Ted Niceley


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Year Album Artist
2012 Occupy This Album Producer
2010 Tommy Keene You Hear Me: A Retrospective 1983-2009 Tommy Keene Bass, Producer
2007 4 Gâtechien Producer
2006 Coulda Shoulda Woulda: The Black Market Baby Collection Black Market Baby Producer
2004 1995-1998 Goodness Producer
2004 Drowning Tommy Keene Bass
2004 Transmusicales 25th Producer
2003 Future Kings of Spain Future Kings of Spain Producer
2002 20 Years of Dischord Producer
2002 Location Is Everything, Vol. 1 Producer
2002 You Can't Fight What You Can't See Girls Against Boys Producer
2001 Believer Laura Dawn Producer
2001 Re:Source-A Rock Benefit for the Orphan Children I Producer
2000 Thieves & Angels [EP] The New Rising Sons Producer, Bass
1998 Anthem Goodness Producer
1998 Wrecreation Stanford Prison Experiment Producer
1997 50,000 B.C. Shudder to Think Producer
1997 Carrie Carrie Producer
1997 God Money Producer
1997 Poptopia! Power Pop Classics of the '80s Bass
1997 Suburbia [Geffen] Producer
1997 The Courier Cinnamon Producer
1997 Time Capsule Tripping Daisy Producer
1996 666.667 Club Noir Désir Producer
1996 Disco Six Six Six Girls Against Boys Producer, Mastering
1996 Fire Party Fire Party Mixing
1996 House of GVSB Girls Against Boys Producer
1996 Mind Science of the Mind Mind Science of the Mind Producer
1996 Shape Frente! Producer, Mixing, Assistant Producer
1996 Super Fire Girls Against Boys Producer, Mixing
1996 War of the Superbikes, Vol. 2 The Meatmen Producer
1995 A Means to an End: The Music of Joy Division Producer
1995 All Smiles Grither Producer
1995 Cruise Yourself Girls Against Boys Producer, Photography
1995 Higher Learning Producer
1995 I Am an Elastic Firecracker Tripping Daisy Producer
1995 Kill the Sexplayer Girls Against Boys Producer, Audio Production
1995 Laughing Gallery Ruth Ruth Producer
1995 Mallrats [Original Soundtrack] Producer
1995 Metallurgy, Vol. 1 Producer, Mixing
1995 The Gato Hunch Stanford Prison Experiment Producer
1995 Tonnage: A Compilation Producer
1994 Clerks Producer, Mixing
1994 Dies Irae Noir Désir Producer
1994 Dormer Trampoline Producer, Bass
1994 For Your Own Special Sweetheart Jawbox Producer
1994 Hit Liquor Shudder to Think Producer
1994 Jabberjaw Compilation: Good to the Last Drop Producer
1994 Pony Express Record Shudder to Think Producer
1994 Savory + 3 Jawbox Producer
1994 Sexy Sam Girls Against Boys Producer
1994 Use Your Appetite for Spaghetti Ep Mother May I Producer
1993 Destroy What You Love Monsterland Producer
1993 In on the Kill Taker Fugazi Producer
1993 Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams Producer, Mixing
1993 The Real Underground Tommy Keene Producer, Bass
1993 To the Quick The Buck Pets Producer
1993 Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby Girls Against Boys Producer
1992 Curiosity & Relief High-Back Chairs Producer
1992 If I Had a Gun The Dead Milkmen Producer
1992 Soul Rotation The Dead Milkmen Producer, Composer
1992 Tostaky Noir Désir Producer, Choeurs
1991 Letters for Kings Dirty Hands Producer
1991 Of Two Minds High-Back Chairs Producer
1990 13 Songs Fugazi Producer
1990 Repeater Fugazi Producer
1986 Songs from the Film Tommy Keene Bass
1984 Places That Are Gone Tommy Keene Producer, Guitar (Bass)
Mother May I Demos, 1990-1996 Mother May I Producer