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Year Album Artist
2005 Roses and Champagne Silver Mountain Illustrations
2000 Sick in the Head Virus 7 Photography, Cover Art
2000 Servants of Darkness Nifelheim Cover Art
2000 Return of Rock The Swingin' Neckbreakers Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
1993 In the Shadows Mercyful Fate Artwork
1992 Return of the Vampire Mercyful Fate Cover Art
1990 The Eye King Diamond Cover Art
1990 Absolut Country of Sweden Anti Cimex Cover Illustration
1989 Conspiracy King Diamond Artwork, Cover Art
1988 Them King Diamond Cover Art
1987 Abigail King Diamond Artwork, Cover Art
1986 Fatal Portrait King Diamond Artwork
1984 Shakin' Brains Silver Mountain Cover Design

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