Playing tough, witty, and hook-laden rock that exists in a time warp in which glam rock and Britpop are the talk of the British Isles, Switches is the brainchild of lead singer and guitarist Matt Bishop. Bishop claims he was already writing songs on a tiny guitar made for him by his father (a BBC engineer) at the age of five, and began recording them on a Fisher-Price cassette machine, creating overdubs by playing back his creations on his mom's stereo and singing along with them. (Bishop adds that since he only knew two or three chords at the time, most of these songs tended to resemble T. Rex.) As he grew older, Bishop became an obsessive enthusiast of all things rock, and as a teenager he graduated to a four-track porta-studio which he used to continue his experiments in unlocking the secrets of record production. When he went away to ...
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Lay Down the Law 2008 Lay Down the Law
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