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Year Album Artist
2021 Bees Belly Producer
2014 Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011 Mark Lanegan Engineer
2011 Sings Cole Porter/Aquarela do Brasil Dionne Warwick Assistant Engineer
2006 Recehorse Holly Ramos Engineer, Mixing
2006 Push the Heart Devics Mixing
2005 Distant Radio Devics Mixing
2004 Bubblegum Mark Lanegan Band Engineer, Main Personnel, Drum Machine, Tapes, Tape Manipulation
2004 1984-1995 American Music Club Engineer
2003 Here Comes That Weird Chill [EP] Mark Lanegan Engineer, Mixing, Loops
2002 Sweet Ride: The Best of Belly Belly Engineer
2002 12 Tales Producer
2001 My Beautiful Sinking Ship Devics Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2000 The Ghost in the Girl Devics Producer
1998 If You Forget Me... Devics Producer, Engineer, Percussion, Theremin
1998 High Contrast Comedown [Geffen] Fluorescein Producer, Vocals
1998 Great Expectations [Original Soundtrack] Mixing, Recording
1998 12 Bar Blues Scott Weiland Engineer, Mixing, Theremin, Producer, Recording
1998 1 Nightstand The Simpletons Mixing
1997 Meet Miss Young and Her All Boy Band Kristeen Young Engineer
1997 M.O.M., Vol. 2: Music for Our Mother Ocean Mixing
1997 High Contrast Comedown [No Name] Fluorescein Producer, Vocals
1996 Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart Stone Temple Pilots Engineer
1996 Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop Stone Temple Pilots Engineer, Vocal Engineer
1996 Ledger Miss Alans Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1996 Don Ron Pomegranate Producer, Engineer
1996 Counting Blue Cars Dishwalla Mixing
1995 Whirligig Caulfields Engineer, Mixing
1995 Silver Sweepstakes Knapsack Mixing
1995 Mad Love Producer
1995 Lemonlime, Vol. 1 Producer
1995 Hello Amsterdam American Music Club Mixing
1994 San Francisco American Music Club Engineer, Mixing
1994 Pretty Little Lonely Michael Petak Engineer, Mixing
1994 Moon Belly Producer, Engineer
1994 Fig. 6 Seven Day Diary Engineer
1994 Can You Help Me American Music Club Engineer
1994 Blusher Miss Alans Producer, Engineer
1993 Welcome to Our Nightmare: A Tribute to Alice Cooper Producer, Engineer
1993 Truck Stop Love Truck Stop Love Producer, Engineer
1993 Star Belly Producer, Engineer
1993 Stagnation Truck Stop Love Engineer
1993 Innocence and Experience Blake Babies Engineer
1993 Gepetto [Remix Disc 2] Belly Engineer
1993 Feed the Tree Belly Engineer
1993 Baby Silvertooth Belly Producer, Engineer
1992 Slow Dust [EP] Belly Producer, Engineer
1992 Simply Poetry Poetess Assistant Engineer
1992 Precious Chanté Moore Assistant Engineer
1992 Gepetto [Remix Disc 1] Belly Engineer
1992 Gepetto [EP] Belly Engineer
1992 Born Again Tom Scott Assistant Engineer
1992 Body Count Body Count Assistant Engineer
1991 Thicker Than Water The Triplets Assistant Engineer
1991 Stacy Earl Stacy Earl Assistant Engineer
1991 Milestone The Temptations Engineer
1991 Lump of Coal Producer, Engineer
1991 Leap of Faith Kenny Loggins Assistant Engineer
1991 Keep This Love Alive Tom Scott Engineer
1991 Jealousy X Japan Assistant Engineer
1991 Forbidden Places Meat Puppets Engineer
1991 Act Like You Know MC Lyte Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1990 Women in the Room Zachary Richard Assistant Engineer
1990 Sings Cole Porter Dionne Warwick Assistant Engineer
1990 Make the Difference Tracie Spencer Assistant Engineer
1988 Thrumdrone Carnival Art Producer, Engineer
The Thorocraft Cobra EP Thorcraft Cobra Engineer
Barbarella Scott Weiland Mixing, Recording

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