Tom Kvålsvoll

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Year Album Artist
2014 Mysteries/Big Brother/Anthem Oberon Mastering
2012 Out to Die Aura Noir Mastering
2012 Morinde Alkerdeel Mastering
2011 Vortex of Death Hat Mastering
2011 The Konsortium The Konsortium Mastering
2011 Svölk 'Em All Svölk Mastering
2011 Rise, Vulcan Spectre Nekromantheon Mastering
2011 Phantom Stimulance Jono El Grande Mastering
2011 March of the Norse Demonaz Mastering
2011 Grim Scary Tales Macabre Mastering
2010 No. 2: Abyss in B Minor Serena Maneesh Editing
2010 Burning Sensation Pilpel Mastering
2009 The Combination Dead Man's Hand Mastering
2009 Resplendent Grotesque Code Mastering
2009 Neo Dada Jono El Grande Mastering
2009 Into the Light The Prophecy Mastering
2008 V:28 - Total Reconstruction Remixing
2008 This Grand Show Grayceon Mastering
2008 The Thread Starofash Mastering
2008 Syndicate of Lethargy Execration Mastering
2008 Bestial Supremacy Sarkom Mastering
2008 Angl Ihsahn Mastering
2007 The Devils Songbook Ledfoot Mastering
2007 Supervillain Outcast Dødheimsgard Mastering, Supervisor, Help
2007 Mastermind Cocktail Slippers Mastering
2007 Losing Something Good for Something Better I Was a King Mastering
2007 Grimen Hardingrock Mastering
2007 Bellowing Sea: Racked by Tempest In Lingua Mortua Mastering
2007 A Legacy of Evil Limbonic Art Mastering
2006 The Castle Massacre Ping Mastering
2006 The Adversary Ihsahn Mastering
2006 Freeshine Freeshine Mastering
2006 Discipline Manifesto Naer Mataron Mastering
2006 Black Metal Box Mastering
2006 Armada Keep of Kalessin Mastering
2006 Aggravation of Mind Sarkom Mastering
2005 Young Debutantes II Don Juan Dracula Mastering
2005 The Sense Apparatus Frantic Bleep Mastering
2005 The Moribund People Peccatum Mastering
2005 Storm Detonation Live Zyklon Mastering
2005 Soothing Torture Insense Mastering
2005 Riot Detonator Mindgrinder Mastering
2005 Less Sophistication The Jessica Fletchers Mastering
2005 Kraft Vreid Mastering
2005 Brimstone Solar Radiation Band Brimstone Solar Radiation Band Mastering
2004 Trespasser Terje Winther Mastering
2004 The Perfect Drama JR Ewing Mastering
2004 Morning Star Flunk Mastering
2004 Mindtech Mindgrinder Mastering
2004 Mare Veris Paradigma Bass (Vocal), Guitar, Assistant Engineer, Logo Concept
2004 Lost in Reverie Peccatum Mastering
2004 Internal Gathering: The Second Chapter Mastering
2004 Human Plague Wynjara Mastering
2004 Frigga's Web Hagalaz Runedance Mastering
2004 Carheart Virus Mastering
2004 Calling in Dead JR Ewing Mastering
2004 Beyond the Apocalypse 1349 Mastering
2003 What Happened to The? The Jessica Fletchers Mastering
2003 Ulver 1993-2003: 1st Decade in the Machines Ulver Mastering
2003 Small Talk/I'm the Snake Diabla Mastering
2003 Ride Paranoia JR Ewing Mastering
2003 Posthuman Void Mastering
2003 Likferd Windir Mastering
2003 Liberation 1349 Mastering
2003 Kaospilot Kaospilot Mastering
2003 Hurricane's Eye Unni Wilhelmsen Mastering
2003 Hate Them Darkthrone Mastering
2003 Cordion Cordion Mastering
2003 Affiliated With the Suffering Blood Red Throne Mastering
2002 Weltherrschaft Mezzerschmitt Mastering
2002 Tyrants from the Abyss: A Tribute to Morbid Angel Mastering
2002 This Machine Kills/JR Ewing [Split EP] JR Ewing / This Machine Kills Mastering
2002 The Ultimate Death Worship Limbonic Art Mastering
2002 Superior Massacre Myrkskog Mastering
2002 Reflections of the I Winds Mastering
2002 Instinct Gate Tidfall Mastering
2002 Ilter Viator Star of Ash Mastering
2002 Circular Supremacy Tidfall Mastering
2001 World Ov Worms Zyklon Mastering
2001 The Phantom Novels Grievance Mastering
2001 Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise Emperor Mastering
2001 Kvazar Kvazar Mastering
2001 Grievance Grievance Mastering
2001 Blot Mactätus Remastering
2001 1184 Windir Mastering
2000 Volven Hagalaz Runedance Vocals
2000 The Red Jewel Tartaros Mastering
2000 The Complex Bewitchment Mactätus Mastering
2000 Somnium Thou Shalt Suffer Mastering
2000 Singles N Shit The Kwyet Kings Mastering
2000 Quintessence Borknagar Mastering
2000 Provenance of Cruelty Mactätus Mastering
1999 Songs of Soil Cybele Mastering
1999 Mercury Madder Mortem Mastering
1999 IX Equilibrium Emperor Mastering
1999 Darkness Forever! Between the Lines in Hamburg and Oslo! Turbonegro Mastering
1999 Black Thrash Attack Aura Noir Remastering
1998 Winds That Sang of Midgard's Fate Hagalaz Runedance Mastering
1998 In the Streams of Inferno Mysticum Remastering
1997 Over At Ola's Kevin Dean Quintet Mastering
1997 Min Tid Skal Komme Fleurety Mastering
1996 Aspera Hiems Symfonia Arcturus Mastering
Untrodden Corridors of Hades Varathron Mastering
To Summon Twilight Folge Dem Wind Mastering
The Traumatizer Audiopain Mastering
The Demise of Mankind Hat Mastering
The Candlelight Years 1349 Mastering
Synne Skouen: Call-Notes Mastering
Stratum Drottnar Mastering, Sub-Mixing
Soulsaviour V:28 Mastering
Salon des Refuses In Lingua Mortua Mastering
Ritu Saille Mastering
Nonanthropogenic V:28 Mastering
Morbid Dimensions Execration Mastering
Memento Collider Virus Mastering
Lucifer Leviathan Logos Magister Templi Mastering
Lost Masters of the Universe Mysticum Mastering
Lo Sabbat Lou Quinse Mastering
Legion Helvete Tsjuder Mastering
Inhale the Sacred Poison Folge Dem Wind Mastering
Grand Piano Dr. Bekken Mastering
Goat Carcass Rising Vesen Mastering
Extance Aenaon Mastering
Ex Inferi Svartahrid Mastering
En Kvest for Den Hellige Gral Trollfest Mastering
Divinty of Death Nekromantheon Mastering
Contagious Audiopain Mastering
Cendres Et Sang Aenaon Mastering
Brumlebassen Trollfest Mastering
Book of Vast Ideas Richard Nygaard Mastering
Arisen Upon Oblivion Unfathomed of Abyss Mastering
A Umbra Omega Dødheimsgard Mastering