Travis Smith


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Year Album Artist
2018 Book of Bad Decisions Clutch Graphic Design
2018 Live in Overhausen Overkill Design, Layout
2018 Long Night's Journey Into Day Redemption Art Direction, Design
2018 Wasteland Riverside Illustrations, Design, Layout
2017 Aathma Persefone Artwork
2017 Condolences Wednesday 13 Artwork, Layout
2017 Fractured Lunatic Soul Illustrations, Design, Layout
2017 From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) Tarja Artwork
2017 Funeral Twilight Dreaming Dead Artwork
2017 Hands of Fate Savage Messiah Artwork
2017 Old Scars, New Wounds Act of Defiance Artwork
2017 Phases Next to None Artwork
2017 Scream: The Essentials SOiL Cover Art
2017 The Optimist Anathema Photography, Illustrations, Design
2016 Eye of the Soundscape Riverside Illustrations, Design, Layout
2016 Sorceress Opeth Design
2016 The Art of Loss Redemption Art Direction, Design
2016 The Fall of Hearts Katatonia Photography, Artwork, Design
2015 Birth and the Burial Act of Defiance Artwork
2015 Fine Days: 1999-2004 Anathema Cover Art
2015 Mercy Brown Mercy Brown Logo
2015 Resonance, Vols. 1 & 2 Anathema Sleeve Art
2015 Sanctitude Katatonia Artwork, Design
2014 Bled White Novembers Doom Artwork
2014 Casualties of Cool Ché Dorval / Devin Townsend Artwork
2014 Kindly Bent to Free Us Cynic Layout
2014 Last Fair Day Gone Night Katatonia Artwork, Design
2014 Pale Communion Opeth Design
2014 The Beauty of Destruction Devil You Know Artwork, Design
2014 The Year the Sun Died Sanctuary Artwork, Design
2014 White Devil Armory Overkill Cover Art, Layout
2013 Dethroned & Uncrowned Katatonia Artwork, Design
2013 Ghost Thief Living Sacrifice Cover Art
2013 Incomprehensible Andy Winter Graphic Design, Layout
2013 Know Hope The Color Morale Cover Art
2013 Mythos Soul Embraced Artwork, Cover Art
2013 Saivon Lapsi Eternal Tears of Sorrow Artwork
2013 Scar the Martyr Scar the Martyr Artwork, Design
2013 Shrine of New Generation Slaves Riverside Illustrations, Design, Layout
2013 Whole SOiL Artwork, Layout
2012 Dead End Kings Katatonia Artwork, Design
2012 Second World The Foreshadowing Artwork
2012 The Electric Age Overkill Cover Art, Layout
2012 The Manticore and Other Horrors Cradle of Filth Images
2011 Antihero The Bronx Casket Co. Artwork, Layout
2011 Behind the Black Veil The Shadow Theory Artwork
2011 Carbon-Based Anatomy Cynic Graphic Design
2011 Cold Winds on Timeless Days Charred Walls of the Damned Artwork, Layout
2011 Counting Our Scars Desultory Cover Art, Layout
2011 Cringe N Purge Jim Florentine Cover Art
2011 Deconstruction Devin Townsend / Devin Townsend Project Design, Layout
2011 Ghost Devin Townsend / Devin Townsend Project Design, Layout
2011 Heritage Opeth Artwork, Design
2011 Impressions Lunatic Soul Illustrations, Design, Layout
2011 Memories in My Head Riverside Illustrations, Design, Layout
2011 Tactical World Under Blood Images
2011 The Beginning of Times Amorphis Art Direction
2011 The Golden Vine Onward We March Artwork, Layout
2011 The Truth Is... Theory of a Deadman Photography
2011 This Mortal Coil Redemption Illustrations, Art Direction, Layout
2011 Woods 4: The Green Album Woods of Ypres Artwork
2011 Woods III: Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues Woods of Ypres Artwork, Layout
2010 A Thin Shell October Tide Artwork, Layout
2010 Building the Towers Halcyon Way Artwork
2010 Collisions and Castaways 36 Crazyfists Photography, Artwork
2010 Everything Remains (As It Never Was) Eluveitie Artwork, Cover Photo, Back Cover Photo
2010 For We Are Many All That Remains Artwork
2010 Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes Amorphis Artwork
2010 Immortalis/Live at Wacken Open Air 2007 Overkill Cover Art, Layout
2010 Ironbound Overkill Cover Design, Layout
2010 Monolith In Mourning Artwork
2010 Nightmare Avenged Sevenfold Back Cover, Cover Art, Tray Card Art
2010 Omen Soulfly Layout
2010 Re-Traced Cynic Graphics
2010 The Cold Flotsam and Jetsam Cover Art
2010 The Evolution of Chaos Heathen Artwork, Package Design, Layout
2010 The Obsidian Conspiracy Nevermore Artwork, Layout
2009 Addicted Devin Townsend / Devin Townsend Project Artwork, Layout
2009 Anno Domini High Definition Riverside Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
2009 Night Is the New Day Katatonia Artwork, Design
2009 Snowfall on Judgement Day Redemption Illustrations
2008 Cynic Paradise Pain Cover Art
2008 Dead Calm Chaos Evocation Artwork, Layout
2008 Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder Cradle of Filth Design Producer
2008 The Wacken Carnage Bloodbath Artwork, Art Direction, Design
2008 Warkult/The Will to Kill Malevolent Creation Original Cover Artwork
2007 The Roundhouse Tapes Opeth Artwork, Layout
2007 The Blue Novembre Artwork
2006 Core Persefone Artwork
2006 Opeth Box Set Opeth Photography, Design, Cover Design, Images, Booklet Design, Execution
2006 The Great Cold Distance Katatonia Artwork, Design
2006 Veronika Decides to Die Saturnus Cover Art
2005 Alien Strapping Young Lad Art Consultant
2005 Arcane Rain Fell Draconian Layout Design, Cover Art
2005 Black Sessions [Box Set] Katatonia Design, Layout Design
2005 Dreams of Death Flotsam and Jetsam Cover Art
2005 Ghost Reveries Opeth Illustrations, Art Direction, Layout Design
2005 Immersed Sinai Beach Artwork
2005 Relix IV Overkill Layout Design, Cover Art
2005 Torn Between Dimensions At War with Self Illustrations, Layout Design
2004 Acceleration Age of Silence Photography, Graphic Design, Artwork, Layout Design
2004 Feel. Melt. Release. Escape. Anti-Depressive Delivery Illustrations
2004 Glow Unjust Logo
2004 Gone Forever God Forbid Illustrations, Concept, Logo
2004 In an Outrage Chastain Cover Art
2004 Insect Song Beyond the Embrace Artwork
2004 Of Malice and the Magnum Heart Misery Signals Illustrations
2004 Out Of Myself Riverside Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
2004 Temporary Psychotic State Subterranean Masquerade Illustrations, Layout Design
2004 The Delores Lesion Lilitu Photography, Art Direction, Design, Illustration Concept
2004 The Glorious Burden Iced Earth Layout Design
2004 The Imaginary Direction of Time Winds Graphic Design, Images
2004 The January Tree Dead Soul Tribe Layout Design, Cover Photo
2004 Twice Second Symphorce Artwork
2004 Where Lovers Mourn Draconian Layout Design, Cover Art
2003 A Murder of Crows Dead Soul Tribe Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
2003 Accelerated Evolution Devin Townsend Band / Devin Townsend Graphic Design, Layout Design
2003 Damnation Opeth Cover Design, Booklet Design, Sleeve Design
2003 Enemies of Reality Nevermore Artwork, Layout Design
2003 Exit Through Fear Society 1 Artwork
2003 Fall, I Will Follow Lacrimas Profundere Photography, Layout Design
2003 Identity, Vol. 8 Artwork
2003 Keepers of Jericho: A Tribute to Helloween, Pt. II Cover Art
2003 Killbox 13 Overkill Design, Layout Design, Layout
2003 Labyrinth Labyrinth Artwork
2003 Metamorphosis Zero Hour Illustrations
2003 Redemption Redemption Artwork, Layout Design
2003 Summoning Twelfth Gate Artwork, Logo
2003 The Puppet Master King Diamond Artwork
2003 Viva Emptiness Katatonia Artwork, Art Direction, Design, Layout
2002 Abigail II: The Revenge King Diamond Artwork
2002 Conceived in Fire Living Sacrifice Artwork
2002 Dark Genesis Iced Earth Artwork, Design, Layout Design
2002 Dead Soul Tribe Dead Soul Tribe Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
2002 Deliverance Opeth Photography, Design, Execution
2002 Despise the Sun Suffocation Artwork, Cover Art Concept
2002 Envenomed II Malevolent Creation Cover Art
2002 Forgiving Eden A Triggering Myth Illustrations, Design
2002 Karma In Black The Defaced Cover Art
2002 Natural Born Chaos Soilwork Artwork, Layout Design
2002 No Reply Daylight Dies Photography, Layout Design
2002 Reflections of the I Winds Design, Layout Design
2002 Resonance, Vol. 2 Anathema Sleeve Art
2002 Resurrection Through Carnage Bloodbath Digital Editing, Design
2002 Souls Highway Beseech Cover Art
2002 The Will to Kill Malevolent Creation Artwork
2002 This Is My Blood Soul Embraced Paintings
2002 To Welcome the Fade Novembers Doom Artwork
2002 Tribute to the Gods Iced Earth Artwork, Design, Layout Design
2002 Trinity Prototype Artwork, Package Design, Layout Design
2002 Words as Carriers Matt Zane Artwork, Layout Design
2002 Wrecking Everything -- Live Overkill Design
2001 Blackwater Park Opeth Artwork, Design, Cover Design, Booklet Design
2001 Death's Design Diabolical Masquerade Art Direction, Design
2001 Horror Show Iced Earth Illustrations, Layout Design
2001 Identity 7: Deadly Sins Artwork
2001 Into the Deepest Wounds Withered Earth Layout Design
2001 Last Fair Deal Gone Down Katatonia Photography, Design
2001 Life as a Rider C-BO Cover Art
2001 Mechanized Warfare Jag Panzer Artwork
2001 Praying, Hoping, Nothing [Inzane] December Artwork, Art Direction, Design, Cover Art Concept, Layout Design
2001 Profoundemonium Trail of Tears Layout Design, Cover Design
2001 Rapture Dragonlord Illustrations, Art Direction, Design, Layout Design
2001 Resonance Anathema Sleeve Art
2001 Sweet Home Transylvania The Bronx Casket Co. Images, Image Design
2001 Terria Devin Townsend Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
2001 The Towers of Avarice Zero Hour Producer, Arranger, Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
2001 Winds Blow Higher Sleepless Design, Cover Art
2000 Black Emotions Beseech Cover Art
2000 Bloodletting Overkill Illustrations, Design, Layout Concept
2000 Dead Heart in a Dead World Nevermore Illustrations, Design, Layout Coordinator
2000 Heart of a Killer Winters Bane Artwork, Design
2000 Identity 6 Artwork
2000 Kings of the World CJSS Cover Art
2000 Lightbringer Power Symphony Illustrations
2000 Manifestation Malevolent Creation Illustrations, Design
2000 Thane to the Throne Jag Panzer Cover Art
2000 The Only Law Is Survival Hate Plow Cover Art
1999 Adagio Solitude Aeturnus Artwork, Design
1999 Alive in Athens Iced Earth Artwork
1999 Demons And Wizards Demons & Wizards Artwork, Design, Layout Design, Logo
1999 Disembody: The New Flesh Skinlab Artwork, Design
1999 Dreaming Neon Black Nevermore Photography, Illustrations, Design
1999 Necroshine Overkill Artwork
1999 Still Life Opeth Photography, Booklet Design
1999 The Fragile Art of Existence Control Denied Artwork, Art Direction, Design, Logo
1999 Tonight's Decision Katatonia Illustrations, Design, Layout Design
1998 Elements of Anger Sadus Artwork
1998 Eyesore [EP] Skinlab Artwork, Cover Typeset
1998 Firestarter Artwork, Design
1998 Identity Four Artwork
1998 Something Wicked This Way Comes Iced Earth Artwork
1998 The Sound of Perseverance Death Liner Notes, Artwork, Art Direction, Design
A Dream in Static Earthside Artwork, Design
Acoustified! Deron Miller Artwork, Design
Atomic Ark Lalu Artwork
Bloodbath Over Bloodstock Bloodbath Art Direction, Design
Conquer Halcyon Way Artwork, Layout
Deathlike Ancient VVisdom Artwork
Debt of Aeons King Goat Artwork
Extol Extol Illustrations, Art Direction, Layout
Live from the Pit Redemption Cover Art, Layout
Lunar Without Waves Artwork, Layout
Restless Maplerun Artwork
Retribution Nightingale Cover Art
Saeculum Holicus Artwork
Selves We Cannot Forgive Black Crown Initiate Artwork
Shadow Work Warrel Dane Liner Notes, Artwork, Design, Layout
Spiritual Migration Persefone Artwork
The Curse of the Red River Barren Earth Design, Cover Design, Cover Art
The Retinal Circus Devin Townsend / Devin Townsend Project Artwork, Layout
The Awakening of Gaia Crysalys Artwork, Cover Art, Layout
The Early Years Eluveitie Cover Art
The Keepers of Jericho: A Tribute To Helloween, Pt. I & II Cover Art
The Unconsciousness of Living Illogicist Illustrations, Design
Triumphia Imminent Sonic Destruction Artwork
Ursa Novembre Artwork
Vagabond Subterranean Masquerade Artwork, Design
Walking on a Flashlight Beam Lunatic Soul Illustrations, Design, Layout