Wearing numerous hats and having a deep résumé with plenty of famous names on it is par for the course for top-notch pickup and session musicians. Saxophonist Tim Ries went one better by cultivating a healthy solo career through a series of well-regarded solo albums, respected compositions and arrangements, and a sound Rolling Stone legend Keith Richards described as "amazing." A graduate of the University of North Texas and the University of Michigan, Ries made his recording debut in 1983 on Maynard Ferguson's Live from San Francisco. His love of rock and jazz was first put to record in 1989 when he appeared on Bob Belden's Straight to My Heart: The Music of Sting. Four years later he was a featured name on the album Regards, sharing headlining credits with Franck Amsallem. Moo Records released Ries' first solo album, Imaginary Time, ...
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