TJ Lipple


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Year Album Artist
2017 Nothing Feels Natural Priests Mastering
2017 Psychic Rockers From the West Group Clutch Mastering
2016 Little Windows Cut Right Through Aloha Mixing, Mastering, Group Member
2016 The Wild Mercury Vandaveer Mastering
2015 Heavy Electricity No Spill Blood Mastering
2015 Jeff Özdemir & Friends Jeff Özdemir Drums
2014 Be Black Baby Laughing Man Mastering
2014 First Demo Fugazi Mastering
2014 Moon Sickness The Caribbean Drum Engineering
2012 Heaven Pomegranates Mastering
2012 Six Song Demo 1984 Rites of Spring Mastering
2012 The Odds The Evens Mastering
2012 We Wear White E.D. Sedgwick Engineer, Mastering
2011 A Cautionary Tale The Pauses Mastering
2011 Confetti A Lull Mastering
2011 Dig Down Deep Vandaveer Mastering
2011 Discontinued Perfume The Caribbean Drum Engineering
2011 In Blank Title Tracks Mastering
2011 This Is the Second Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank Adebisi Shank Mixing, Vocals, Mastering, Musician
2010 Don't Mind Control Joan of Arc Engineer, Mixing
2010 Home Acres Aloha Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Group Member, Composer, Guitar
2009 Divide and Conquer [Supply and Demand] Vandaveer Mastering
2009 Everybody, Come Outside! Pomegranates Producer, Audio Production
2009 To Swift Mars Cale Parks Producer, Engineer
2008 A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden These United States Mixing, Mastering
2008 Alphabet Graveyard Gentleman Auction House Mastering
2008 Cold Drinks with the Most Beautiful View Patrick O'Donnell Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Bells
2008 Remixes Headlights Remixing, Musician
2008 Some Racing, Some Stopping Headlights Mastering
2008 Sparklace Cale Parks Mixing, Mastering
2008 The Adventures of You Me & Iowa You Me & Iowa Mastering
2008 The Covers Short Stack / Shortstack Audio Production
2007 A Better Place Than I Have Been Tin Armor Mastering
2007 Arms Down Get Him Eat Him Mixing, Remixing, Mastering
2007 Drescher Haram Mastering
2007 Everyone Wore White Carol Bui Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Synthesizer, Drums, Percussion, Treatments
2007 Flesh and Spirits The Gena Rowlands Band Producer, Engineer, Mastering
2007 Fulton Lights Fulton Lights Engineer, Vibraphone
2007 Kingwood Pash Mastering, Assistant
2007 Places Georgie James Producer, Engineer, Vibraphone, Mastering, Musician
2007 Populations The Caribbean Engineer, Mastering
2007 Rabbit in the Kitchen with a New Dress On Shipwreck Audio Engineer, Mastering
2007 Reflector Antelope Mastering
2007 The Best Gun Pash Mixing, Mastering
2007 The Shapes We Make Mary Timony Mixing
2007 The Soundest Serum Garland of Hours Mastering
2007 The Ultimate Cult Of Psychedelic Psychosis Dark Fog Mastering
2006 'Neath the Pale Moon The Cassettes Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Diesel City Gist Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Get Evens The Evens Mastering
2006 Some Echoes Aloha Engineer, Mixing, Group Member
2006 Sorry About The Flowers Venice Is Sinking Mastering
2006 The Departures EP Meredith Bragg / Meredith Bragg & the Terminals Audio Production
2006 The Nitrate Hymnal The Gena Rowlands Band Mastering
2006 Vessel States Wilderness Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2006 Western Reserve Miranda Sound Mastering
2005 Audio Flame Kit Corm Remastering, Remixing
2005 If I Breathe I Fall Asleep Avec Engineer
2005 In a Cave French Toast Mastering
2005 No Rest for Ghosts Minus Story Mixing, Mastering
2005 The Boy Has No Identity John Beckham Mastering
2005 Wilderness Wilderness Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Here Comes Everyone Aloha Engineer, Mixing, Member of Attributed Artist, Mellotron, Keyboards, Marimba, Drums, Sampling
2004 Obsessive/Compulsive Blue Velvet Producer, Engineer
2004 Opening Music Blue Velvet Producer, Engineer
2004 The Unsustainable Lifestyle Beauty Pill Engineer, Mixing
2004 This Is How I Recover Carol Bui Mastering
2004 Tired of Style Ape House Engineer
2003 Slow Hole to China: Rare and Unreleased Clutch Mastering
2003 Well...Get Your Funeral Shoes The Holy Ghost Mastering
1992 The First Two Records Bikini Kill Mastering
1983 Subject to Change The Faith Remastering, Mastering
All My Colors Are Blind DeBraun Thomas Mastering
Before You Go Drums
By Any Other Name John Guilt Mixing, Drums, Mastering
Cincinnati Freekbass Mastering
Imperfectly Timed Words The Giranimals Mastering
Land of Giants Vinny Vegas Mastering
Local Currency Franklin Bruno Digital Mastering, Transfers, Assembly
New Lions and the Not-Good Night Clair Morgan Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
One of Us Pomegranates Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Marimba
Please Leave My Mind Shortstack Mastering
Silver Sonya Meredith Bragg Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Simple Mental Math Composer, Drums
The Moon Has Been All My Life Bear Medicine Mastering
The Pale Horse Ancient Warfare Mastering
To Bed To Battle Look Mexico Mastering
What to Do With Everything Composer, Musician