If David Johansen was the brain of the New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders was the heart, Sylvain Sylvain was the soul, the rhythm guitarist who helped maintain the framework that held their songs together and the cheerleader who fueled their esprit de corps through their roller-coaster career. Sylvain also helped write many of the Dolls' tunes, and after the band broke up, he released a handful of solo albums that reflected the straightforward and streetwise tone of the Dolls while injecting a taste of first-era rock & roll classicism and joy. As a guitarist and vocalist, Sylvain never failed to fill his performances with style and enthusiasm, and he maintained his vitality when the Dolls reunited in the 2000s. As a solo artist, Sylvain's high points came with 1980's Sylvain Sylvain, where he dug deep into his passion for '50s rock; ...
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