Forgoing the sunshiny melodies and positive messages typically found in reggae, Terry Lynn made a conscious decision early in her career to approach Jamaican music with an activist's mindset, singing songs about crime and inner city poverty rather than happiness and love. Growing up as the youngest of nine children in Waterhouse, a destitute region of Kingston, she set out to capture the downtrodden disposition of her environment in the lyrics of her first single, "Kingstonlogic," a grimy electro-dance number with nods to Daft Punk and M.I.A.. In 2007, she paired up with Phred at Phree Music, who compiled five remixes of the song and released it as an EP titled Kingstonlogic 1.0.. Jamaican photographer Peter Dean Rickards, the man behind social media network the Afflicted Yard, also hopped on board to make a video for the song. A vivid ...
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