After the 1997 dissolution of Henry's Dress and a brief dalliance with Go Sailor, Amy Linton began fooling around with a four-track and some solo material in a comfortable home studio setting. It turned out she had quite bit to say, and in quite a hooky fashion. The so-named Aislers Set officially debuted with Terrible Things Happen, issued through Slumberland in 1998. While that album was principally a Linton solo effort fleshed out with contributions from talented pals, by 2000's The Last Match, she had amassed some actual Aislers. Guitarist/vocalist Wyatt Cusick, bassist Alicia Vanden Heuvel, drummer Yoshi Nakamoto, and keyboardist Jen Cohen were all Bay Area indie scene regulars, with bands like Track Star, #Poundsign#, Scenic Vermont, and the Fairways on their respective resum├ęs. The Last Match was hailed by critics and fans alike ...
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