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Year Album Artist
2020 Eleki Album Coffin Daggers Mastering
2016 Aggravatin' Rhythms Coffin Daggers Mastering
2010 A Guitarist's Compendium John Danley Mastering
2008 Reflections Fritz's Polka Band Mastering
2008 Ode to Hatred Pave the Way Mastering
2008 Inversion Of Evolution Existentialism Mastering
2007 Red Grapes in the City The Sugar Oaks Mastering
2006 Where I Belong Rebecca Jade Hoover Flugelhorn
2006 The {Gothic} And the Gospel ¡Partisan! Mastering
2006 Live at the New York State Fair Fritz's Polka Band Mastering
2006 It's Christmas Time Fritz's Polka Band Mastering
2006 Amber Dispositions John Danley Mastering
2005 FPB on Tap Fritz's Polka Band Mastering
2004 Prophet of Hostility [EP] Full Blown Chaos Mastering
2004 Drifting into Oblivion John Danley Mastering
2003 Tattoo Broken Hearts [EP] Digger Mastering
2003 Secret Decoder Outfit Poptart Monkeys Mastering
2003 Cemeteries, Missed Trains & Blue Skies John Danley Mastering
2003 Breathe on Your Own Time The Grey AM Assistant
2002 The November Diaries Weak Lazy Liar Mastering
2002 The Coffin Daggers Coffin Daggers Mastering
2002 Tequila Mockingbird Honkeys Mastering
2002 Keystone Digger Engineer, Mastering
2001 Just Like Me Poptart Monkeys Organ, Mastering
2000 Little Victories Dakota Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2000 Heaven's Embrace Diane O'Malley Synthesizer, Congas, Mastering
1999 Up There Down Here The Badlees Assistant Engineer
1997 Last Standing Man Dakota Mastering
1980 Dakota Dakota Remastering
Signals Beloved Binge Engineer, Mastering
Laughing in the Face of Tragedy One Red X Mastering