Thomas Ravenscroft

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As a youth, Ravenscroft was a member of the choir at Chichester Cathedral and later at St. Paul's Cathedral. At St. Paul's, he was active in the renewal of of drama for children and participated by writing…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Tomorrow the Fox Will Come to Town 02:21 Miscellaneous (Classical)
There Were Three Ravens, for voice(s) & ensemble 1611 05:55 Vocal Music
New Oysters, round for 4 voices 01:30 Vocal Music
We be soldiers three, madrigal 02:14 Vocal Music
Remember, O thou man (from Melismata, 1611) 03:04 Miscellaneous (Classical) Choral
Who Liveth So Merry 03:24 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Come, Follow Me 02:23 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Bellman's Song 00:53 Vocal Music
Willy prithee go to bed 02:09 Choral
Three Blinde Mice, for consort 01:38 Chamber Music
A Round of Three Country Dances in One, for consort 02:28 Chamber Music
Wee Be Souldiers Three, for consort 01:34 Chamber Music
Musing Mine Owne Selfe All Alone, for consort 02:16 Chamber Music
Jolly Shepherd 01:54 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Remember, Christians All (From Melismata) 02:20 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Of All the Birds That Ever I See, for consort 01:25 Chamber Music
Fancy for consort No. 1 03:52 Chamber Music
Ne Laeteris Inimica Mea, for consort 03:00 Chamber Music
Laboravi in Gemitu Meo, for consort 02:45 Chamber Music
The Wooing of Hodge and Malkyn, for 2 voices 04:40 Vocal Music
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