Rollicking California ska-punk band the Interrupters are another example of how the up-tempo variation on the classic Jamaican sound remains a perennial favorite on the West Coast. The group banded together in the 2010s and teamed with producer Tim Armstrong of Rancid to crank out a series of albums, like 2016's Say It Out Loud, that harked back to the classic sound of 2-Tone Records while adding some modern punk power. The bandmembers were already music industry vets when they formed the Interrupters in 2011 after vocalist Aimee Interrupter met the Bivona brothers (guitarist Kevin, bassist Justin, and drummer Jesse) backstage at a show she and the Bivonas' band the Telecasters were playing. Previously, Aimee had appeared on the Hairspray soundtrack, sung on Jimmy Cliff and Sublime with Rome records, and released a solo album in 2009.
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Fight the Good Fight 2018 Fight the Good Fight
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