A hard-to-classify rock band with none of the fashionable influences of the early '90s -- although their Krautrock fixation would go on to become a badge of hipness in the latter half of the decade -- Th' Faith Healers didn't fit in the U.K. indie scene of their time, but their records hold up much better than those of many of their contemporaries. The Hampstead, England-based quartet consisted of singer Roxanne Stephen, guitarist and second vocalist Tom Cullinan, bassist Ben Hopkin, and drummer Joe Dilworth. The group played regularly at a club called the Sausage Machine in their hometown. When the club's owners, Paul Cox and Richard Roberts, formed a new indie label, called Too Pure, Th' Faith Healers (the article's terminal E was truncated for coolness' sake; the band joked that it had been stolen by Thee Hypnotics) were their first ...
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Imaginary Friend 1994 Imaginary Friend
Lido 1992 Lido
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