Tamara Abarzua

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Year Album Artist
2019 Grey Maiden Gatekeeper Design
2014 The Awakening Dark Forest Design
2014 Suspended At Aphelion While Heaven Wept Logo
2011 Fear of Infinity While Heaven Wept Logo
2011 Boldly Stride the Doomed Argus Graphic Design, Layout
2010 Triumph:Tragedy:Transcendence: Live at the Hammer of Doom Festival While Heaven Wept Logo
Yeth Hound Tyfon's Doom Layout
Vicious Breed Lady Beast Layout
The Smokeless Fires Lunar Shadow Layout
The Cycle Never Ends Ravensire Layout
The Cult of Vestal Claret Vestal Claret Design
The Waters of Death Lethean Layout
Ruins of Eternity Orodruin Layout
Poseidon Will Carry Us Home Hammer King Layout
Peste Negra, Muerte Negra Anal Vomit Layout
Lucifer Leviathan Logos Magister Templi Layout
Kingdom of the Hammer King Hammer King Layout
King is Rising Hammer King Layout
King Heavy King Heavy Layout
From Fields of Fire Argus Layout
Freedom's Reign Freedom's Reign Layout
Far From Light Lunar Shadow Layout
East of Sun Gatekeeper Sleeve Design
Deadhead Syndicate Septagon Layout
Dawn of Infinity Dark Forest Layout Design
Dawn of Genesis Legionnaire Layout
Beyond the Veil Dark Forest Design
Beyond the Martyrs Argus Design, Layout
Beyond Celestial Echoes Sacral Rage Layout
Beheading Tyrants Quicksand Dream Layout
Apocalyptic Rhymes Septagon Layout
A Stone Engraved in Red Ravensire Layout