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Year Album Artist
2017 Chris to the Mill Chris Difford Mastering
2017 Golden Romeo Santos Audio Master, Mastering
2014 Formula, Vol. 2 Romeo Santos Mastering
2012 Tales from the Topside Marion Loguidice Mastering
2009 Contrary Radio Citizens of Contrary Knowledge Mastering
2009 Just Love Brian Courtney Wilson Mastering
2009 Resume [Bonus Tracks] Val Kinzler Mastering
2009 The Last Aventura Mastering
2008 Demarcations Martin Mansfield Mastering
2008 The Breath of Life Angella Christie Mastering
2008 Young Rebel Goombas Young Rebel Goombas Mastering
2007 Median's Relief Median Mastering
2006 Activando KMW Mastering
2006 Feelin Free Sharrond King Mastering
2006 Foot in the Door Oddisee Mastering
2006 Heart to Yours/Do You Know Michelle Williams Mastering
2006 K.O.B. Live Aventura Mastering
2006 Live at the Union Chapel Francis Dunnery Mixing, Mastering
2006 Starr Status Kenn Starr Mastering
2006 The Brooklyn Way Lordz Mastering
2006 The Green Beauty Solarkane Mastering
2006 Way of the Heart Valerie Lemon Mastering
2005 Beachland Bootleg: Prodigals Live The Prodigals Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 De Pinche Nada Red Lotus Mastering
2005 Dominante Alexa Mastering
2005 From Law Suite to Love Songs Len Leeds Mastering
2005 God's Project Aventura Mastering
2005 God's by Design Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Mastering
2005 Indigo Rose Mary Gatchell Mastering
2005 Pain, Time & Glory Capone Mastering
2005 Praise in the Valley Lexi Mastering
2005 Renaissance: The Classics Mastering
2005 Sex Album Jessica Vale Mixing
2005 Shadow & Splendor Stacie Rose Mastering
2005 West End Mixtape Sessions, Vol. 1 Marley Marl Mastering
2004 A Purple Kind of Blue Meredith Blis Mastering
2004 Always Geri King Mastering
2004 Finally... One True Thing Mastering
2004 Found Love Blaze Mastering
2004 Hometown 2001: Live Francis Dunnery Mastering
2004 La Verdad Fulanito Mastering
2004 Mirror Music Wordsworth Mastering
2004 My Heart Depends on You Shea Norman Mastering
2004 Nell Bryden [EP] Nell Bryden Mastering
2004 Ramiyah Ramiyah Mastering
2004 Steppin' Up André Ward Mastering
2004 The Beautiful Struggle Talib Kweli Mastering
2003 Confessions Lea Longo Mastering
2003 Dedication 2B Mastering
2003 Draw the Line Angella Christie Mastering
2003 Ever So Slightly Rearranged Jessica Owen Mastering
2003 Evolve Astronaut Mastering
2003 Love & Hate Aventura Mastering
2003 Man Francis Dunnery Mastering
2003 Nightcap World The Scoldees Mastering
2003 Peaceful Easy Feeling Peter Calo Mastering
2003 Sisters Paul Brill Mastering
2003 Sisters [EP] Paul Brill Mastering
2003 Songs from the Mission of Hope Stephen Harris Mastering
2003 Spirit Rising, Vol. 1: Praise & Worship [Columbia] Mastering
2003 Spirit Rising, Vol. 2: Inspirational [Columbia] Mastering
2003 The Power of Worship VIP Mass Choir Mastering
2003 Who Knows? Tom Andersen Mastering
2002 Blessed by Association John P. Kee Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2002 E: Relaxing Guitar Solo Ryo Kawasaki Mixing, Mastering
2002 Final Days: Anthems for the Apocalypse Plasmatics Assistant Engineer
2002 Here Comes the Sun: An Instrumental Tribute to the Beatles Peter Calo Mastering
2002 Mal Acostumbrado Fernando Villalona Mixing
2002 Nearly Killed Keith John & Wayne Mastering
2002 Put Your Love in Me: Love Songs for the Apocalypse Plasmatics Assistant Engineer
2002 Quality Talib Kweli Mastering
2002 Scott Coulter Scott Coulter Mastering
2002 Stumbling Still Warm... John Washburn Mastering
2002 The Art of Being a Girl Julee Cruise Mastering
2002 This Is Mine Stacie Rose Mastering
2001 Alive Just for Love Peter Murphy Mastering
2001 Are You Married? Miki Kono Mastering
2001 Brand New Day Vanessa Bell Armstrong Mastering
2001 Cowboy Song Peter Calo Mastering
2001 Dreaming in Hell's Kitchen The Prodigals Mastering
2001 Halve the Light Paul Brill Mastering
2001 Jock Jams: The All-Star Jock Jams Mastering
2001 Larger Than Life Michael Hill Mastering
2001 Loyalty Desmond Pringle Mastering
2001 Mighty in the Spirit VIP Mass Choir Mastering
2001 More What Flutes 4.....Live! Chip Shelton Mastering
2001 Reflections Lucio Hopper Mastering
2001 Reval Ryo Kawasaki Trio Mastering
2001 Straight from the Heart DeLeon Mastering
2001 The Hostile Takeover Tonéx Post Mastering
2000 Be Ready New Divine Destiny Mastering
2000 Can't Look Back Josh Roy Brown Mastering
2000 Classic West End Records Remixes Larry Levan Engineer, Mastering
2000 Covered in Metal Mastering
2000 Elemyntal 4th Elemynt Mastering
2000 Get Your Praise On New Direction Mastering
2000 In the Myx Kelli Williams Mastering
2000 Lyricist Lounge, Vol. 2 Engineer
2000 Not Guilty...The Experience John P. Kee Mastering
2000 Real The Tommies Mastering
2000 The Gift Shelley Gaines Mastering
1999 ...Baby One More Time [Single] Britney Spears Mastering
1999 Cosmic Rhythm Ryo Kawasaki Mastering
1999 Cup of Tea Pepperfarm Mastering
1999 Dear Lord [Swerve] Remixx Mastering
1999 Flav-O-Pac: Memograph, Vol. 1 Mastering
1999 Heartbreaker Mariah Carey Mastering
1999 Killing Machine Tracii Guns Mastering
1999 Leomoon Leomoon Analogue Synthesizer
1999 Re-Bound The Newlydeads Editing, Mastering
1999 Thank God I Found You Mariah Carey Mastering
1999 Three Flutes Up Chip Shelton Engineer, Mastering
1999 United and Live Bang Tango Mastering
1998 At Montreaux Jazz Festival Kimiko Itoh Mastering
1998 Cafe Trio: Live at Bradley's in New York City Victor Jones Mastering
1998 Fairyland It Ain't Jack Pedler Mastering
1998 Jock Jams, Vol. 4 Mastering
1998 Live Bang Tango Mastering
1998 Loaded Deck Ace Frehley Remastering, Digital Remastering
1998 Logic Pride, Vol. 1 Mastering
1998 MTV Party to Go 1999 Mastering
1998 Out of Ireland: Deluxe Edition [DVD/CD] Photography
1998 Popçular Disari Pentagram Mastering
1998 Re-Bound [EP] The Newlydeads Mastering
1998 Sprung Spring Mastering
1998 Supercatchy Helper Mastering
1998 You Michael Moon Mastering
1997 12 Picks Ace Frehley Remastering
1997 A Little Bit of Ecstasy Jocelyn Enriquez Mastering
1997 Desafinado Camila Benson Mastering
1997 Dressing Up the Idiot Prunella Scales Mastering
1997 Freestyle Greatest Beats: Complete Collection, Vol. 10 Mastering
1997 Freestyle Greatest Beats: Complete Collection, Vol. 8 Mastering
1997 Freestyle Greatest Beats: Complete Collection, Vol. 9 Mastering
1997 Infernal Heart Long River Train Mastering
1997 Live Ryo Kawasaki Mastering
1997 Project Pollen Project Pollen Mastering
1997 This That & The Other Thing Flipside Mastering
1996 6 24-7 Spyz Mastering
1996 740 Boyz 740 Boyz Mastering
1996 Arguments for Drinking Long River Train Mastering
1996 Coyote Shivers Coyote Shivers Mastering
1996 Cutting's Ultimate Freestyle Medleys, Vol. 1 Mastering
1996 Cutting's Ultimate Freestyle Medleys, Vol. 2 Mastering
1996 Ethno Funky Del-O-Jelly Beat Bangaroo Mastering
1996 Fur Fur Mastering
1996 Gettin' It (Album Number Ten) Too $hort Mastering
1996 Have Faith Johnny Thunders Mastering
1996 It Ain't 4 Play Funk Mobb Mastering
1996 Jump Up and Sing: Binyah's Favorite Songs Gullah Gullah Island Engineer
1996 Sweet Life Ryo Kawasaki Mastering
1995 Bass Brothas Brings You Phat Bass Bass Brothas Mastering
1995 Bass'ed on This Mastering
1995 KRS-One KRS-One Mastering
1995 Killa Kali Celly Cel Mastering
1995 New Raceion Alan Vega Mastering
1995 Temporarily Disconnected 24-7 Spyz Mastering
1995 Weasel Gutterball Mastering
1994 Blackadelic-Blu Jean-Paul Bourelly Mastering
1994 Cutting Dance Express, Vol. 3 Mastering
1994 Diggin' in the Crates, Vol. 1: Profile Rap Classics Mastering
1994 Mecolodiacs Mecolodiacs Mastering
1994 Mumblypeg Underbelly Digital Mastering
1994 Purge & Slouch Giant Sand Digital Mastering, Mastering
1994 Refunkanation Kelvynator Digital Mastering, Mastering
1994 Rewind: 12 Dancehall Hits Straight from Yard Mastering
1994 Saints & Sinners Jean-Paul Bourelly Mastering
1994 Static Liquid Hips Digital Mastering
1994 Watch Ya Seeds Pop Out Bustin' Melonz Mastering
1994 Welcome to Da Tilt Potna Deuce Mastering
1993 Concept of One Concept of One Mastering
1993 Cutting Dance Express, Vol. 1 Mastering
1993 Cutting Dance Express, Vol. 2 Mastering
1993 Something on the Inside Vanessa Bell Armstrong Mastering
1993 This Is Dancehall, Vol. 4 Mastering
1992 Blues Preacher James Blood Ulmer Mastering
1992 Crisis Defunkt Digital Mastering
1992 Power Surge Oh-Bonic Mastering
1992 Robert Hurst Presents: Robert Hurst Robert Hurst Mastering
1992 The Eleventh Hour Shine-On Universal Congress Of Digital Mastering, Mastering
1992 Trippin' Jean-Paul Bourelly Mastering
1991 Electric Slide (Shall We Dance) Grandmaster Slice Mastering
1991 Welcome to the Wild Country Francis Dunnery Remastering
1991 Young Man, Older Woman Millie Jackson Digital Mastering
1987 Another Woman in Love Maureen McGovern Assistant Engineer
A Minha Maneira Alberto Mastering
Dawn of a New Day Madd Flow Mastering
Love is Wild... Life is Violent... Katy Clements Mastering