Tim Conklin


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Year Album Artist
2012 Three Jane Getter Engineer
2011 Forever Begins Chihiro Yamanaka Engineer, Mixing
2011 Knives from Heaven Beans / HPrizm / William Parker / Matthew Shipp Engineer, Mixing
2010 Continental Talk Randy Brecker / Steve Gadd / Stanislav Mitrovic / John Patitucci / Ratko Zjaca Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Love & War Daniel Merriweather Engineer
2010 Woodbox: Beats & Balladry Daniel Bernard Roumain Engineer
2009 5 Original Album Classics Biréli Lagrène Recording
2009 Impossible Daniel Merriweather Recording
2009 Original Album Classics Biréli Lagrène Engineer
2009 To the Core Vinnie Moore Engineer
2008 37 Notebooks Jeremy Schonfeld Engineer
2008 4our Trips Ahead Four Trips Ahead Engineer
2008 Blonde Shayna Ferm Mastering
2008 Overwhelmed Keren Deberg Engineer
2008 Rise Cock Lorge Mastering
2007 Altitude Groundtruther Engineer
2007 Born To Play Barry D. Mastering
2007 Daniel Bernard Roumain: Etudes 4 violin & electronix Daniel Bernard Roumain Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Habitat Mauricio Pessoa Engineer
2007 The Free Zen Society The Free Zen Society Engineer
2007 Unconditional Love Deloris Bowman Engineer
2007 Virgil Moorefield: Things You Must Do to Get to Heaven Virgil Moorefield Engineer
2007 Welcome to My Bad Behavior edibleRed Engineer
2006 Don't Make Me Wait Locksley Mastering
2006 Earle Brown: Folio and Four Systems Earle Brown Recording
2006 Salsa Con Conciencia La Excelencia Engineer, Mastering
2005 A Moment's Glance Julie Hardy Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Longitude Groundtruther Engineer
2004 Brilliant Coroners Brilliant Coroners Mixing
2004 Civilian Adam Pascal Engineer, Mixing
2004 Greasy Kid Stuff, Vol. 2: More Songs from Inside the Radio Mastering
2004 Handprint Barry D Engineer, Mastering
2004 High Water El-P Engineer
2004 More Than This Pete Muller Engineer
2004 Sweet Home: Pyeng Threadgill Sings Robert Johnson Pyeng Threadgill Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Come Poop with Me Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Engineer
2003 Merry Magic Eric Reed Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
2003 State of Grace, Vol. 2: Turning to Peace Engineer
2002 All Hands Working New York City Fire Department Engineer, Mixing
2002 But One Day... Ute Lemper Engineer
2002 Christmas in Memphis Husky Team Mastering
2002 Do What I Want Howard Fishman Engineer, Mixing
2002 Fang Plastique The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Assistant
2002 For Christ's Sake! Jon Graboff Mastering
2002 Keep It Coming 20 Miles Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Vox Organ
2002 Plastic Fang The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Mixing, Mixing Assistant, Assistant
2002 Songs from Inside the Radio Greasy Kid Stuff Mastering
2002 Stumbling Still Warm... John Washburn Engineer, Mixing
2001 Evolution for Electric Guitar and Orchestra Jon Catler Engineer, Mixing
2001 I Like You a Lot Howard Fishman Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Let the Wind Dance Paul Ammendola Engineer, Drum Samples
2000 As Long as You're Living Yours: The Music of Keith Jarrett Engineer
2000 Encontros (Meetings) Nilson Matta Engineer
2000 Ereia Doctor Nerve Assistant Engineer
2000 Love & Faith Yayu Khoe Engineer, Mixing
1999 Ethnomusicology, Vol. 1 Russell Gunn Assistant Engineer
1999 Havana Manana Eye Contact Engineer
1999 Kuni-Leml Engineer
1999 Labor of Love Ola Dixon Engineer
1999 Not That Different Natalie Douglas Engineer
1999 Songs from a Little Blue House Juan-Carlos Formell Engineer
1999 Syzygy Jim Nolet Producer, Engineer
1999 With Every Breath: Music of Shabbat at BJ Anthony Coleman Engineer
1998 All the Way Back Marya Lawrence Mixing
1998 Crucial Ali Assistant Engineer
1998 Erratics The Erratics Assistant Engineer
1998 Gathering Geri Allen Assistant Engineer
1998 Horn Ok Please Indica Project Mixing
1998 Hymns Corey Glover Assistant Engineer
1998 Wake up Call Hubert Sumlin Engineer
1998 Way We Were Babe the Blue Ox Mixing Assistant
1998 World's Not Big Enough Ivy Markaity Assistant Engineer
1997 Closed on Account of Rabies: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Engineer
1997 Come in and Burn Rollins Band / Henry Rollins Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1997 God Money Assistant Engineer, Assistant
1997 Nightlife Avenue Blue / Jeff Golub Engineer
1997 Panorama Alvin Lucier Engineer
1997 Patterns of Heart Patrick A'Hearn Engineer, Mixing
1997 Reunion Hill Richard Shindell Engineer
1997 Something for Grace Regina Carter Assistant Engineer
1997 Straight on Till Morning Blues Traveler Mixing Assistant, Assistant
1997 Thoroughbred [Green Mirror] Taylor Barton Engineer
1996 America Is Dying Slowly Assistant Engineer
1996 Hulja La Portuaria Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1996 Mortal City Dar Williams Assistant Engineer
1996 Subplay: Subway Musicians of New York Engineer, Mixing
1996 What's Following Me Eleanor McEvoy Mixing Assistant
1995 Dreaming of You Selena Engineer
1995 Gabrielle's Balloon Michael Rabinowitz Engineer
1995 My Favorite Django Biréli Lagrène Engineer, Recording
1995 Prize Wanderlust Assistant Engineer
1995 Redbelly Redbelly Assistant Engineer
1995 Sweetest Days Vanessa Williams Assistant Engineer
1994 Avenue Blue Jeff Golub Engineer
1994 Give Him a Chance David Bratton Engineer
1993 Short Cuts Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
1993 Skin Ghost of an American Airman Assistant Engineer
1992 Focus on Glory The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir Assistant Engineer
Free Priscilla Passoni Producer
Poetry Jam David Amram Engineer