Ted Carson


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Year Album Artist
2017 Sings Love Songs Anne Murray Engineer, Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2012 Stompin' Tom and the Roads of Life Stompin' Tom Connors / Stompin' Tom & the Roads of Life Mastering
2011 Juno Awards 2011 Mastering
2011 Now! Classical Mastering
2010 Another Day's Journey Ken Whiteley Mastering
2010 Now 1990's Mastering
2010 Now 2000's Mastering
2010 Now! 1970's Mastering
2010 Now! 1980's Mastering
2010 Now, Vol. 16 [Canada] Mastering
2010 Sounds of Vancouver 2010: Canada's Hockey Anthems Mastering
2007 A Kinder Season Eve Goldberg Mastering
2007 Atlantic Standards Christmas Mastering
2007 Atlantic Standards, Vol. 2 Mastering
2007 Chick Flicks [Warner] Mastering
2007 From the Heart 2007 Mastering
2007 From the Heart: Classics Mastering
2007 Jack in the Box, Vol. 1 Jack Grunsky Mastering
2007 Platinum MC Hammer Mastering
2007 Platinum George Thorogood Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Crowded House Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Stray Cats Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Kenny Rogers Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Robert Palmer Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Powder Blues Band Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Nat King Cole Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Fats Domino Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Paul Anka Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Chet Baker Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Miles Davis Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Al Green Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] The Band Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Blondie Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] Glen Campbell Mastering
2007 Platinum [Capitol] The Hollies Mastering
2007 Women & Songs, Vol. 11 Mastering
2006 Atlantic Standards Mastering
2006 Now Country, Vol. 1 Remastering
2006 Purely Acoustic Mastering
2006 Timeless Memories: Greatest Hits John McDermott Mastering
2006 Women & Songs: 10th Anniversary Mastering
2006 XM: Live at the Verge Mastering
2005 Aria Fresca Quartetto Gelato Mastering
2005 Big Shiny Tunes, Vol. 10 Remastering
2005 Essentials The Killjoys Remastering
2005 Essentials The Waltons Remastering
2005 Essentials Odds Remastering
2005 Essentials George Fox Remastering
2005 Hungry Ghosts Doug Cox / Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie Mastering
2005 The Colours Will Come Back Janet Bates Mastering
2005 The Essentials En Vogue Remastering
2005 The Essentials Little Feat Remastering
2005 The Essentials Aretha Franklin Remastering
2005 The Essentials Frozen Ghost Remastering
2005 The Essentials The Cars Remastering
2005 The Essentials Wide Mouth Mason Remastering
2005 The Essentials Solomon Burke Remastering
2005 The Essentials Bobby Darin Remastering
2005 The Essentials Streetheart Remastering
2005 The Essentials 54-40 Remastering
2005 The Essentials Bonnie Raitt Remastering
2005 The Essentials Faces Remastering
2005 The Essentials Foreigner Remastering
2005 The Essentials Brighton Rock Remastering
2005 The Essentials Dwight Yoakam Remastering
2005 The Essentials Harem Scarem Remastering
2005 When We Ruled: The Best of the Pursuit of Happiness The Pursuit of Happiness Remastering
2005 Women & Songs, Vol. 8 [Bonus DVD] Mastering
2005 Women and Songs, Vol. 9 Mastering
2004 Acoustic Album Amos Garrett Mastering
2004 Big Shiny Tunes, Vol. 9 Remastering
2004 Celtic Tenor John McDermott Mastering
2004 Cool Wind from the North Sylvia Tyson Remastering
2004 Gospel Music Makes Me Feel Alright! Ken Whiteley Mastering
2004 Great Big Hits! [2 Disc] Sharon Mastering
2004 Guitar Music for Small Rooms, Vol. 3 Mastering
2004 Like a Flower To the Sun Jack Grunsky Mastering
2004 One Elephant/Deux Éléphants Sharon Mastering
2004 Retro 80's, Vol. 6: Pure Canadian Mastering
2004 Sing & Dance Jack Grunsky Mastering
2004 Sing with Fred Fred Penner Mastering
2004 The Best Air Guitar Album in the World...Ever! Remastering
2004 Time: A Sense of Place Mastering
2004 Timeless Standards Songbook Mastering
2004 Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection [Warner Music] Mastering
2004 Why David Suzuki Remastering, Mastering
2003 Bowfire Bowfire Mastering
2003 Crossing the Water Eve Goldberg Mastering
2003 Luminosity Nancy Walker Mastering
2003 One World Dance Ken Whiteley Mastering
2003 Retro 80's, Vol. 5 Mastering
2003 Souvenir: 1989-1998 The Rankin Family Remastering
2003 The Best Pop Album of the 70's...Ever! Remastering
2003 Ultimate British Invasion Collection Remastering
2003 Women & Songs, Vol. 7 Mastering
2002 Best 80s Modern Rock Album Remastering
2002 Blue Note Festival Touring Artist Sampler Remastering
2002 Great Big Hits, Vol. 2 Sharon Mastering
2002 Hand to Hand Mark Haines / Tom Leighton Mastering
2002 Jazz Chillout [EMI] Remastering
2002 Lerner & Wall: Still Soft Voiced Heart (New Yiddish Lieder) Marilyn Lerner Mastering
2002 Petit Fou Matapat Mastering
2002 Retro 80's, Vol. 4 Mastering
2002 Ses Plus Grands Succes Charles Aznavour Remastering
2001 Anne Murray and Glenn Campbell/Danny's Song Anne Murray Remastering
2001 Big Shiny Tunes, Vol. 5 Assembly
2001 Four Corners No Walls Maria Antonakos Mastering
2001 Friendly Fire Jim Fidler Mastering
2001 I'll Always Love You/Somebody's Waiting Anne Murray Remastering
2001 Jack in the Box, Vol. 2 Jack Grunsky Mastering
2001 Neapolitan Cafe Quartetto Gelato Mastering
2001 Now! 6 [Canada] Remastering
2001 Pharaoh's Daughter Rebeka Reed Mastering
2001 Taking Our Time The Whiteley Brothers Mastering
2001 With a Little Help from My Friends Renee Rosnes Remastering
2000 Acoustic Eclectic Ken Whiteley Digital Mastering
2000 Amazing Journey David Suzuki Remastering
2000 Earthly Concerns Grit Laskin Mastering
2000 Esprit Quartango Mastering
2000 From Coffee House To Concert Hall Stan Rogers Engineer
2000 Listening Ken Whiteley Mastering
2000 My Roots Are Showing Natalie MacMaster Mastering
2000 One Moment Of Grace Night Sun Mastering
2000 Sixteen Shades of Blue The Whiteley Brothers Mastering
2000 Space Child David Suzuki Mastering
2000 Thank You Lord!: A Gospel Celebration Digital Mastering
2000 The Fundamental Things Mose Scarlett Digital Mastering
2000 The Very Best of Dean Martin: The Capitol & Reprise Years [2000] Dean Martin Remastering
2000 Tunes Until Dawn David Greenberg Engineer, Mastering
1999 A Love Song/Highly Prized Possession Anne Murray Remastering
1999 Blues Carlos Del Junco / Bill Kinnear Mastering
1999 Full Throated Abandon Tanglefoot Mastering
1999 Journeys Zhu Chavakelados Mastering
1999 Let's Keep It That Way/New Kind of Feeling Anne Murray Remastering
1999 Party Live in '85 The Kings Mastering
1999 Slow Fox Patricia O'Callaghan Mastering
1999 Soaring with Agamemnon Amanda Forsyth / Peter Longworth Mastering
1999 The Best Choral Album in the World...Ever! Mastering
1999 The Kings Are Here and More The Kings Remastering
1999 We'll Meet Again Scarlett Mastering
1998 Big Shiny Tunes, Vol. 3 Remastering
1998 Blue Gardenia: Latin American Music of Hal Isbitz John Arpin Mastering
1998 Galaxy Trio The Galaxy Trio Mastering
1998 Little Mac Is Back Little Mack Simmons Mastering
1998 Retro 80's, Vol. 1 Mastering
1998 Return of the Wanderer Puirt a Baroque Mastering
1998 Skinnamarink TV Sharon / Sharon Mastering
1998 Straight, Clean & Simple/Talk It Over in the Morning Anne Murray Remastering
1998 This Way Is My Way/Honey Wheat & Laughter Anne Murray Remastering
1996 Earth, Seas & Air Chris McKhool Mastering
1996 Marbles King Apparatus Remastering
1996 Perspectives Inner Thought Mastering
1996 The Music From the Legends Project: I Am An Eagle Engineer
1995 25 Years On, Vol. 1 (1970-1973) Hawkwind Remastering
1995 25 Years On, Vol. 2 (1973-1977) Hawkwind Remastering
1995 Good Times Guaranteed Downchild Blues Band Mastering
1995 Keeping Out of Mischief Jackie Washington Digital Mastering
1995 Legends Project: I Am an Eagle Legends Project Mastering
1994 25 Years On [Box] Hawkwind Remastering
1994 Healy Willan: Missa brevis 4 & 11; Motets Robert Hunter Bell Post Production
1994 Worldly Separation Inner Thought Mastering
1993 Hilario The Inbreds Mastering
1993 Rapture Joe Hall Mastering
1987 Wild in the Streets Helix Remastering
1986 Stridemonster! Dick Hyman Mastering
1985 2WO Strange Advance Remastering
1984 Walkin' the Razor's Edge Helix Remastering
1982 Cold War Night Life Rational Youth Remastering
1981 Drastic Measures Lisa Dal Bello Remastering
1979 Fret Fever Domenic Troiano Remastering
1979 The Hawk Ronnie Hawkins Remastering
1978 City Nights Nick Gilder Remastering
1978 See Forever Eyes Prism Remastering
1977 Prism Prism Remastering
1969 Aardvark Kensington Market Remastering
1968 Avenue Road Kensington Market Remastering
2010 Olympics Closing Ceremony Mastering
New World Mosaic Martin Shaw Mastering
Now! 20 [Canada] Mastering
Sounds of Vancouver 2010: Opening Ceremony Mastering
Yiddish Journey: The Music of Lenka Lichtenberg Lenka Lichtenberg Mastering