Tony Randle


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Year Album Artist
2014 The Crown Z-Ro A&R
2014 The Fundamentals Juvenile A&R
2013 Trill O.G.: The Epilogue Bun B A&R
2012 Angel Dust Z-Ro A&R
2011 Meth Z-Ro A&R
2011 Still Pimping Pimp C A&R
2010 Crazy & Psychotic, Vol. 1 A&R
2010 Gangstas and Hustlers A&R
2010 Greatest Features A&R
2010 Heroin Z-Ro A&R
2010 Number 1 Street Hits A&R
2010 Sex, Money, And Drugs.Vol,1 A&R
2010 Street Life A&R
2010 Swagger Check A&R
2010 The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones Pimp C A&R
2010 Trill O.G. Bun B A&R
2009 Greatest Features Scarface A&R
2009 Greatest Hits Z-Ro A&R
2009 The Rain [Chopped & Screwed] Chill / Z-Ro A&R
2008 Best of Devin the Dude Devin the Dude A&R
2008 Best of Yukmouth Yukmouth A&R
2008 Crack Z-Ro A&R
2008 Greatest Hits Pimp C A&R
2008 Hi Life Devin the Dude A&R
2008 II Trill Bun B A&R
2008 It Is What It Is ABN A&R
2008 Million Dollar Mouthpiece Yukmouth A&R
2008 Rap a Lot Street Classics, Vol. 1 A&R
2008 Rap-A-Lot Greatest Hits A&R
2008 The Beginning Trae A&R
2008 The Best of Geto Boys & Scarface Geto Boys / Scarface A&R
2008 The Best of Scarface Scarface A&R
2007 Back Like We Left Something UTP A&R
2007 The Art of Storytelling Dirty A&R
2007 Waiting to Inhale Devin the Dude A&R
2006 Get That Paper Do or Die A&R
2006 It Goes Without Sayin Trilltown Mafia A&R
2006 My Homies, Pt. 2 Scarface A&R
2006 Pimpalation Pimp C A&R
2006 Restless Trae A&R
2005 Club Bangaz Partners-N-Crime A&R
2005 Hood Stories Dirty A&R
2005 Let the Truth Be Told Z-Ro A&R
2005 The Sweet James Jones Stories Pimp C A&R
2005 The Foundation Geto Boys A&R
2005 Trill Bun B A&R
2004 Dude Devin the Dude Production Supervisor
2004 The Life of Joseph W. McVey Z-Ro A&R
2004 To Tha X-Treme Devin the Dude A&R
2003 A Tribute to Ja Rule Mastering
2003 Balls and My Word Scarface A&R
2003 Music Inspired by Scarface Production Coordination
2003 Nectar Wordblender Rhythm
2003 Pimpin' Ain't Dead Do or Die A&R
2003 The Hi-Life Hustle Hi-C A&R
2002 Back 2 the Game Do or Die A&R
2002 Double Dose Tela A&R
2002 Greatest Hits Scarface A&R
2002 Greatest Hits Geto Boys A&R
2002 Just Tryin' Ta Live Devin the Dude A&R
2002 Neva Surrenda [The Rap-A-Lot Sessions] Outlawz A&R
2002 Silence Facemob A&R
2002 Silver & Black The Luniz A&R
2002 The Return The Project Playaz A&R
2001 Unleash the Beast Dorasel A&R
2000 Loved by Few, Hated by Many Willie D Production Supervisor
2000 The Last of a Dying Breed Scarface Production Supervisor
2000 The World Ain't Enuff Tela Production Supervisor
1999 J-Prince Presents: Realest Down South Production Supervisor
1998 Headz or Tailz Do or Die Production Supervisor
1998 My Homies Scarface Executive Producer
1998 No Pain No Gain Ghetto Twiinz Production Supervisor
1998 Now or Never Tela Production Supervisor
1998 The Dude Devin the Dude Production Supervisor
1998 Thugged Out: The Albulation Yukmouth Production Supervisor
1997 10th Anniversary: Rap-A-Lot Records Composer
1997 Listen to This Skool Boys Executive Producer
1997 The Untouchable Scarface Production Supervisor
1996 Picture This Do or Die Production Supervisor
1993 Players Choice Too Much Trouble Production Coordination
1993 Psychic Thoughts Ganksta N-I-P Production Coordination
1993 Rigormortiz DMG Producer, Executive Producer, Production Coordination, Composer
1993 Till Death Do Us Part Geto Boys Producer, Production Coordination
1992 The South Park Psycho Ganksta N-I-P Production Coordination
1991 Mr. Scarface Is Back Scarface Production Coordination, Management
1991 Terror Strikes: Always Bizness, Never Personal The Terrorists Production Coordination