Svante Forsbäck


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Year Album Artist
2017 Horror Vacui Marianas Rest Mastering
2017 Paris Rammstein Mastering
2017 The Path EP Wheel Mastering
2017 Walkin’ on Air Tomi Malm Mastering
2016 Braindead Lost Society Mastering
2016 Dead Dawn Entombed A.D. Mastering
2016 Hands-On Hammond Mikko Helevä / Teppo Mäkynen / Teemu Viinikainen Mastering
2016 I Eat the Sun and Drink the Rain Kristjan Järvi / Vocalconsort Berlin Mastering
2016 Longing to Fly Greybeards Mastering
2016 Monstereophonic: Theaterror vs. Demonarchy Lordi Mastering
2016 Nothing to Hide Nocean Mastering
2016 Soulburst Dust Mastering
2016 Sword Songs Grand Magus Mastering
2016 The Ninth Hour Sonata Arctica Mastering
2016 The Puzzle Dark Sarah Mastering
2016 Vol. III Daniel Lioneye Mastering
2015 A Week Ago Today George Kontrafouris / Dayna Stephens / André Sumelius / Teemu Viinikainen Mastering Engineer
2015 Aki Rissanen//Jussi Lehtonen Quartet with Dave Liebman Jussi Lehtonen Quartet / Jussi Lehtonen / Aki Rissanen Mastering
2015 Farm Machine Steve 'n' Seagulls Mastering
2015 Four by Four Backyard Babies Mastering
2015 Journey The Grammers Mastering
2015 Luna Park Ride Tarja Mastering
2015 Shadowmaker Apocalyptica Mastering
2015 Skills in Pills Lindemann Mastering
2015 Songs from the North I, II & III Swallow the Sun Mastering
2014 Maximum Overload DragonForce Mastering
2014 Ragnarok Juletide Mastering
2014 Shadows of the Dying Sun Insomnium Mastering
2014 Tango Fuego Trio Cayao Mastering
2013 Classique & Jazz: Music for the 21st Century Mastering
2013 Fast Loud Death Lost Society Mastering
2013 Goldkinder We Butter the Bread with Butter Mastering
2013 Horns and Halos Michael Monroe Mastering
2013 Preachers of the Night Powerwolf Mastering
2013 Sven Helbig: Pocket Symphonies Fauré Quartett / Kristjan Järvi / MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra Mastering
2013 Wagner Reloaded: Live in Leipzig Apocalyptica / MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra Mastering
2012 Act 1 Tarja / Tarja Turunen Mastering
2012 Beneath Amoral Mastering
2012 Breaking the Stillness Shear Mastering
2012 Era Elvenking Mastering
2012 In with Lassy Timo Lassy Mastering
2012 Lateral Constraint Gloria Morti Mastering
2012 Manala Korpiklaani Mastering
2012 Queen of the Wave Pepe Deluxe Mastering
2012 Stones Grow Her Name Sonata Arctica Mastering
2012 Under Flaming Winter Skies: Live in Tampere Stratovarius Mastering
2012 We Are the Others Delain Mastering
2012 Where Angels Fear Lullacry Mastering
2011 Alchemy, Vol. 1 Poets of the Fall Mastering
2011 Arpapeliä Leavings-Orkesteri Mastering
2011 Buena Vodka Social Club Leningrad Cowboys Mastering
2011 Deathstar Rising Before the Dawn Mastering
2011 Elysium Stratovarius Mastering
2011 Erikoismiehen Jäähyväiset Vesterinen Yhtyeineen Mastering
2011 Ihminen on Ihmisiä Tommi Kalenius Mastering
2011 In Concert: Live At Sibelius Hall Tarja Mastering
2011 Last of the Good Ol' Days The Latebirds Mastering
2011 Live in Finland Sonata Arctica Mastering
2011 MADE IN GERMANY: 1995-2011 Rammstein Remastering, Mastering
2011 New World Lauri Mastering
2011 Out of Style Sunrise Avenue Mastering
2011 Rush Anna Abreu Mastering
2011 Saved By Rock 'n' Roll Los Bastardos Finlandeses Mastering
2011 Stand Up and Fight Turisas Mastering
2011 Steel Battle Beast Mastering
2011 The Beginning of Times Amorphis Mastering
2011 Ukon Wacka Korpiklaani Mastering
2011 Won't Say a Thing Felix Zenger Mastering
2010 7th Symphony Apocalyptica Mastering
2010 A New Bohemia Lapko Mastering
2010 Acoustic Tour 2010 Sunrise Avenue Mastering
2010 Anthropocentric The Ocean Mastering
2010 Beyond Hell/Above Heaven Volbeat Mastering
2010 Days of Defiance Firewind Mastering
2010 Dig Up the Knife Sweatmaster Mastering
2010 Finnish Tango, Vol. 2 Tango Orkestreri Unto / Tango-Orkestri Unto Mastering
2010 Haze Parade Blake Mastering
2010 Heimo Uusi Fantasia Mastering
2010 Heliocentric The Ocean Mastering
2010 Kuolemanpalvelus Sotajumala Mastering
2010 Lucy Was Driving Lucy Was Driving Mastering
2010 Meadow Island Meadow Island Mastering
2010 My Own Private Sunday Tuomo Mastering
2010 Nature | Existence Echoes Mastering
2010 Neon Negative Mastering
2010 Polaris Live Stratovarius Mastering
2010 Rubicon Tristania Mastering
2010 Shake, Shake, Shake Lemonator Mastering
2010 The Island of Disco Ensemble Disco Ensemble Mastering
2010 Vol. II Daniel Lioneye Mastering
2009 Back in Blood The 69 Eyes Mastering
2009 Dada Bandits Rubik Mastering
2009 Dirt Metal Thunderstone Mastering
2009 Firenote Firenote Mastering
2009 Fly Away: The Songs of David Foster Mastering
2009 Infinity + 1 A-Trak Mastering
2009 Karkelo Korpiklaani Mastering
2009 No Place for Pretty Mike & the Ravens Mastering
2009 Polaris Stratovarius Mastering
2009 Providence Callisto Mastering
2009 Saana: Warrior of Light, Pt. 1 Timo Tolkki Mastering
2009 Saturday Night Evil Deathlike Silence Mastering
2009 Ship of Light Husky Rescue Mastering
2009 Show Your Colors Amoral Mastering
2009 The Days of Grays Sonata Arctica Mastering
2009 You're the Voice Club for Five Mastering
2009 a.O.a. Alpha Omega Alpha Arthemesia Mastering
2008 A Change Through Destruction Grendel Mastering
2008 Anno Dominator Burden A.D. Mastering
2008 Backyard Babies Backyard Babies Mastering
2008 Beast Within Katra Mastering
2008 Becoming Ari Koivunen Mastering
2008 Dead To The Past, Blind For Tomorrow Reflexion Mastering
2008 Deadache Lordi Mastering
2008 Frozen Chambers Force Majeure Mastering
2008 Grip of the Blues Erja Lyytinen Mastering
2008 Guitar Heroes [Sony] [Bonus CD] Mastering
2008 Heart Full of Fire Brother Firetribe Mastering
2008 Hearts Burst into Fire Bullet for My Valentine Mastering
2008 Hollywood Kills: Live at the Whisky A Go Go The 69 Eyes Mastering
2008 Hot Corner The Five Corners Quintet Mastering
2008 Invisible Random Eyes Mastering
2008 Kiuas War Anthems Kiuas Mastering
2008 Land of Tales Land of Tales Mastering
2008 Love Remains the Same Von Hertzen Brothers Mastering
2008 Magic Recoveries Disco Ensemble Mastering
2008 Matthau Mikojan Matthau Mikojan Mastering
2008 New Era Revolution Renaissance Mastering
2008 One Step Further Francine Mastering
2008 Plague of Butterflies Swallow the Sun Mastering
2008 Pretend or Surrender Lovex Mastering
2008 Rajaton Sings Queen with Lahti Symphony Orchestra Lahti Symphony Orchestra / Rajaton Mastering
2008 Revolution Renaissance New Era Mastering
2008 Revolution Roulette Poets of the Fall Mastering
2008 River of Tuoni Amberian Dawn Mastering
2008 Shadowheart Kivimetsän Druidi Mastering
2008 Television Vegastar Mastering
2008 The Enigma of Immortals Unshine Mastering
2008 Waking the Demon Bullet for My Valentine Mastering
2008 Zero Nexus Shade Empire Mastering
2007 25th Hour Vision Divine Mastering
2007 Aerolithe Fall of the Leafe Mastering
2007 Agatha Verneri Pohjola / UMO Jazz Orchestra Mastering
2007 All Other Lights Go Out Underwater Sleeping Society Mastering
2007 Bury the Lies Takida Mastering
2007 Celebration 2007 United DJ's Mastering
2007 Divine Insanity Lovex Mastering
2007 Eyes Unfolded Terhen Mastering
2007 Feed The Vocalists Fat Beat Soundsystem Mastering
2007 Fuel for the Fire Ari Koivunen Mastering
2007 Ghost Is Not Real Husky Rescue Mastering
2007 Hello Northern Kings Mastering
2007 Joystone Kabu Kabu / Jimi Tenor Mastering
2007 Keys to the Highway The Flaming Sideburns Mastering
2007 Kind Soul Stance Brothers Mastering
2007 Lännen-Jukka J. Karjalainen Mastering
2007 Maa Rajaton Mastering
2007 My Name is El Muerte Los Bastardos Finlandeses Mastering
2007 My Thing Tuomo Mastering
2007 No Signs of Wisdom Manitou Mastering
2007 Off the Hook Bloodpit Mastering
2007 Poverina Astrid Swan Mastering
2007 Precambrian The Ocean Mastering
2007 Reborn Northern Kings Mastering
2007 Release Date Waltari Mastering
2007 Remixes and Rarities Husky Rescue Mastering
2007 Should I Tell You? Crumbland Mastering
2007 Sister Manna Mastering
2007 So Far So Good All of Us Mastering
2007 Soul Politics Damn Seagulls Mastering
2007 Stuck Here on Snakes Way Omnium Gatherum Mastering
2007 Supermarket Lights The Voltas Mastering
2007 Take Another Life Kill the Romance Mastering
2007 The Soul & Jazz of Timo Lassy Timo Lassy Mastering
2007 Wintereich Immortal Souls Mastering
2007 Worlds Collide Apocalyptica Mastering
2007 Young Desire Lapko Mastering
2006 A Night in the Gutter Dogpound Mastering
2006 At the Presence of Great Beauty Lemonator Mastering
2006 Bad Dream Stone Mystery Kevin Mastering
2006 Blood Sample Waltari Mastering
2006 Carnival of Rust Poets of the Fall Mastering
2006 Come Clean Montevideo Mastering
2006 Deadlock Manitou Mastering
2006 Deeper into the Night Shamrain Mastering
2006 Descension Twilight Opera Mastering
2006 Fearrage Pain Confessor Mastering
2006 Hard Rock Hallelujah Lordi Mastering
2006 Hellroad Caravan Mannhai Mastering
2006 Hollyworld Laurent Wolf Mastering
2006 IIIII Magenta Skycode Mastering
2006 Keep Reaching Up Nicole Willis / Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators Mastering
2006 Kevät Rajaton Mastering
2006 Kriya Kriya Mastering
2006 Lasso Accu Mastering
2006 Life Burns Tour Apocalyptica Mastering
2006 Love Comes Down Baby Woodrobe Mastering
2006 Love for the Streets brightboy Mastering
2006 Monday Morning Apocalypse Evergrey Mastering
2006 More Adventures with Nieminen & Litmanen Nieminen & Litmanen Mastering
2006 On the Spot Mastering
2006 One Minute Too Late Deep Insight Mastering
2006 Out of Bounds Rajaton Mastering
2006 Out of the Dark Reflexion Mastering
2006 Random End Misery Inc. Mastering
2006 Shhh Mir-O Mastering
2006 Since 1987 Roni Mastering
2006 So Was It Worth Dying For Dame Mastering
2006 Sydänsärkyä Simo Silmu Mastering
2006 The Arockalypse Lordi Audio Engineer, Mastering
2006 Through the Broken Window Icons of Elegance Mastering
2006 Un Nouvel Orage Vegastar Mastering
2006 Who's Your Daddy? Lordi Mastering
2005 Alcohol Anthems Mental Care Foundation Mastering
2005 Apocalyptica Apocalyptica Mastering
2005 Between Force and Fate Velcra Mastering
2005 Certain Glow Marko Sillanpää Mastering
2005 Chasin' the Jazz Gone By The Five Corners Quintet Mastering
2005 Cover to Cover Fork Mastering
2005 In the Raw Slideshaker Mastering
2005 Jukka Eskola Jukka Eskola Mastering
2005 Lenni Lokinpoikanen Ella Ja Aleksi Mastering
2005 Memento Mori Mariska Mastering
2005 One Night at Sirdie's Damn Seagulls Mastering
2005 Real Live Thing Kingston Wall Mastering
2005 Reality Wingdom Mastering
2005 Requiem Forever Requiem Mastering
2005 Selected Songs 1999-2005 The Crash Mastering
2005 Simo Silmu Simo Silmu Mastering
2005 Stratovarius Stratovarius Mastering
2005 Suuria satuja Sadetanssi Mastering
2005 Viimeinen Sammuttaa Valot Teleks Mastering
2004 Blame the World Manboy Mastering
2004 Good Days Bad Days Maarit Mastering
2004 Yesterday Was Good: The Best of Lemonator Lemonator Mastering
2001 Hell of a Collection The Rasmus Mastering
Abroad Plans Mastering
All Over You Barbe-Q-Barbies Mastering
Amorandom Aki Rissanen Mastering
Apocalypse Again Thunderstone Mastering
Beautiful Anxiety Aki Rissanen Mastering
Beyond the Walls of Death Ravenia Mastering
Bullhorn Verneri Pohjola Mastering
Changes A4 / Ari Polojarvi Mastering
Collect Your Scars Red Eleven Mastering
Commitment Joonatan Rautio Trio Mastering
Dancing With the Boys The Cajunga Mastering
Diamond In the Firepit Brother Firetribe Mastering
Dreaming of the New Dawn Hypnomen Mastering
FBB Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band Mastering
Finding the Way Maratone Quintet Mastering
Finnish Tango: Yön Tummat Slivet [Dark Wings Of The Night] Tango Orkesteri Unto Mastering
Fish On Lindemann Mastering
For Crying Out Loud Shiraz Lane Mastering
Gasolina The Mama King Mastering
Helsinki Soundpost Martti Vesala Mastering
Hollywood Hills Sunrise Avenue Mastering
I Toomas Vanem Mastering
In Cinema Oddarrang Mastering
In Concert: Live At Sibelius Hall Harus / Tarja / Tarja Turunen Mastering
Legacy Ash & Coal Mastering
Live at Masters of Rock Korpiklaani Mastering
Madame Libertanah Bohemian Lifestyle / Madame Libertánah Mastering
Market Square Massacre Live Lordi Mastering
New Haven The Chant Mastering
Noita Korpiklaani Mastering
Nordic Trinity Plays The Music Of Edward Vesala Nordic Trinity Mastering
One Desire One Desire Mastering
Open Case Jarno Kukkonen Mastering
Pariah's Child Sonata Arctica Mastering
Pekka Verneri Pohjola Mastering
Playing God The Perfect Child / Corky Laing Mastering
Poetry of the Ill-Minded Shade Empire Mastering
Prime The Essence / Essence Mastering
Rough N' Stripped Entwine Mastering
Round II Red Eleven Mastering
Stars Aligned Von Hertzen Brothers Mastering
Sunbound Brother Firetribe Mastering
Sunday Songs Paradise Oskar Mastering
The Best Michael Monroe Mastering, Remastering
The Breathing World Colossus Mastering
The Judgement Scanner Mastering
The Last Horizon Kenziner Mastering
The Perfect Cult Deathstars Mastering
This Time Mikko Helevä / Jussi Lehtonen / Joonatan Rautio / Jesse Van Ruller Mastering
Two Decades of Greatest Sword Hits Ensiferum Compilation Mastering
Universal Monsters The 69 Eyes Mastering
Vine The Man-Eating Tree Mastering
Welcome to the Den Mad Hatter's Den Mastering