The electronic pop/trip-hop group Supreme Beings of Leisure formed out of the ashes of Oversoul Seven, the hip-hop project of guitarist/programmer Rick Torres, bassist/programmer Kiran Shahani, and keyboardist/programmer Ramin Sakurai. While they were recording demos, the trio asked their friend singer/songwriter Geri Soriano-Lightwood to collaborate with them. Newly christened the Supreme Beings of Leisure, the group released a few of their demos on Moonshine Records collections before their self-titled debut album appeared in early 2000 on the Palm Pictures imprint. Divine Operating System arrived in 2002 and was supported by a worldwide tour. The band took five years off before returning with their third album, 11i.
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11i 2008 11i
Supreme Beings of Leisure 2000 Supreme Beings of Leisure
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