Tim Turan


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Year Album Artist
2017 Dance Underwater Gene Loves Jezebel Mastering
2016 Tide, Timber & Grain Paul Handyside Mastering
2015 The Deram Records Singles Collection White Plains Mastering
2014 Back From the Abyss Orange Goblin Mastering
2014 Best Love... Ever!, Vol. 2 Mastering
2014 Why? Ginger Baker Mastering
2013 Black Horses Adam Franklin / Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody Mastering
2013 Full House/Secrets The Dooleys Mastering
2013 Hard 'n' Heavy Nazareth Mastering
2013 Magnet Records Singles Collection The Darts Mastering
2013 Obsideo Pestilence Mastering
2013 Partridge Family Notebook/Crossword Puzzle The Partridge Family Mastering
2012 Cherish/Rock Me Baby David Cassidy Mastering
2012 Decca Singles (1975-1979) John Miles Mastering
2012 Discordant Dreams Touchstone Mastering
2012 Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes/The Higher They Climb David Cassidy Mastering
2012 Flying Colours Matchbox Mastering
2012 Here Come the Bombs Gaz Coombes Mastering
2012 The Emptiness Within De Profundis Mastering
2012 The Dawn Singles Collection Mungo Jerry Mastering
2012 The Partridge Family Album/Up to Date The Partridge Family Mastering
2012 The Singles Nazareth Remastering
2012 The Singles Collection Donny & Marie Osmond Mastering
2012 The Singles Collection: 1975-83 Ian Hunter Mastering
2011 A Guided Tour of Madness Madness Mastering
2011 Box Set Orange Goblin Remastering
2011 Fine Lines The Rock of Travolta Mastering
2011 Running Out of Daylight The Living Fields Mastering
2011 The Singles Collection: 1976-1986 Spider Mastering
2010 Belus Burzum Mastering
2010 Beyond Cops, Beyond God Waking the Cadaver Mastering
2010 I Could Sleep for a Thousand Years Adam Franklin / Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody Mastering
2010 Live in the USA Touchstone Mastering
2010 One Day Soon Gordon Haskell Hionides Mastering
2010 Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering Ingested Mastering
2010 The G.T.O. Singles Collection Heatwave Mastering
2010 The Mercian Sphere Winterfylleth Mastering
2010 The Singles 1974-76 George McCrae Mastering
2010 Wreck The Hoose Juice Furious Mastering
2009 Attitude Susperia Mastering
2009 Billy Ocean/City Limit Billy Ocean Mastering
2009 Born to Wander: The Crazy Cajun Recordings The Cate Brothers Remastering
2009 Candida/Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando Dawn Mastering
2009 Crawler/Snake Rattle and Roll [Bonus Track] Crawler Digital Remastering
2009 Darkest Day Obituary Mastering
2009 Elect Darkness IXXI Mastering
2009 Good Things Happening/Love and Kisses from... Brotherhood of Man Mastering
2009 Grand Feast for Vultures Blood Tsunami Mastering
2009 Grand Union Firebird Mastering
2009 Killer Joe/Little Arrows Jimmy Osmond Mastering
2009 Let's Start a War/Live and Loud! The Exploited Mastering
2009 Milow Milow Mastering
2009 Moonlight Feels Right/Rock 'N' Roll Rocket Starbuck Digital Remastering
2009 Priority/Black & White The Pointer Sisters Digital Remastering
2009 Rock On/As You Like It Mud Mastering
2009 Smash and Grab Racey Mastering
2009 Spent Bullets Adam Franklin Mastering
2009 The Anthology Nazareth Remastering
2009 The Dooleys/The Chosen Few The Dooleys Mastering
2009 Third Step/Checkpoint Sailor Mastering
2009 Together Again/Anthem The New Seekers Mastering
2009 Twenty Golden Crates/An Orifice and a Genital (Out-Takes 1986-1991) The Macc Lads Mastering
2009 When Girls Do It Digital Remastering
2009 Wintercoast Touchstone Mastering
2008 A Portrait of Donny/Too Young Donny Osmond Remastering, Mastering
2008 A Punk Rock Anthology Anti-Nowhere League Mastering
2008 Acres of Dead Space Cadets Elle Milano Mastering
2008 Alone Together/A Time for Us Donny Osmond Remastering, Master Chorister
2008 Beer Sex Chips 'N' Gravy/Bitter, Fit Crack The Macc Lads Mastering
2008 Crazy Horses/The Plan The Osmonds Mastering
2008 Deep Purple/New Season Donny Osmond Remastering, Mastering
2008 I'm Leaving It All Up to You/Make the World Go Away Donny Osmond Mastering
2008 Kings for a Day: The Vinyl Japan Years Chaos UK Mastering
2008 Love Me for a Reason/I'm Still Gonna Need You The Osmonds Mastering
2008 More Miles Per Hour John Miles Mastering
2008 My Mother's Children Mary Hampton Mastering
2008 Phase III/Live The Osmonds Mastering
2008 Punk's Not Dead/On Stage The Exploited Mastering
2008 Sailor/Trouble Sailor Mastering
2008 Seasons in the Sun [Bonus Tracks] Terry Jacks Mastering
2008 Simple Andy York / Andy Yorke Mastering
2008 Siskin Siskin Mastering
2008 Take Off Your Colours You Me at Six Mastering
2008 The City That Sleeps A Silent Film Mastering
2008 The Donny Osmond Album/To You with Love, Donny Donny Osmond Remastering, Mastering
2008 The Likes of Us Argy Bargy Mastering
2008 The Mod Singles Collection The Chords Mastering
2008 The Osmonds/Homemade The Osmonds Mastering
2008 The Punk Rock Anthology The Boys Mastering
2008 The Silimbo Passage Seckou Keita Mastering
2008 The Tall Ships It Bites Mastering
2008 The Vertigo: Singles Collection Graham Parker Mastering
2008 Troops of Tomorrow/Apocalypse Tour 81 The Exploited Mastering
2008 Voices From Within Distorted Mastering
2008 Winning Combination/Goin' Coconuts Donny Osmond Mastering
2008 Worth It After All Su Mastering
2007 B-Sides Slade Remastering
2007 Baka Live Baka Beyond / Baka Gbine Mastering
2007 Broken Biscuits Davy Graham Mastering
2007 Future's Dream Paul Handyside Mastering
2007 Here We Stand Cock Sparrer Mastering
2007 Idjit Savant/Dogs from the Hare That Bit Us The Dickies Mastering
2007 Kingdom of Fear In Battle Mastering
2007 Making Friends With... The Zetland Players The Zetland Players Mastering
2007 No Need to be Downhearted The Electric Soft Parade Sequencing, Mastering
2007 Planetfall Litmus Mastering
2007 Pre-Emptive False Rapture Chrome Hoof Mastering
2007 Punk Rock Singles 1978-99 D.O.A. Mastering
2007 Rockers Slade Remastering
2007 Ruin Architects Mastering
2007 Swagger Ian Siegal Mastering
2007 The Collection 1979-1987 Slade Remastering
2006 A Month in the Summer Jon Fletcher Mastering
2006 Afro-Mandinka Soul: Tama-Silo Seckou Keita / Seckou Keita Quartet Mastering
2006 Beginnings/Play It Loud Slade Remastering
2006 Defiant Vice Squad Mastering
2006 Hot Wings Firebird Mastering
2006 Milliontown Frost* Mastering
2006 Old Boots No Panties The Gonads Mastering
2006 Painted Lady Jon Boden Mastering
2006 Scorched by the Flames of Vengeance Seventh Cross Remastering
2006 Slade Box Slade Remastering
2006 Songs for a Nanny State Resistance 77 Mastering
2006 Strictly Hardcore: The Best of Goldblade Goldblade Mastering
2006 The Bigger Picture Milow Mastering
2006 The Decca Years Cock Sparrer Mastering
2006 The Human Body EP The Electric Soft Parade Mastering
2006 The Punk Singles Collection Ruts Mastering
2006 This War Will Last Forever Mendeed Mastering
2006 You Don't Know EP Milow Mastering
2005 A Heartbeat Behind The Hurt Process Mastering
2005 A New Dawn for the Dead Gorerotted Mastering
2005 Complete Punk Singles Collection The Exploited Mastering
2005 Darkness Prevails Devil Sold His Soul Mastering
2005 Faster, Cheaper & Better Looking Chelsea Mastering
2005 Feel Like Jumping! Bad Manners Mastering
2005 Kings & Queens Anti-Nowhere League Mastering
2005 Let 'Em Have It Guitar Gangsters Mastering
2005 Ozona [Better Looking] Goldrush Mastering
2005 Purity: The Darwinian Paradox Dam Mastering
2005 Rebel Songs Goldblade Mastering
2005 Street Feeling The Selecter Mastering
2005 The 4P's Dead Man's Shadow Mastering
2005 The Best of Infa-Riot Infa-Riot Mastering
2005 The Best of the Professionals Professionals Mastering
2005 The Complete Singles Collection Nazareth Mastering
2005 The No Future Years Violators Mastering
2005 The Punk Collection The Straps Mastering
2005 The Punk Singles Collection Menace Mastering
2005 Urban Kids: A Punk Rock Anthology Chelsea Mastering
2005 Winter Enclosure Octavia Sperati Mastering
2004 100% Thug Rock Discipline Mastering
2004 Abyss Lionsheart Mastering
2004 Broken Angel Broken Angel Mastering
2004 I'll Take Your Your Silence as a Loud Yes Near Life Experience Mastering
2004 Long Time Dead Resistance 77 Mastering
2004 Only Tools and Corpses Gorerotted Mastering
2004 Punk Singles Collection Angelic Upstarts Mastering
2004 Rejects of Society Discipline Mastering
2004 Rhythm Tree Baka Beyond Mastering
2004 Rogues' Gallery Menace Mastering
2004 The Morning After Would-Be-Goods Mastering
2004 The Oi! Collection The Strike Mastering
2004 They Called Her Babylon Steeleye Span Mastering
2004 Thieving from the House of God Orange Goblin Remastering
2004 Time and Again: The Private Stock Collection Mud Mastering
2004 We Live Electric Wizard Mastering
2003 A Is for Alphabet EP The Razorcuts Remastering
2003 All Calm in Dreamland KTB Mastering
2003 Ambition Is Critical Mister Zippy Mastering
2003 And Other Bits Of Material/First Edition Paper Lace Mastering
2003 Another Day [EP] The Hurt Process Mastering
2003 Are We the Culprits Landmine Spring Mastering
2003 Back Home Cock Sparrer Mastering
2003 Back for More Deadline Mastering
2003 Communiqué No. 9 Sportique Mastering
2003 Greatest Hits, Vol. 4: Here They Come Again Cockney Rejects Mastering
2003 Jump Boogie and Jive Shawaddywaddy / Showaddywaddy Mastering
2003 Miseryguts The Sad Song Co. Mastering
2003 My Elixir; My Poison Meanwhile Mastering
2003 Reggae & Ska [UK Bonus Tracks] Judge Dread Mastering
2003 Rich and Famous Vice Squad Mastering
2003 Rub a Dub Judge Dread Mastering
2003 Sir Hedgehog Sir Hedgehog Mastering
2003 The Seahorse Boe Black Nielson Mastering
2003 Zone K Jan Kopinski Mastering
2002 Coup de Grace Orange Goblin Remastering
2002 Covered in Toy Dolls Toy Dolls Mastering
2002 Day Off for the Conscience Gash Mastering
2002 Don't Bring Me Down Goldrush Producer
2002 Emperor Deb Black Moses Mastering
2002 Evilusion Undercroft Mastering
2002 Harry's Bar Gordon Haskell Mastering
2002 Here to Save You All Backdraft Mastering
2002 Humanracist Reign of Erebus Mastering
2002 Live at the Red Rose The Anglo-Argentine Jazz Quartet Editing, Mastering
2002 Modern Museums Sportique Mastering
2002 Parker/Haslam/Edwards Evan Parker Engineer, Mastering
2002 Planeshift Rakoth Remastering, Mastering
2002 Rephormula Ephel Duath Remastering, Mastering
2002 Rock 'Til You Drop Status Quo Mastering
2002 Roots Harambe Mastering
2002 Songs from the Street Argy Bargy Mastering
2002 Songs of Leonard Bernstein & Irving Berlin Alison Bentley Mastering
2002 Sons of Spartacus Angelic Upstarts Mastering
2002 The Biggest Tour in Sport/The Biggest Prize in Sport 999 Mastering
2002 The Complete Punk Singles Collection Lurkers Mastering
2002 The Crowning Carnage Thy Primordial Mastering
2002 The Singles Collection Theatre of Hate Mastering
2002 Universal U.K. Subs Mastering
2001 Aleatoric Blue Kite Shaker, Tambourine, Percussion, Programming, Darbouka, Assistant, Pre-Production, Digital Remastering, Drum Samples
2001 Argot Thieves' Kitchen Mastering
2001 Ballads and Candles Maddy Prior Mastering
2001 Beware Of... Slaughter & the Dogs Mastering
2001 Born Again Anti Christian Christian Death Mastering
2001 Live in London 2000 Samson Mastering
2001 Meltdown Meltdown Editing, Percussion, Mastering
2001 Punk Singles and Rarities 1981-1984 Anti-Nowhere League Mastering
2001 Punk Singles and Rarities: 1980-1983 Blitz Mastering
2001 Retaliate First Resistance 77 Mastering
2001 The Secret Life of the 4 Skins The 4-Skins Mastering
2001 The Worst of the Yobs The Yobs Mastering
2001 There and Back Samson Mastering
2000 Anniversary Anthems Toy Dolls Mastering
2000 Head Thieves' Kitchen Mastering
2000 Master Musicians of Mu Philip Gibbs Mastering
2000 Past Present & Future Samson Engineer, Programming
2000 Prophecies of Pagan Fire and Bonus Enthroned Mastering
2000 Sinister History Angel Witch Mastering
2000 The Big Black Orange Goblin Remastering
2000 Trend The Relationships Photography, Drums, Percussion, Mastering
1999 Act 1 Theatre of Hate Mastering
1999 Act 2 Theatre of Hate Mastering
1999 Act 3 Theatre of Hate Mastering
1999 Apocalypse Manifesto Enthroned Mastering
1999 Argentine Adventures, Vol. 3 George Haslam Mastering
1999 Dark Requiems Hecate Enthroned Mastering
1999 Explorations Mal Waldron Photography, Mastering
1999 Fear Grey Lady Down Producer, Mixing
1999 Get a Life Vice Squad Mastering
1999 Harmonance George Haslam Engineer, Liner Notes, Mastering
1999 Hymns to the Fallen Mastering
1999 The Psalm 1 Spear of Destiny Mastering
1999 The Time of Our Lives Grey Lady Down Mastering
1999 Time Travelling Blues Orange Goblin Remastering
1999 Totally Fried Up Paul Dunmall Mastering
1999 Trollish Mirror Amsvartner Mastering
1998 Country Catalog The Relationships Drums
1998 Duos: East West George Haslam Mastering
1998 Journey Between Baka Beyond Mastering
1998 Sphere Sphere Mastering
1998 The Punk Singles Collection: 1977-1980 Sham 69 Mastering
1998 Unreleased Emotion Suzi Quatro Mastering
1997 Classics (Live) Howard Riley Mastering
1997 Essential Expressions Paul Dunmall / Tony Levin Mastering
1997 Four Bop Drop Four Bop Drop Mastering
1997 Frequencies from Planet Ten Orange Goblin Remastering
1997 Making Notes Howard Riley Mastering
1997 Punk Junkies G.B.H. Mastering
1997 Seasons Frei Zinger Engineer, Editing, Mastering
1997 Slaughter of Innocence Hecate Enthroned Mastering, Ambience
1997 The Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth The Business Mastering
1997 Two Monkeys Cock Sparrer Mastering
1997 Women with Standards Alison Bentley Mastering
1996 Argentine Adventures, Vol. 2 George Haslam Mastering, Design
1996 Six of One and a Half Dozen of the Other Howard Werth Mastering
1995 Alison Bentley Quartet Alison Bentley Mastering
1995 Early October British Saxophone Quartet Editing, Mastering
1995 Folks Paul Dunmall Mastering
1995 Forces Grey Lady Down Producer, Mastering
1995 I Should Coco Supergrass Remastering
1995 Live Alive Quo Status Quo Mastering
1995 Still Bollox But Still Here Varukers Mastering
1995 Two New Mal Waldron Engineer, Mastering
1995 War All the Time Lazonby Group Mastering
1995 ¡Adios Amigos! Ramones Mastering
1994 Argentine Adventures, Vol. 1 George Haslam Digital Compilation
1994 Crime Grey Lady Down Remastering
1994 Get a Life Stiff Little Fingers Mastering
1994 Guilty as Charged Cock Sparrer Mastering
1994 I've Got a Gun/After the Lights Go Out Channel 3 Mastering
1994 In the Nightside Eclipse Emperor Mastering
1994 Keep the Faith The Business Mastering
1994 Pissed and Proud Peter & the Test Tube Babies Mastering
1993 Absurd-Ditties Toy Dolls Mastering
1993 Church of the Truly Warped G.B.H. Mastering
1993 Food for Thought 10cc Mastering
1993 Let's Call This...Esteem Steve Lacy Engineer
1993 Quartet, Sextet, and Babu Trio Paul Dunmall Mastering
1993 Total Fucking Darkness Cradle of Filth Remastering
1993 Trade Test Transmissions Buzzcocks Mastering
1993 Twenty-Seven The Adicts Mastering
1993 Women with Voices Alison Bentley Engineer
1992 ...Meanwhile 10cc Mastering
1992 Idle Gossip Toy Dolls Mastering
1992 Level Two George Haslam Engineer, Mastering
1992 Mondo Bizarro Ramones Mastering
1992 Natural Force Bonnie Tyler Mastering
1992 The Saxophone Phenomenon Lol Coxhill Engineer
1991 Fat Bob's Feet Toy Dolls Mastering
1990 Baka Outback Engineer, Digital Engineer
1990 From Here to Reality G.B.H. Mastering
1989 1989 - And All That George Haslam Engineer, Digital Engineer
1989 A Fridge Too Far G.B.H. Mastering
1989 Second Coming The Dickies Mastering
1989 The World Keeps Turning The Razorcuts Mastering
1989 Wakey Wakey Toy Dolls Mastering
1988 Ain't Complaining Status Quo Mastering
1988 Feathers With Jaki Howard Riley Mastering
1988 Storyteller The Razorcuts Mastering
1987 Death Before Dishonour The Exploited Mastering
1987 Fifth Overture The Adicts Mastering
1987 No Need to Panic G.B.H. Mastering
1987 You Boyz Make Big Noize Slade Remastering
1986 In the Army Now Status Quo Mastering
1986 Soberphobia Peter & the Test Tube Babies Mastering
1985 A Far Out Disc Toy Dolls Mastering
1985 One Struggle, One Fight Varukers Mastering
1985 Rogues Gallery Slade Remastering
1985 World Service Spear of Destiny Mastering
1984 A Clockwork Legion Major Accident Mastering
1984 City Baby's Revenge G.B.H. Mastering
1984 Keep Moving Madness Digital Remastering
1984 Never Again Discharge Remastering, Mastering
1984 No Potential Threat Riot Squad Mastering
1984 One Eyed Jacks Spear of Destiny Mastering
1983 Back to Back Status Quo Mastering
1983 Dig That Groove Baby Toy Dolls Mastering
1983 Flood of Lies U.K. Subs Mastering
1983 Grapes of Wrath Spear of Destiny Mastering
1983 The Partisans The Partisans Mastering
1982 Business as Usual Secret Affair Mastering
1982 Chronic Generation Chron Gen Mastering
1982 City Baby Attacked by Rats G.B.H. Mastering
1982 Exercise the Demons of Youth Destructors Mastering
1982 Forging Ahead Bad Manners Mastering
1982 Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing Discharge Remastering, Mastering
1982 Identity Crisis Sweet Mastering
1982 King Brilliant Howard Werth & the Moonbeams Remastering
1982 Madness Presents the Rise & Fall Madness Digital Remastering
1982 Massacred Melodies Major Accident Mastering
1982 Shock Troops Cock Sparrer Mastering
1982 Strangers in Paradise Smokie Mastering
1982 Troops of Tomorrow The Exploited Mastering
1982 Voice of a Generation Blitz Mastering
1981 Candles Heatwave Mastering
1981 Gosh It's Bad Manners Bad Manners Mastering
1981 Leather, Bristles, No Survivors and Sick Boys... G.B.H. Mastering
1981 Magnets The Vapors Mastering
1981 Never Too Late Status Quo Mastering
1981 Punks Not Dead The Exploited Mastering
1981 Ricochet Bay City Rollers Mastering
1981 Snaz Nazareth Remastering
1981 Solid Ground Smokie Mastering
1981 Splodgenessabounds Splodgenessabounds Mastering
1981 The Fool Circle Nazareth Remastering
1981 The Last Call Anti-Pasti Mastering
1981 Till Deaf Do Us Part Slade Remastering
1981 We'll Bring the House Down Slade Remastering
1981 Why? Discharge Remastering, Mastering
1981 Younger Than Yesterday Troyce Key Digital Remastering
1980 Broken Home Broken Home Mastering
1980 Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Cockney Rejects Mastering
1980 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Cockney Rejects Mastering
1980 Hot Love David Essex Mastering
1980 Just Supposin' Status Quo Mastering
1980 Look Hear 10cc Mastering
1980 Malice in Wonderland Nazareth Remastering
1980 Midnite Dynamos Matchbox Mastering
1980 New Clear Days The Vapors Mastering
1980 Tenement Steps The Motors Mastering
1980 The Absolute Game Skids Mastering
1980 The Game Sham 69 Mastering
1980 Voxx Bay City Rollers Mastering
1980 Waters Edge Sweet Mastering
1979 At the Chelsea Nightclub The Members Mastering
1979 Cut Above the Rest Sweet Mastering
1979 Elevator Bay City Rollers Mastering
1979 Imperial Wizard David Essex Mastering
1979 Matchbox Matchbox Mastering
1979 One Step Beyond... Madness Digital Remastering
1979 Own Flys Mastering
1979 Scared to Dance Skids Mastering
1979 Self Conscious over You Outcasts Mastering
1979 The Adventures of Hersham Boys Sham 69 Mastering
1979 The Incredible Shrinking Dickies The Dickies Mastering
1979 The Other Side of the Road Smokie Mastering
1979 Whatever You Want Status Quo Mastering
1978 Approved by the Motors The Motors Mastering
1978 Breakout Dead End Kids Mastering
1978 Hideaway Sailor Mastering
1978 If You Can't Stand the Heat Status Quo Mastering
1978 Jolt Jolt Mastering
1978 No Mean City Nazareth Remastering
1978 Strangers in the Wind Bay City Rollers Mastering
1978 Tell Us the Truth Sham 69 Mastering
1978 That's Life Sham 69 Mastering
1978 The Montreux Album Smokie Mastering
1978 The Album Eater Mastering
1978 Waikiki Beach Refugees Flys Mastering
1978 Zaragon John Miles Mastering
1977 Aggro-Phobia Suzi Quatro Mastering
1977 Expect No Mercy Nazareth Remastering
1977 Kitsch Heavy Metal Kids Mastering
1977 Live and Let Live 10cc Mastering
1977 Motors 1 The Motors Mastering
1977 Rockin' All Over the World Status Quo Mastering
1977 Stranger in the City John Miles Mastering
1977 The Boys The Boys Mastering
1977 Whatever Happened to Slade? Slade Remastering
1976 Man to Man Hot Chocolate Mastering
1976 Midnight Café Smokie Mastering
1976 Nobody's Fools Slade Remastering
1976 Rebel John Miles Mastering
1976 Save the World Geordie Mastering
1976 Sign of the Times Rubettes Mastering
1975 Anvil Chorus Heavy Metal Kids Remastering
1975 Around the World: Live in Concert The Osmonds Mastering
1975 Bedtime Stories Judge Dread Mastering
1975 Changing All the Time Smokey Mastering
1975 Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mastering
1975 On the Level Status Quo Mastering
1975 Pass It Around Smokey Mastering
1975 Rock with Alvin Alvin Stardust Mastering
1975 Your Mamma Won't Like Me Suzi Quatro Mastering
1974 Alvin Stardust Alvin Stardust Mastering
1974 Don't Be Fooled by the Name Geordie Mastering
1974 Mud Rock Mud Mastering
1974 Working Class 'Ero Judge Dread Mastering
1973 Dreadmania Judge Dread Mastering
1973 Hope You Like It Geordie Mastering
1973 Suzi Quatro Suzi Quatro Mastering
1972 Slade Alive! Slade Remastering
1972 Slayed? Slade Remastering
1971 Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be Sweet Mastering
A Fairer Sea Co-Pilgrim Mastering
All My Life [Metro] Gordon Haskell Mastering
Aporia, Vol. 2 Forever Never Remastering, Mastering
Be True to Your School: A Fortuna Pop! Compilation Mastering
Breath of the Pit Tank Mastering
Burden of Life No Second Chance Mastering
Cemetery Junction Demon Mastering
China Man Vs. China Girl Benjamin Schoos Mastering
Dark Requiems/Unsilent Massacre Hecate Enthroned Mastering
Forever Never Forever Never Mastering
Forever Never Vol. 2 Forever Never Mastering
Greatest Hits [Salvo] Nazareth Remastering
Mad Hatters Touchstone Remastering, Mastering
Move Me/Boogaloo Nazareth Remastering
Mum: The Collection Mastering
People and Their Dogs Willie J Healey Mastering
Plumes Co-Pilgrim Mastering
Scatter Factory Scatter Factory Mastering
Seasons The Final Crisis Mastering
Song/Dance The Convergence Quartet Mastering
Spectre Abysm Limbonic Art Mastering
The Dark Hereafter Winterfylleth Mastering
The Catch/Cinema Nazareth Remastering
The City Sleeps Touchstone Mastering
The Divination of Antiquity Winterfylleth Mastering
The Earl of Mars The Earl of Mars Mastering
The Epic Singles Collection Sailor Mastering
The GTO Years Dana Mastering
The Weight of the World Sanguine Hum Mastering
Transparent Sarah Saville Mastering
Under a Different Sky Steve Kershaw / Leonid Vintskevich / Nick Vintskevich Mastering
Wear It's 'At Rubettes Mastering