Born George Chadwick in the small town of New London, NH, the boy who would later be known as the anticon artist Telephone Jim Jesus got his first taste of electronica when high-school friend and bandmate/singer Dave Bryant, who was then living at Chadwick's house, bought a sampler. Though the two, alongside drummer Matt Valerio, were in a hardcore goth-punk band, the less aggressive ideas in experimental rock, hip-hop, and electronica interested them, and the glitches, bleeps, drones, chords, and loops that those genres accommodated began to take hold of their music. By the time the trio made it out to Oakland in the late '90s, the idea of Restiform Bodies was born. The group -- Chadwick, Bryant (aka Passage), and Valerio (aka the Bomarr Monk), along with some help from their labelmates -- released their self-titled full-length in 2002, ...
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