Tim Gilles


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Year Album Artist
2009 God Is I Merauder Mixing
2008 Dream Through A Leaf Greg Merritt Producer
2008 Worse for Wear Brian Fitzpatrick Mixing
2007 Assassins in the House of God All Out War Executive Producer
2006 A City by the Light Divided Thursday Pre-Production
2006 Cuntree The Shat Mastering, Assistant Engineer
2005 The Continuum Hypothesis Epoch of Unlight Mastering
2005 This Violent Earth HavocHate Producer
2004 Committee of Vigilance Jimmy Vigilante Engineer
2004 Disease Is Man Without End Engineer
2004 The Words in Ink Don't Lie Endicott Producer, Storyteller
2003 Life in Between Lady Luck Engineer, Mastering
2003 Rebel You Love to Hate M.O.D. Engineer
2003 Sticky The Trouble Dolls Engineer
2002 A Newer More Shattered You Prevent Falls Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Bouncing Souls/Anti-Flag Anti-Flag / The Bouncing Souls Engineer, Mixing
2002 Movin On Spitvalves Mixing
2002 Redemption Fiendz Engineer, Vocals (Background)
2002 Roger Miret & The Disasters Roger Miret & the Disasters Engineer
2002 Tell All Your Friends Taking Back Sunday Engineer, Mastering
2002 Victory Style, Vol. 5 Mixing
2001 Damnation Hades Producer, Engineer
2001 Dead Yuppies Agnostic Front Engineer, Mastering
2001 Full Collapse Thursday Engineer, Mixing, Strings, Mellotron
2001 How I Spent My Summer Vacation The Bouncing Souls Engineer
2001 Inscribe Scar Culture Producer
2001 New York's Hardest, Vol. 3 Engineer
2001 Washed Up and Through the Ringer Catch 22 Engineer
2000 Few and Far Between Shutdown Mastering
2000 Heaven and Hell Disciple A.D. Mixing
2000 Hold It Down Madball Mastering
2000 On Location Live Hades Digital Remastering
2000 Purist Dave Atherton Mastering
2000 The Downside Hades Producer, Mixing
2000 The Worldwide Tribute to the Real Oi Mastering
2000 Waiting Thursday Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
1999 Aural Fixations Flatus Producer
1999 Bigger Than the Devil Stormtroopers of Death Producer, Engineer
1999 For the Bleeders Vision of Disorder Producer, Mixing, Mastering
1999 Riot, Riot, Upstart Agnostic Front Engineer, Mixing, Vocals (Background)
1999 Saviorself Hades Producer, Engineer
1999 Still Unknown Unknown Mastering
1998 Cole Fiendz Producer, Engineer
1998 Dreams Fiendz Producer, Engineer, Piano, Vocals (Background), Orchestration, Mastering
1998 Drop Dead Live Lunachicks Mastering
1998 Kings at Crime Skarhead Mastering
1998 New York's Hardest, Vol. 2 Engineer, Liner Notes
1998 Something's Gotta Give Agnostic Front Mixing
1998 Stepchildren of Rock Weston Mastering
1998 We're the Fiendz Fiendz Mixing
1997 A New Beginning Fully / Lady Luck Producer, Engineer
1997 Juvenile Anthems Anger Mastering
1997 Matinee Weston Mixing, Mastering
1997 Movement Up Front Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1997 New Generation of the Blues Tino Gonzales Mastering
1997 Swing Is Hell Demonspeed Producer
1996 Dictated Aggression M.O.D. Mastering
1996 Independent Maximum Penalty Engineer, Mastering
1996 Liberation Faction Zero Engineer
1996 Roll Up The Rugs & Crank It: Live From Styleen's Rhythm Palace Syracuse, NY Little Georgie & The Shuffling Hungarians Mastering
1996 You're Too Rich Shake Appeal Mastering
1991 Wact Fiendz Producer, Engineer
1985 Speak English or Die S.O.D. / Stormtroopers of Death Engineer, Mixing
Have It Your Way Flatus Engineer
Into the Killing Fields All Out War Mixing
Rise Cruel Season Mixing, Mastering
Still Down After 20 Years Fuzz the World Mastering