Teresa Carreño

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Carreno received early lessons from her father, who is also credited for developing her strong sense of self-criticism, to which she attributed her success. She also studied with Gottschalk and later…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Petite Valse, for piano, o. Op. ("Teresita") 03:21 Keyboard
La fausse note, for piano, Op. 39 04:29 Keyboard
Un rêve en mer, meditation for piano, Op. 28 06:24 Keyboard
String quartet in B minor 1896 22:39 Chamber Music
Le Printemps, waltz for piano, Op. 25 05:40 Keyboard
Venise 03:40 Keyboard
Kleiner Walzer, for piano ("Mi Teresita") 03:57 Keyboard
Italian Sketches (2), for piano, Op. 33 05:28 Keyboard
Intermezzo scherzoso, for piano, Op. 34 02:13 Keyboard
Gottschalk Waltz No. 1 07:37 Keyboard
Un bal en rêve, for piano, Op. 26 05:19 Keyboard
Souvenirs de Mon Pays, nocturne for piano, Op. 10 07:17 Keyboard
Prière, for piano, Op. 12 03:04 Keyboard
Le sommeil de l'enfant, berceuse for piano, Op. 35 04:20 Keyboard
Highland, for piano, Op. 38 03:11 Keyboard
Corbeille des Fleurs, for piano, Op. 9 08:00 Keyboard
Rêverie-Impromptu, for piano, Op. 3 06:52 Keyboard
Plainte, for piano, Op. 17 (Elegie No. 1) 04:27 Keyboard
Partie, for piano, Op. 18 (Elegie No. 2) 05:30 Keyboard
Ballade, for piano, Op. 15 07:35 Keyboard
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