Toby Hrycek-Robinson


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Year Album Artist
2009 The Wire Tapper, Vol. 22 Mastering
2008 Matachin Bellowhead Mixing
2008 The Wire Tapper, Vol. 19 Mastering
2007 The Wire Tapper, Vol. 18 Mastering
2006 6 Billion People Tender Trap Producer
2006 Hot Rattlesnakes Mothers of Invasion / Makoto Kawabata Engineer
2006 Language Lessons Tender Trap Producer
2006 The Moat Recordings Joseph Holbrooke Trio Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 To Play: The Blemish Sessions Derek Bailey Engineer
2006 Wire Tapper, Vol. 16 Mastering
2005 The Wire Tapper, Vol. 13 Mastering
2003 Blemish David Sylvian Engineer
2003 La Via Vie Barry Gemso Producer, Composer
2003 Looking For Mr. Wright Always Remastering
2003 Not One Star Will Stand the Night Rebel Powers Engineer
2002 Alice in the Underworld Scarlet's Well Tuba
2002 Ballads Derek Bailey Engineer
2002 Derek Bailey & Franz Hautzinger Derek Bailey Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 One Who Whispers Cipher Engineer
2002 The Isle of the Blue Flowers Scarlet's Well Producer
2002 The Wire Tapper, Vol. 8 [Wire Magazine] Mastering
2001 Black Sea Winds: The Kobzari of Ukraine Julian Kytasty Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2001 Colours of Sound Mastering
2001 Hello Is Anyone Out There Mr. Wright Producer, Arranger
2001 Nur: Solo Piano 1999 Pat Thomas Retouching
2001 Ore Derek Bailey Engineer
2001 The Evil Garden Max Nagl Engineer
2001 What Becomes Before Billy Mahonie Mixing, Recording
2000 Braced & Framed Lunge Engineer
2000 Distance Runner Dial Mastering
2000 The Wire Tapper, Vol. 5 [Wire Magazine] Mastering
2000 Theremin Noir Rob Schwimmer Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2000 Zero to Infinity Gong Engineer
1999 Departures Vertrek Ensemble Engineer, Mastering
1999 Star Time Mr. Wright Producer, Arranger
1999 Strange Letters Scarlet's Well Producer, Guitar
1999 The Wire Tapper, Vol. 4 [Wire Magazine] Mastering
1998 Play Backs Derek Bailey Engineer
1998 Tohjinbo Derek Bailey Engineer
1997 Krautrock Archive, Vol. 1 Guitar
1994 Cycle City Zubop Producer
1976 Rhapsody Pell Mell Engineer, Mixing Engineer
1975 Electric Silence Dzyan Engineer
1975 Landed Can Mixing
Fish Shoji Hano Engineer, Mastering