The Rods were one of America's unsung blue-collar heavy metal bands of the 1980s, often compared to Britain's Motörhead for their veteran three-piece lineup, their everyman, almost punk-like simple image, and, of course, their brash and extremely loud music, which was invariably played on amplifiers set to 11. The band achieved little mainstream success during their career, and the Rods' general compositional style hardly pushed the heavy metal genre into new terrain, but they stayed loyal to their no-frills attack, and earned a dedicated cult following that endured into the 21st century. The group hit their creative peak with their initial albums, 1981's The Rods and 1982's Wild Dogs; after reuniting in 2008, they showed off a heavier sound and tougher guitar attack on their comeback efforts, 2011's Vengeance and 2019's Brotherhood of ...
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