Timothy Stollenwerk


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Year Album Artist
2018 Cloud Corner Marisa Anderson Mastering
2018 Do Right Sugar Candy Mountain Mastering
2018 Heart Shaped Shadow John Paul Keith Mastering
2018 If Only There Was a River Anna St. Louis Mastering
2018 In the Meantime Motel Mirrors Mastering
2018 Longwave Bonny Doon Mastering
2018 Mating Surfaces Lithics Mastering
2018 Modern Meta Physic Peel Dream Magazine Mastering
2018 Parallel Universe Blues Papercuts Mastering
2018 Used to Yesterday Smokescreens Mastering
2018 V. Wooden Shjips Mastering
2017 Blurred Harmony The Parson Red Heads Mastering
2017 Love Is Love Woods Mastering
2017 Rotations Golden Retriever Mastering
2017 Tara Jane O'Neil Tara Jane O'Neil Mastering
2016 666 Sugar Candy Mountain Mastering
2016 Bugger Me Sam Coomes Mastering
2016 City Sun Eater in the River of Light Woods Mastering
2016 Distortland The Dandy Warhols Mastering
2016 Lady, Give Me Your Key: The Unissued 1967 Solo Acoustic Sessions Tim Buckley Acetate
2016 Midnight at the Purple Palace Sean McCaul Mastering
2016 Pond Scum Bonnie "Prince" Billy Mastering
2016 Sleeping Beauties Sleeping Beauties Mastering
2016 The Hecks The Hecks Mastering
2015 All Odds End The Mantles Mastering
2015 Many Moons Martin Courtney Mastering
2015 Memory Color of Light Mastering
2015 Nephew in the Wild Advance Base Mastering
2015 The Pattern of Electricity Corrina Repp Mastering
2015 The Original Faces Helen Mastering
2015 There's a Light Liz Vice Mastering
2014 Cause Célèbre Fan Modine Mastering
2014 Changing Light Mirah Mastering
2014 Dark Night of the Soul Jimbo Mathus / Jimbo Mathus & the Tri-State Coalition Mastering
2014 Days of Being Wild Matt Kivel Mastering
2014 Get in Union: Recordings by Alan Lomax 1959-1966 Bessie Jones Mastering
2014 Gilding the Lily Devon Williams Mastering
2014 Punica Fides Bottin Mastering
2014 Sabougla Voices Leo Welch Mastering
2014 Sister Cities The Ocular Concern Mastering
2014 The Soul of Designer Records Audio Restoration
2014 Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia Live at Wonder The Dandy Warhols Mastering
2014 With Light and With Love Woods Mastering
2013 A Friend in the World Lovers Mastering
2013 As Plantas Que Curam Boogarins Mastering
2013 Memphis Circa 3AM John Paul Keith Mastering
2013 Mole City Quasi Mastering
2013 Western Medicine The Builders and the Butchers Mastering
2013 Wyoming Water Liars Mastering
2013 Épater La Bourgeoisie Fan Modine Mastering
2012 Boone-Tolliver Recordings John Jacob Niles Transfers
2012 Coast to Coast River City Tanlines Mastering
2012 Dead Fingers Dead Fingers Mastering
2012 Horse Heaven Creepoid Mastering
2012 Hungry Ghost Hungry Ghost Mastering
2012 Like a Book Miss Massive Snowflake Mastering
2012 Neon City Johnny Bertram & the Golden Bicycles Mastering
2012 Occasion for Song The Black Swans Mastering
2012 Phantom Limb Water Liars Mastering
2012 Shake-a-Baby Neverever Mastering
2012 The Island Melodium Mastering
2012 Wild Songs Estasy Mastering
2011 A I A Grouper Mastering
2011 Are You Falling in Love? Gold-Bears Mastering
2011 Beautiful Rivers and Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974 Shin Joong Hyun Remastering, Restoration
2011 Converted Mind: The Early Recordings Manning Family Band / Bishop Manning Remastering
2011 Glossolalia Spirit Spine Mastering
2011 I Have My Liberty!: Gospel Sounds from Accra, Ghana Mastering
2011 Lonely Hunter Brute Heart Mastering
2011 Nucular Aminals Nucular Aminals / Nucular Animals Mastering
2011 Probably Dadfag Mastering
2011 Romantic Comedy Big Troubles Mastering
2011 Seven Stars John Amadon Mastering
2011 Tara Jane O'Neil/Nikaido Kazumi Nikaido Kazumi / Tara Jane O'Neil Mastering
2011 The Clock & the Mountain E*Rock Mastering
2011 This May Be My Last Time Singing: Raw African-American Gospel on 45 RPM 1957-1982 Mastering
2011 Widows Dream Boat Mastering
2010 82% Chance of Rain Andrew Oliver Sextet Mastering
2010 Angelic Swells Neverever Mastering
2010 Bloodlines The North Sea Mastering
2010 Bridge Carols Laura Gibson / Laura Gibson / Ethan Rose Mastering
2010 Dark Sea Dream Dark Sea Dream Mastering
2010 Going Places Yellow Swans Mastering
2010 Guitars from Agadez, Vol. 3: Music of Niger Group Inerane Mastering
2010 Observatories Blue Cranes Mastering
2010 Past Time Grass Widow Mastering
2010 The Hurricane That Hit Atlanta Rev. Johnny L. Jones Mastering, Restoration
2010 Time Incredible Reporter Mastering
2010 War Dream Crazy Dreams Band Mastering
2009 Cave a Canoo Shelley Short Mastering
2009 Eaglekin Eaglekin Mastering
2009 Fire in My Bones: Raw Rare + Otherworldly African-American Gospel (1944-200 Mastering, Transfers
2009 Gypsy Woman Janina Angel Bath Mastering
2009 Magnolia Land Davis Coen Mastering
2009 Music from Niger: Guitars from Agadez, Vol. 2 Bombino Mastering
2009 New Moods Bobby Birdman Mastering
2009 Oaks Ethan Rose Mastering
2009 Onna Onna Mastering
2009 Reservoir Ah Holly Fam'ly Mastering
2009 Smile at Trouble Eric Deaton Mastering
2009 Sweet Time Chooglin' Mastering
2009 When the Devil's Loose A.A. Bondy Mastering
2009 Wild and Inside Eat Skull Mastering
2008 1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground Mastering
2008 Cerebro Spin Melodium Mastering
2008 Crazy Dreams Band Crazy Dreams Band Remastering, Mastering
2008 Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill Grouper Mastering
2008 Gonna Get Old Someday Jimmy Duck Holmes Mastering
2008 Homing Patterns Blue Cranes Mastering
2008 Knew Abloom (Life's Hood) Hexlove Mastering
2008 Logos for Love Lineland Mastering
2008 Prayer for Chibi Suishou No Fune Audio Engineer, Mastering
2008 Singles Only George McConnell Mastering
2008 Unleash Zbigniew Karkowski Mastering
2008 Verbs AU Mastering
2008 Whip Dim Dim Mastering
2007 Catharsis In Crisis Old Time Relijun Mastering
2007 Chicken Shack Lisa & Her Kin Mastering
2007 Prism of Eternal Now White Rainbow Mastering
2007 Satellite Remixes The High Violets Mastering
2007 Very Stereo Matt McCormick Mastering
2007 is Brad Hamers & PZ Two Ton Sloth Mastering
2006 Joyride: Remixes Mirah Mastering
2006 P.D.A. Hey Willpower Mastering
2003 A Part of Something Drumattica Mastering
2001 No Tell Motel Jim Mize Mastering
1990 Defiance Dead Moon Remastering
1989 Unknown Passage Dead Moon Remastering
1988 In the Graveyard Dead Moon Remastering
Barna Howard Barna Howard Mastering
Big Black Dog Dead Fingers Mastering
Chasing Away the Dots Mike Coykendall Mastering
Crush On You Carrington MacDuffie Mastering
Daymoon Strange Ranger Mastering
Denver Denver Mastering
Descendants of Hill Country Cedric Burnside Mastering
Eghass Malan Les Filles De Illighadad Mastering
Faustina Masigat Faustina Masigat Mastering
Foreign Legion Tin Hat Mastering
Fragile Burning Velvet Mastering
Harafin So - Bollywood Inspired Film Music From Hausa Nigeria Mastering
Heavy Air The Lavender Flu Mastering
Keep It Safe Wild Ones Mastering
L' Orchestre National de Mauritanie L'Orchestre National De Mauritanie Mastering
Live from the Crystal Ballroom Tango Alpha Tango Mastering
Modern Kin Modern Kin Mastering
New Move New Move Mastering
Origin Elise Lebec Mastering
Panic Sentry Dragging an Ox Through Water Mastering
Parting Glances Air Waves Mastering
Pop Songs for Elk Hillfolk Noir Mastering
Quite a Feeling Barna Howard Mastering
Remembering Mountains: Unheard Songs By Karen Dalton Mastering
Sousoume Tamachek Mdou Moctar Mastering
The Revenant Mastering
The Bronze Age Marcella & Her Lovers Mastering
Waiting for My Train Burning Velvet Mastering
You Are Always on Our Minds The Hand to Man Band Mastering
You Can't Hurry God Reverend John Wilkins Mastering