop of the 2000s: Celebrating Pride Composer
Pop at Home Composer
Pop Workout Composer
Pop Party Vocals (Background)
Pop Pa' Curar La Cruda Composer
Pop Nostalgia Composer
Pop Music Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Pop Hits 2015 Drums, Vocals
Pop Christmas [2020] Composer
Pool Party [April 2021] Drums, Mixing, Producer, Vocals
Piękne Święta Composer, Drums, Producer
Personal The Vamps Composer
Perfect Pop Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Male Hits 6 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Pop Male Hits 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 20 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Online Shopping Shiok Beats Composer, Vocals (Background)
Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) The Vamps Composer
Ny Julmusik 2020 Drums, Vocals
Nuevas Reinas Nuevos Reyes Composer
Novogodišnja Večera Drums, Vocals
Novogodišnja Euforija Drums, Vocals
No Bad Vibes Composer
New Year New Start Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
New Pop Hits [Universal] Composer
Najlepše Božične Pesmi Drums, Vocals
Musica per lavorare al pc Composer
Morning Vibes Composer
More Than Friends Vocals (Background)
Modern Christmas Composer
Missing You [2020] Composer
Missing You The Vamps Composer
Mellow Days Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Married in Vegas Matoma / The Vamps Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Married in Vegas The Vamps Composer, Drum Programming, Drums, Mixing, Producer, Recording
Malaysia Hot & Viral [May 2021] Vocals (Background)
Lovers on a Trip Composer, Vocals (Background)
Love Songs [2021] Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Love Songs [2021] Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Love Songs 2021 [Feb, 05] Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Love Is Love Composer, Drums, Vocals
Love Canzoni D'Amore Composer, Drums
Long Distance Composer
Live From Nowhere Near You, Vol. 2: Pacific Northwest Bass, Vocals
Live The Vamps Composer
Life in a Vintage Movie Composer
Lagu Cinta Terbaik Vocals (Background)
LBGTQ+ Playlist Composer, Drums, Vocals
Kids Summer Party Drums, Vocals
Kids Pop Christmas Drums, Vocals
Kids Party 2021 Drums, Vocals
Kids Christmas [December, 11] Drums, Vocals
Kids Christmas Party Drums, Vocals
Kid Friendly Christmas Drums, Vocals
Karacsonyra Fel! Composer
Karacsonyi Popslagerek Composer
Just My Type The Vamps Composer, Composer/Lyricist
Julmys Composer
Julmusik: Magic Christmas Drums, Vocals
Julmusik 2020 Composer
Jullåtar Composer
Julklassiker Composer
Julfavoriter 2020 Composer
Jul med familjen Composer
Jukebox de Craciun Composer
Isolation Vocals (Background)
Island Life Dance, Vol. 7 Composer
Island Life Dance, Vol. 4 Composer
Island Life Coffee House, Vol. 1 Composer
Island Life Coffee House Composer
I'm Falling for You Composer, Drums, Vocals
I Hate Summer Composer, Vocals (Background)
I Found a Girl The Vamps Composer
Hurricane The Vamps Composer
Human Destination The Upsidedown Vocals, Bass
How Bizarre TickTock Hits Composer, Vocals (Background)
Hot Summer Vibes☀ Composer, Drums
Hot Christmas Composer, Drums, Producer, Vocals
Holiday Songs [Universal] Composer, Drums, Producer
Holiday Music Christmas Composer, Drums, Producer
Holiday Hits [Universal] Composer
Holiday Cookie Mix! Composer
Hits Acoustiques Composer
Hitazos Activadores Composer, Vocals (Background)
Hiking Music 2020 Composer
Have a Great Day! Composer, Vocals (Background)
Happy Wake Up Composer, Vocals (Background)
Happy Summer Composer, Drums, Vocals
Happy Songs 2021 Vocals (Background)
Happy Place Composer
Happy Holidays 2020 Drums, Vocals
Happy Electronic Composer, Drums, Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background)
Happy Christmas Songs Drums, Vocals
Happy & Jolly Composer, Vocals (Background)
HIIT Workout Mix Composer
Gwiazdka Drums, Vocals
Graduation [2021] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Good Mornings Composer
Girls Night Out [2020] Composer, Drums, Vocals
Get Up and Pop Remix Composer
Fun Pop Throwback Composer, Drums, Vocals
Friyay Drums, Vocals
Friday Feeling Drums, Vocals
Fitness Music 2020 Composer
Festive Christmas Songs Drums, Vocals
Festa de Natal Composer, Drums, Producer
Exitos Acusticos Composer
Enjoy Today Composer, Vocals (Background)
ETE 2020 Composer
Despertar Contento Vocals (Background)
Dear Bro Composer, Vocals (Background)
Dale Al Play!: Chill Composer
Cuddle Up & Chill Vocals (Background)
Crowd Pleasers Composer
Cool Pop [2021] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Cooking at Home [Pop Hits Edition] Composer
Click My Fingers The Tide Composer
Class of 2021 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Class of '15 Drums, Vocals
Christmas Songs for Kids [Universal] Drums, Vocals
Christmas Songs for Kids [2020] Drums, Vocals
Christmas Songs [Universal] Composer, Drums, Producer
Christmas Party [Universal 2020] [#1] Composer
Christmas Party Songs Composer, Drums, Producer
Christmas Music [December] Composer, Drums, Producer
Christmas Is Coming 2019 Drums, Vocals
Christmas Hits: Vol. 1 Composer, Drums, Producer
Christmas Album [2020] Drums, Vocals
Christmas 2019 Drums, Vocals
Chillout Hits Composer
Chilled Acoustic [Universal] Composer
Chillax Composer, Vocals (Background)
Chemicals The Vamps Composer, Drums
Cheater The Vamps Composer
Canciones de Siempre: Ellos Vocals (Background)
Brit Awards 2017 Composer
Breakup Songs 2021 Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Break Up Songs [2021] Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Boys With Guitars Vocals (Background)
Boy Band Mega Hits Composer
Better The Vamps Composer, Drums
Best of Boy Bands [Universal] Composer, Drums, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Best of 2017 Dance Composer
Best of 2017 Composer
Best Of: Love Songs Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
Best Gym Songs 2021 Composer, Vocals (Background)
Best Christmas Songs [Universal 2019] Composer, Drums, Producer, Vocals
Best Christmas Songs 2019 Composer, Drums, Producer, Vocals
Bad Santa Composer
Bachelorette Music Vocals (Background)
Aqua Blue Vibes: Summer Playlist Composer
Another You Alok / Bloodline Composer
All Acoustic Composer
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Composer
Acoustic Pop [Universal] [2021] Composer
Acoustic Pop Edition Composer
Acoustic Hits Composer
Acoustic Guitar Hits 2021 Vocals (Background)
4 All Ages: Fun Sing-a-Long Music Vocals (Background)
2019 Mix Composer, Drums, Vocals (Background)
2014 Hits Vocals (Background)
2010s New Year's Party Vocals (Background)
10s Pop Lullabies, Vol. 10 The Cat and Owl Composer
100% Éxitos [2014] Vocals (Background)
100% Exitos: Grupos, Vol. 2 Vocals (Background)