Tomas Pascual

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Year Title Avg.
Hoy es día de placer (This is the day to rejoice), for chorus 02:22 Vocal Music
Magnificat, for chorus 04:25 Choral Magnificat
Make haste to help me, O Lord 01:36 Choral
My soul magnifies the Lord 04:22
Our God, Jesus Christ 02:58
Oy es día de placer y de cantar, for chorus & organ 02:03 Choral
Si tanta gloria se da 02:45
The Lord said unto my Lord 03:49
The true weight and measure 02:23 Chamber Music
This is a supper full of love 02:47
Thus it comes (The Virgin birth at Bethlehem) 03:04
Victoria, quien ha vencido? 02:33
You come to us by invitation 03:32
You established the happy earth 02:32