Steve Wiese


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Year Album Artist
2017 When We Are Weak, We Are Strong David Haas Sound Director
2014 Fire on the Nile Eric Kamau Grávátt / Dean Magraw Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2014 White Lace: New Classical Wedding Music R.J. Mitchell Mixing, Mastering
2013 A Wedding by the Lake R.J. Mitchell Mastering
2011 Let This Be the Time Lori True Director
2010 Don't Explain: 3 Faces Didier Petit Mixing, Recording
2009 Catholic Instrumental Classics, Vol. 10 Steve Petrunak Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Mixdown Engineer
2009 Easy Company Jay Epstein Mixing, Mastering
2009 New Vintage Kenny Lee Lewis Mixing, Handclapping, Mastering
2009 Number Ones Janet Jackson Producer
2009 The Best Janet Jackson Producer
2008 Autumn The O'Neill Brothers Audio Engineer
2008 Little Did I Dream Connie Evingson Producer, Engineer, Mastering
2008 Love Beyond All Measure Stephen Patrunak Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Mixdown Engineer
2008 Next François Corneloup Engineer, Mixing
2008 Red House 25: A Silver Anniversary Retrospective Engineer
2008 Strangers in Another Country Rosalie Sorrels Engineer
2008 Summertime The O'Neill Brothers Engineer
2007 Beautiful Day The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2007 Birdwatcher Michel Portal Engineer, Mixing
2007 Day Break The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2007 Nucular Ursus Minor Engineer
2007 Seasons of Grace, Vol. 2 Paul A. Tate Engineer, Mixing
2007 The Art of Cherry Fat Kid Wednesdays Engineer, Mixing
2007 White Boys Lost in the Blues Paul Metsa Engineer, Mastering
2006 A Day to Remember, Vol. 2 The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Bring Us Home Paul A. Tate Engineer, Director, Mixing
2006 Celebrate America The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Had a Little Rooster John M. Feierabend Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2006 Holiday Home The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2006 Live at the Dakota, Vol. 2 Nachito Herrera Mixing, Mastering
2006 Someone You Love The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2006 Songs for Swans Denis Colin Engineer, Mixing
2006 There Is Room for Us All Lori True Director, Mastering, Mix Down
2006 There's a Hole in the Bucket John M. Feierabend Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2005 A Day To Remember: Music For Your Beach Wedding The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2005 Catholic Classics: Songs in Spanish Donna Pena Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2005 Live at the Dakota Barbara Morrison Engineer, Mixing
2004 A Place at the Table Lori True Mix Down, Sound Director
2004 Discografia Completa, Vol. 2 Presuntos Implicados Assistant
2004 Every Sound Below Tim Eriksen Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Gypsy in My Soul Connie Evingson Producer, Engineer
2004 Notre Dame Experience The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Member of Attributed Artist, Shaker, Egg Shaker
2004 On Broadway with the O'Neill Brothers The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2004 Rush Julia Wilde Producer, Mixing, Tracking
2004 The Journey The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2003 3 from the Ghetto Dario Deidda Mastering
2003 Dipping in Minneapolis Michel Portal Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Let It Be Jazz: Connie Evingson Sings the Beatles Connie Evingson Producer, Engineer
2003 Music in the Air Rob Glover Mixing
2003 Walk Pretty Ben Sidran Engineer, Mixing
2002 A Day to Remember: Instrumental Music for Your Wedding Day The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2002 After Hours Lee Konitz Producer
2002 Blue Skies Peg Carrothers Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Duets With Bill Stewart Bill Carrothers Engineer, Mixing Engineer
2002 Echo of Faith David Haas Engineer, Director, Mix Down
2002 Hope Street MN Tony Hymas Engineer, Mixing
2002 Live at the Dakota: Puro Cubano Nachito Herrera Engineer, Mixing
2002 Minneapolis Michel Portal Engineer, Mixing
2002 Minneapolis Tour Guide Michel Portal Engineer, Mixing
2002 Minneapolis We Insist! Michel Portal Mixing, Mastering
2002 Something in Common Denis Colin / Denis Colin Trio Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2002 The Secret of Christmas Connie Evingson Producer, Engineer
2002 Through the Years The O'Neill Brothers Producer, Engineer
2002 We Couldn't Be Happier Gegé Telesforo Mastering
2002 With You by My Side, Vol. 1: Journey of Life David Haas Director, Mix Down
2002 With You by My Side, Vol. 2 David Haas Director, Mix Down
2001 A Nod to Bob: An Artists' Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 60th Birthday Engineer
2001 After Hours Ira Sullivan Producer, Engineer
2001 Café Après-midi Clémentine Engineer, Mixing
2001 Glory Day David Has Engineer, Mixing
2001 Hot Summer Music Engineer
2000 Before I Was Born David Has Director, Mix Down
2000 Coleur Cafe Clémentine Engineer, Mixing
2000 Just Me Lorie Line Engineer
2000 L. Sid Leo Sidran Engineer
2000 Star Child David Haas Mixdown Engineer
2000 The Latin Porter Mark Murphy Engineer, Mixing, Recorder
2000 The Silver Album Lorie Line Engineer
1999 After Hours Bob Malach Producer
1999 After Hours Bob Rockwell Producer, Engineer
1999 After Hours, Vol. 2 David Hazeltine Producer, Engineer, Liner Notes
1999 After Hours, Vol. 4 Bill Carrothers Producer, Liner Notes
1999 Breath of God Stephen Petrunak / Steve Petrunak Engineer, Mixing, Mix Down
1999 Depleting Moral Legacy Leo Sidran Engineer
1999 Moms That Cook The Music Workshop for Kids Mixing
1999 Nuncrackers: Nunsense Christmas Musical Engineer
1999 Rhapsody & Blues Phil Upchurch Mixing
1999 Simply Grand Lorie Line Engineer
1999 Throughout All Time David Haas Engineer, Mixing
1999 Vietnam: Long Time Coming Engineer, Mixing
1998 A Bit 'O the Beggar & Tunes 'O the Isles Minstrelsy! Engineer
1998 Jazz Christmas [Windham Hill] Engineer
1998 Melrose Place Jazz: Upstairs at MP Engineer
1998 Midnight Groove: Art of Smooth Jazz Engineer
1998 Siete Presuntos Implicados Assistant
1998 The Heritage Collection, Vol. 2 Lorie Line Engineer, Mixing
1998 They're Here James Dean Hall Mixing
1997 Long Ago Jay Epstein Engineer
1997 Standard of Living Motion Poets Engineer
1997 Whatever Happened to the Blues Phil Upchurch Engineer
1996 Blue Cadillac St. Paul Peterson Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1996 GeGe & The Mother Tongue Gege & Mother Tongue / GeGe & The Mother Tongue / Gegé Telesforo Engineer, Mixing
1996 Got to Be Real: The Best of Cheryl Lynn Cheryl Lynn Engineer
1996 I Can't Dance for You Paul Cebar Engineer, Mixing
1996 Mr. P's Shuffle Ben Sidran Engineer
1996 One Heart Pamela Warrick-Smith Engineer, Mixing
1996 She Willie Wisely Engineer
1996 Singing Singles Engineer, Mixing
1995 A Bridge Over Time Mary Beth Carlson Engineer
1995 Design of a Decade: 1986-1996 Janet Jackson Producer, Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1995 Enter You Enter Love Joan Griffith Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Photography
1995 Family Playground [Baby Music Boom #1] The Music Workshop for Kids Engineer
1995 Hoop Dreams [Original Soundtrack] Ben Sidran Engineer, Mixing
1995 Living in a Rich Man's World Larry Long Engineer
1995 The Best of Junior [Mercury] Junior Engineer
1995 Upstroke for the Downfolk Paul Cebar Engineer, Mixing
1995 Where the River Flows David Haas Engineer, Mixing
1994 Angels Mary Beth Carlson Engineer
1993 Upper Mississippi Shakedown: The Best of the Lamont Cranston Band Lamont Cranston Band Producer
1993 Wide River Steve Miller Band Engineer, Mixing
1992 Back to the Garden Richard Dworsky Engineer
1992 Reunion Rag Dakota Dave Hull Engineer, Remixing
1992 Yesterday's Dream Gary Brunotte Engineer, Mixing
1991 Cool Paradise Ben Sidran Engineer, Mixing
1991 Smile Blue Ricky Peterson Engineer
1988 Born 2B Blue Steve Miller Engineer, Remixing
1988 Centerfold Centerfold Engineer
1988 Hull's Victory Dakota Dave Hull Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Assistant Producer
1988 Mister Mature Willie Murphy Mixing
1988 The New International Trio New Internation Engineer
1988 Too Hot to Touch Ben Sidran Engineer, Arranger, Mixing
1987 Control: The Remixes Janet Jackson Producer
1987 Serious Déjà Engineer, Mixing
1986 High Priority Cherrelle Engineer
1986 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Been "Spider" John Koerner Engineer
1985 Alexander O'Neal Alexander O'Neal Engineer
1985 Come and Journey David Haas Engineer, Remixing
1985 On the Cool Side Ben Sidran Mixing
1985 The Vision Howard Johnson Engineer
1982 Louis Dimiceli Louise Dimiceli Producer, Tambourine, Noise
A Changed Heart David Haas Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
All the Cats Join In Connie Evingson / John Jorgenson Producer, Engineer
As Nighttime Falls Ian Callanan Engineer
Crash Test Hoaxer Engineer, Digital Post Production
Edges of My Mind Peg Carrothers Engineer
Ellington at Night Nancy Harms Engineer
God Never Tires David Haas / Zack Stachowski Director
God Will Delight David Haas / Lori True Engineer, Director, Mastering
I Will Bring You Home David Haas Audio Engineer
In Beauty We Walk Ian Callanan Mixing
In Endless Song: An Anthology Tony Alonso Engineer, Mixing
Jazz in the Lobby Bar Jeff Brueske / Joann Funk Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Limited Warranty Limited Warranty Engineer
Looking North Bryan Nichols Engineer, Mixing
Next Door David Hazeltine / Billy Peterson Mastering
On the Live Side Ben Sidran Engineer, Mixing
Space Dust Dean Magraw's Red Planet Mixing, Mastering
Sunday Morning Bill Carrothers Engineer
Sweet Happy Life Connie Evingson Producer, Engineer