Tom Carr


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Year Album Artist
2017 John Greer: Sing Me at Midnight Tracy Dahl / John Greer / Kevin McMillan / Delores Ziegler Engineer
2016 Arnold Schönberg: Brettl-Lieder; Richard Strauss: Krämerspiegel; Kurt Hessenberg: Lieder eines Lumpen Gabriel Dobner / Gerhard Siegel Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2015 The Recital Clarinetist Janice Minor / Paulo Steinberg Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2009 Mythomania Cryptacize Mastering
2009 Starry Night Project Montage Music Society Editing
2007 Alex Shapiro: Notes from the Kelp Alex Shapiro Mixing, Editing, Recording
2007 Alvin Singleton: Sing to the Sun Engineer
2007 Geek Romeo Geek Romeo Mixing, Bass, Mastering
2007 More Kurt Ribak Engineer
2007 Settin the Table, Company's Comin' Stringin' Along Mastering
2006 A Jacques Kopstein Mastering
2006 Calamity The Curtains Mastering
2006 Chasin' the Blues Jim Cullum Mastering
2006 Ends of the Earth Genre Peak Mastering
2006 Footnotes to Fairytales Peter James Mastering
2006 Pursuits Full Spectrum Jazz Big Band Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Simpatico Brian Lynch Mastering
2005 Anonymous Letter Steve Woodhams Mastering
2005 Long Gone Clothesline Revival Mastering
2005 Take Me Off the Market Joey Daniels Harmonica
2004 A Very Larry Christmas Larry the Cable Guy Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2004 Entertaining Thanatos Metaphor Mastering
2004 Life Doug Ellington Mastering
2004 Music for Hammer and Sticks Editing, Mastering, Recording
2004 Suspiciously Blue Eva Jay Fortune / Eva Jay Fortune Band Mastering
2004 The Long and the Short of It Michael O'Neill Engineer
2003 Girls About Songs All Bets Off Mastering
2003 It Was High Time to Escape 31Knots Mastering
2003 Nothing Comes Free Brigitte DeMeyer Mixing, Mastering
2003 The Legend of Shorty Brown The Blue Eyed Devils Mastering
2002 Alice @ 97.3: This Is Alice Music, Vol. 6 Mastering
2002 Andy Zamenes Andy Zamenes Mastering
2002 Available Light Allen Clapp Mastering
2002 From Clarksdale to Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker Mixing
2002 Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape Dilute Mastering
2002 Hello Eyes of Autumn Mastering
2002 Mujeres y Mariachi Juanita Ulloa Mastering
2002 Of My Native Land Clothesline Revival Mastering
2002 Petals of Stone Valerie Rose Mastering
2002 Razz Will Roc Mastering
2002 The Gypsy Valentine Curve Dilute Mastering
2001 African Music Machine African Music Machine Mastering
2001 Alice @ 97.3: This Is Alice Music, Vol. 5 Mastering
2001 Another Thousand Miles Brigitte DeMeyer Mixing, Mastering
2001 Big Daddy 'D' Dave Crimmen Mastering
2001 I Go Wild! Guitar Shorty Mastering
2001 Let It Fall Richard Isen Mastering
2001 New American Piano Music Teresa McCollough Editing, Remastering
2001 Ragtime Romp: Music of Scott Joplin Ric Louchard Engineer, Mastering
2001 So Far The Orange Peels Mastering
2001 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas [New Cast Recording] Original 2001 Cast Production Supervisor
2000 Alice @ 97.3: This Is Alice Music, Vol. 4 Mastering
2000 In for the Thrill Anatomic Mastering
2000 Kick It up a Step! Strokeland Superband Mastering
2000 Mozart: Rhythm & Romance John Lee Sanders Mastering
2000 Mystique Dave Eshelman Mastering
2000 New York Sessions Rory Snyder Mastering
2000 One Great World Dub Nation Mastering
2000 Something for the Boys Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1999 Alice @ 97.3: This Is Alice Music, Vol. 3 Mastering
1999 All My Dreams Nifty Tom 50 Mastering
1999 Central Nervous System Ledenhed Mastering
1999 Come Lily Come Lily Mastering
1999 Deja Vuk Larry Vuckovich Engineer, Recorder
1999 Go Where It's Dangerous Jeff Pittson Mastering
1999 Here, There and Everywhere: The Songs of the Beatles Mastering
1999 Point of View Damask Rose Mastering
1999 Receive Conrad Praetzel Digital Mastering
1999 Trip to the Sun Tracy Silverman Mastering
1998 Days for Days Loud Family Engineer
1998 Deep River: The Spirit of Gospel Music in Jazz Jim Cullum Jazz Band Mastering
1998 Let the Truth Be Known Dub Nation Mastering
1998 Saint John's Mercy Victor Krummenacher Mastering
1998 San Miguel Project Miguel Balmaceda Mastering
1998 The Fog Show Alison Faith Levy Mastering
1998 The Renaissance Album Mixing
1998 Windham Hill: The Renaissance Album Engineer, Mixing
1997 9:30 Live! Drums
1997 Achieving Your Ideal Weight Steven Halpern Mastering
1997 Albino Alligator Michael Brook Engineer
1997 Attracting Prosperity Steven Halpern Mastering
1997 Cruise Control Phil Klein Digital Editing
1997 Keys of Romance S.C. Perkins Mastering
1997 Killing Time [EP] Love Riot Mastering
1997 On a Starry Night Mastering
1997 Other White Meat Dork Mastering
1997 Stop Smoking Steven Halpern Mastering
1997 Why Do They Call You That Wally Schnalle Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1996 Afro-Desia Steven Halpern Mastering, Pre-Mastering
1996 Great Pepper Shaker in the Sky Budderball Mastering
1996 Kenny's from Heaven Kenny Stahl Producer, Engineer, Mastering
1996 Make Noises Michael Winslow Producer, Engineer, Executive Producer
1996 Mr. Bones Ronnie Montrose Mastering
1996 Sanctuary: 20 Years of Windham Hill Digital Editing, Mastering
1996 Windham Hill Sampler '96 Digital Editing, Digital Mastering
1995 En Trance Conrad Praetzel Mastering
1995 Gifts of the Angels Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Mastering, Pre-Mastering
1995 Melt Zonk Rewire New Klezmer Trio Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
1995 Trance-Zendance: Ambient Entrancement Steven Halpern Digital Editing, CD Pre-Mastering, Digital Pre-Mastering
1994 Art of Sexual Ecstasy Steven Halpern Mastering
1994 Enhancing Massage Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Pre-Mastering
1994 Inner Peace Steven Halpern Editing, Pre-Mastering
1994 Lullabies for Your Inner Child Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Pre-Mastering
1994 Lullaby Suite Steven Halpern Editing, Pre-Mastering
1994 Music from Here Ronnie Montrose Engineer, Mixing
1994 Self-Healing Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Digital Pre-Mastering
1994 Sleep Soundly Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Digital Pre-Mastering, Pre-Mastering
1994 Swing High, Swing Low Shanna Carlson Engineer, Mixing
1993 Case for the Blues Michael Osborn Engineer, Mixing
1993 Hey, Ludwig! Ric Louchard Engineer
1993 Just Add Water Mastering
1993 The Double-Headed Serpent Inkuyo Engineer, Mixing
1993 To a Wild Rose Linda Depinquertaine-Gauthier Mastering
1993 When Dreams Come True Dave Eshelman's Jazz Garden Big Band Engineer, Mixing, Second Engineer
1992 Everything Crash X-Tal Engineer
1992 Labyrinth Doug Smith Engineer
1992 Live at the Notodden Blues Festival: 1991 Robben Ford / Jimmy Witherspoon Mixing
1992 Mother Earth Dance Jack Conrad Engineer
1991 Enhancing Self-Esteem Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Digital Pre-Mastering
1991 Everclear American Music Club Engineer
1991 Nurturing Your Inner Child Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Pre-Mastering
1991 Radiant Health and Well-Being Steven Halpern Digital Editing, Digital Pre-Mastering, Pre-Mastering
1991 Rise American Music Club Engineer
1991 Winter Light (Baroque Music for the Fireside) Ric Louchard Engineer
1990 Masks and Faces New Klezmer Trio Engineer, Audio Engineer
1989 A Fine & Private Place: A Musical Fantasy Mastering
1989 G'night Wolfgang: Classical Piano Solos for Bedtime Ric Louchard Engineer
1988 Dreamchaser Ancient Future Assistant Engineer
1986 Blues Beneath the Surface Geoff Bartley Engineer, Bass
1981 Gang War Prince Charles & the City Beat Band Assistant Engineer
Belinda Reynolds: Cover Belinda Reynolds Engineer, Mixing, Editing
Fortune Mokelumne Mastering
Paul James de Benedictis: Quintets Arlekin Moscow String Quartet / Paul James De Benedictis Recording