With their wild and fun live show, Boston's the Fools brought the Tubes' sense of humor into the age of new wave and, like their New York City competition Blotto, had a minor novelty hit in the early '80s. Formed in 1975, the Fools became a favorite of Boston radio in 1979 when they released the song "Psycho Chicken," a parody of Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer." A longtime centerpiece of their live show, the song originally featured some nasty language, but the version radio received was edited or "clucked," as the 45's label pointed out, with every swear word replaced by a chicken clucking. The major label EMI soon signed the band and released the single nationally in 1980. The slightly more serious single "It's a Night for Beautiful Girls" followed that same year along with their debut full-length, Sold Out, which didn't feature "Psycho ...
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