Sunroof! was the new-millennium guise of U.K. guitarist Matthew Bower, a longtime veteran of the experimental noise-rock scene. Bower had begun his career with a short-lived band called Pure, which mutated into Total in 1982; five years later, Total transformed into the prolific Skullflower, which proved the best-known of Bower's vehicles. Skullflower turned Total into a largely solo side project with a free-improvisation bent, which eventually became Bower's main focus. The Puff Daddy-affiliated R&B group Total laid exclusive claim to the moniker in the late ‘90s, at which point Bower retired it and continued on -- in much the same style -- under the new name Sunroof!. Sunroof! kept much of the monolithic, droning noise for which Skullflower was known -- informed principally by psychedelia and early industrial music -- but also ...
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Sound Star Sound 2000 Sound Star Sound
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