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Year Album Artist
2018 5 Albums Peter Murphy Mastering
2016 Pure McCartney Paul McCartney Remastering
2015 80s Love [Rhino] Remastering Engineer
2015 The Studio Album Collection 1992-2004 Stereolab Mastering
2014 Driving Songs: The Collection Remastering Engineer
2014 Dude Incredible Shellac Mastering
2014 Icon Ringo Starr Mastering
2014 The Complete Studio Albums Wilco Mastering
2014 The U.S. Albums The Beatles Mastering
2014 Timeless...The Musical Legacy Badfinger Remastering
2013 Aéropop Alexander von Mehren Mastering
2013 In Focus? Shugo Tokumaru Mastering
2013 Michael Nyman: Collaborations David McAlmont / Motion Trio / Michael Nyman Mastering
2013 Slow Summits The Pastels Mastering
2013 You Could Have Been with Me/Madness, Money and Music Sheena Easton Mastering
2012 Bish Bosch Scott Walker Mastering
2012 Early Takes, Vol. 1 George Harrison Mastering
2012 Electric Cables Lightships Mastering
2012 George Harrison: Living in the Material World [Video] George Harrison Mastering
2012 Life Is People Bill Fay Mastering
2011 Jerad Finck Jerad Finck Mastering
2011 Start & Complete About Group Mastering
2011 Winterland The Jigsaw Seen Mastering
2010 1962-1970 The Beatles Remastering
2010 Apple Box Set Remastering, Mastering
2010 Collaborations George Harrison / Ravi Shankar Remastering
2010 Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records Remastering
2010 Fireplace Boy Who Trapped the Sun Mastering Engineer
2010 Have One on Me Joanna Newsom Mastering
2010 Isla Portico Quartet Mastering
2010 Shadows Teenage Fanclub Mastering
2009 Best of Ultravox: Sight and Sound Ultravox Remastering
2009 Enter the Vaselines The Vaselines Remastering
2009 The Beatles in Mono [Box Set] The Beatles Remastering
2009 The Beatles: Stereo Box Set The Beatles Remastering
2009 The Glare David McAlmont / Michael Nyman Mastering
2009 The Universal Music Collection Rossana Casale Cutting Engineer
2009 Two Sunsets The Pastels / Tenniscoats Mastering
2008 Electric Arguments The Fireman Remastering, Mastering
2008 Limbo, Panto Wild Beasts Mastering
2008 Misadventures in Stereo Jim Boggia Mastering
2008 Mountain Battles The Breeders Mastering
2008 Opium Mark Geary Mastering
2008 Summer Reggae [Caroline World Service] Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2008 The Peel Sessions 1979-1981 Killing Joke Mastering
2007 Aelita Tied + Tickled Trio Mastering
2007 American Prehistoric Warm in the Wake Mastering
2007 Borrowed Pens Dorsey Mastering
2007 Ditherer Fog Mastering
2007 Excellent Italian Greyhound Shellac Mastering
2007 Fingers & Thumbs Polly Paulusma Mastering
2007 Honey, I'd Kill... 1888 Mastering
2007 No Shouts No Calls Electrelane Mastering
2007 Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr Ringo Starr Mastering
2007 The Royal We The Royal We Mastering
2007 The Unfairground Kevin Ayers Mastering
2007 Where The Killers Run [Bonus Tracks] Viarosa Mastering
2007 You Follow Me Nina Nastasia / Jim White Mastering
2006 As the Bluebird Sings A Whisper in the Noise Mastering
2006 Atari Teenage Riot: 1992-2000 Atari Teenage Riot Digital Remastering
2006 Back to Earth Battle Mastering
2006 Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Mastering
2006 I Killed My Best Friend Le Volume Courbe Mastering
2006 Inside In/Inside Out The Kooks Mastering
2006 Inside In/Inside Out: Live Acoustic @ Abbey Road The Kooks Mastering
2006 Jardin Secrets Jean-Antoine Hierro Engineer
2006 Jazz for Dinner [EMI] Mastering
2006 Lag Katamine Mastering
2006 Love The Beatles Stereo Master
2006 Music, Food and Love Guo Yue Mastering
2006 Victory for the Comic Muse The Divine Comedy Mastering
2006 Welcome Home, Loser The Broken Family Band Mastering
2005 Celebration Celebration Mastering
2005 Chrome Tape Motormark Mastering
2005 Evergreen Evergreen Mastering
2005 From Croydon to Cuba: An Anthology Kirsty MacColl Mastering
2005 Liar's Exit Bikini Atoll Mastering
2005 Little Pop Rock Sister Vanilla Mastering
2005 Maritime Minotaur Shock Mastering
2005 Oscillons from the Anti-Sun [W/DVD] Stereolab Mastering
2005 Peace, Love & Truth John Lennon Mastering Engineer
2005 Prefection Cass McCombs Mastering
2005 Working Class Hero: The Definitive Lennon John Lennon Mastering
2004 A Ghost Is Born Wilco Mastering
2004 Coming Round Clear Mastering
2004 For Beginners Killing Joke Mastering
2004 Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand Mastering
2004 Over & Over Clear Mastering
2004 The Phantom of the Opera [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Andrew Lloyd Webber Engineer, Mastering
2004 The Power Out Electrelane Mastering
2004 Vagabond Valina Mastering
2004 Whiskey Tango Ghosts Tanya Donelly Mastering
2003 Amorino Isobel Campbell Mastering
2003 Blues du Jour Maher Shalal Hash Baz Mastering
2003 Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-Six Seconds: A Short Cut to Teenage Fanclub Teenage Fanclub Mastering
2003 Jetstream Lovers Captain Soul Mastering
2003 Labour of Love I, II & III: The Platinum Collection UB40 Mastering
2003 Lalo Schifrin: Symphonic Impressions of Oman Lalo Schifrin Mastering
2003 Let It Be... Naked The Beatles Mastering
2003 Pendulum Broadcast Mastering
2003 Solo Drums Steve Clarke Mastering
2003 Spoon and Rafter Mojave 3 Mastering
2003 The Last Great Wilderness The Pastels Mastering
2002 A Night at the Royal Albert Hall The Everly Brothers Mastering
2002 ABC Music: The Radio 1 Sessions Stereolab Mastering
2002 Camino Latino Juan Martín Mastering
2002 Expedición Silvio Rodríguez Engineer, Mastering
2002 Feasting With Panthers William Topley Mastering
2002 Science of Coincidence Landmarq Mastering
2002 Seasons Neil Halstead Mastering
2002 Sleeping on Roads Neil Halstead Mastering
2002 Sleepwalk Tanya Donelly Mastering
2002 The Blackened Air Nina Nastasia Mastering
2002 Through the Fire Renaissance Illusion Mastering
2002 Title TK The Breeders Mastering
2002 War on War Wilco Mastering
2002 Words of Wisdom and Hope Teenage Fanclub Mastering
2002 Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Wilco Mastering
2002 Yanqui U.X.O. Godspeed You! Black Emperor Mastering
2002 You Don't Need Darkness to Do What You Think Is Right Mastering
2001 Gift Hanayo Mastering
2001 Sound-Dust Stereolab Mastering
2001 Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea Future Pilot A.K.A. Mastering
2000 1 The Beatles Remastering
2000 Dogs Nina Nastasia Mastering
2000 G.F.S.U. Lolita Storm Mastering
2000 Lifestyle Silkworm Mastering
2000 Never Got Hip Foil Mastering
2000 Rage [CD/12"] Atari Teenage Riot Mastering
2000 The One and Only High and Low EC8OR Mastering
2000 Toshack Highway Toshack Highway Mastering
2000 Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements/Mars Audiac Quintet/Emperor Tomato Ket Stereolab Mastering
1999 60 Second Wipe Out Atari Teenage Riot Mastering
1999 Cobra Killer Cobra Killer Mastering
1999 Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage in the Milky Night Stereolab Mastering
1999 Fusa Riot The Bobby Hughes Experience Mastering
1999 Heavy Black Frame Tram Mastering
1999 Run Devil Run Paul McCartney Mastering
1999 Snowbug The High Llamas Mastering
1999 There's Only We One Lady Owner Mastering
1999 Walk Right Back: 20 All-Time Hits The Everly Brothers Mastering
1999 Working Classical: Orchestral and Chamber Music by Paul McCartney Lawrence Foster / London Symphony Orchestra Mastering
1998 Aluminum Tunes: Switched On, Vol. 3 Stereolab Mastering
1998 Cold and Bouncy The High Llamas Mastering
1998 Field Manual Bomb20 Mastering
1998 Here We Are All Together David Essex Mastering
1998 Illuminati The Pastels Mastering
1998 Out in the Fields: The Very Best of Gary Moore Gary Moore Mastering
1998 The Curse of the Golden Vampire Alec Empire Mastering
1998 The Facts of Life/I Don't Know What the World Is Coming To Bobby Womack Mastering
1998 World Beaters EC8OR Mastering
1997 Illumination The Pastels Mastering
1997 Miss Modular [EP] Stereolab Mastering
1997 Show World Redd Kross Mastering
1996 Hawaii The High Llamas Mastering
1996 Jesus Christ Superstar [1996 Studio Cast] Andrew Lloyd Webber Remastering
1996 Russ Ballard/The Fire Still Burns Russ Ballard Mastering
1995 Deep Fried Fanclub Teenage Fanclub Remastering
1995 Overdose at Your Mother's 9353 Mastering
1995 Time Flowing Backwards Cakekitchen Engineer
1994 100 Years Overtime Adam Wakeman Mastering
1994 Against the Streams June Tabor Mastering
1994 Mars Audiac Quintet Stereolab Mastering
1994 Rhythm Method Andy Sheppard Mastering
1993 Black Tie White Noise David Bowie Remastering, Mastering, Digital Remastering
1993 In Utero Nirvana Mastering, Reissue Mastering
1993 Robert & Elizabeth [Chichester Festival Cast] Remastering, Digital Remastering
1993 The Impossible Dream Stig Rossen Mastering Engineer
1993 The Lion Goes from Strength to Strength (No Compromise) Blade Cut
1993 Yes You Can Steve Harley Mastering
1992 Burning Questions Graham Parker Mastering
1992 Couldn't Love You More John Martyn Mastering
1992 Curiosity & Relief The High-Back Chairs Mastering
1992 Oomalama Eugenius Mastering
1992 The Best of the EMI Years David McWilliams Digital Remastering
1991 Electric Landlady Kirsty MacColl Digital Remastering
1990 Don't Explain Robert Palmer Recording
1989 Deep Peter Murphy Mastering
1989 Kite Kirsty MacColl Remastering
1989 Labour of Love II UB40 Mastering
1989 Sound + Vision David Bowie Remastering
1989 Thunder and Consolation New Model Army Mastering
1988 Outside the Gate Killing Joke Remastering, Mastering
1988 Past Masters The Beatles Remastering
1988 The Mona Lisa's Sister Graham Parker Mastering
1987 Human Interface Patrick Moraz Mastering
1986 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns Killing Joke Remastering, Mastering
1985 Night Time Killing Joke Remastering, Mastering
1984 Lament Ultravox Remastering, Mastering
1983 Fire Dances Killing Joke Remastering, Mastering
1983 Monument Ultravox Remastering, Mastering
1983 The Fittest of the Fittest Burning Spear Remastering
1982 Farover Burning Spear Remastering
1982 Ha: Killing Joke Live Killing Joke Digital Remastering
1982 Quartet Ultravox Remastering, Mastering
1982 Revelations Killing Joke Digital Remastering
1982 Rio Duran Duran Remastering, Digital Remastering, Remastering Engineer
1981 Rage in Eden Ultravox Remastering, Mastering
1981 What's THIS For...! Killing Joke Remastering
1980 Hail H.I.M. Burning Spear Mastering
1980 Killing Joke [1980] Killing Joke Digital Remastering
1980 McCartney II Paul McCartney Remastering
1980 Vienna Ultravox Remastering, Mastering
1979 Hibernation Chrisma Mastering
1976 Wings Over America Paul McCartney / Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Remastering, Mastering
1975 Rock 'n' Roll John Lennon Mastering
1975 Venus and Mars Paul McCartney / Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Remastering
1974 Journey to the Centre of the Earth Rick Wakeman Mastering Engineer
1974 Walls & Bridges John Lennon Mastering
1973 1967-1970 The Beatles Remastering
1973 Ass Badfinger Remastering
1973 Band on the Run Paul McCartney / Paul McCartney & Wings / Wings Remastering
1973 Living in the Material World George Harrison Remastering
1973 Mind Games John Lennon Mastering, Reissue Mastering, Mastering Engineer
1972 Some Time in New York City John Lennon / Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band Mastering Engineer
1971 Earth Song/Ocean Song Mary Hopkin Remastering
1971 Imagine John Lennon Mastering, Mastering Engineer
1971 Ram Linda McCartney / Paul McCartney Remastering
1971 Straight Up Badfinger Remastering
1971 The Concert for Bangladesh George Harrison Remastering
1970 Encouraging Words Billy Preston Remastering
1970 Let It Be The Beatles Remastering
1970 Magic Christian Music Badfinger Remastering
1970 McCartney Paul McCartney Remastering
1970 No Dice Badfinger Remastering
1970 Plastic Ono Band John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band Mastering
1969 Abbey Road The Beatles Remastering
1969 Post Card Mary Hopkin Remastering
1969 That's the Way God Planned It Billy Preston Remastering
1969 Yellow Submarine The Beatles Remastering
1968 James Taylor James Taylor Remastering
1968 The Beatles [White Album] The Beatles Remastering
1967 Magical Mystery Tour The Beatles Remastering
1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles Remastering
1966 Revolver The Beatles Remastering
1965 Help! The Beatles Remastering
1965 Rubber Soul The Beatles Remastering
1964 A Hard Day's Night The Beatles Remastering
1964 Beatles for Sale The Beatles Remastering
1964 Robert and Elizabeth [HMV/Angel] Remastering, Digital Remastering
1964 She Loves Me [Original London Cast] Remastering
1963 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum [Original London Cast] Digital Remastering
1963 Please Please Me The Beatles Remastering
1963 With the Beatles The Beatles Remastering
1960 Flower Drum Song (Original London Cast) Original London Cast Remastering, Digital Remastering
100 Greatest 80s: Ultimate 80s Throwback Anthems Remastering Engineer
100 Greatest Best Songs Ever Remastering Engineer
100 Greatest Feel Good Remastering Engineer
100 Greatest Golden Oldies Remastering Engineer
100 Greatest Karaoke Songs Remastering Engineer
100 Greatest Sing-a-long Songs Remastering Engineer
100 Greatest Throwback Songs Remastering Engineer
12 Inch Dance: '80s Synthpop Remastering Engineer
4 All Ages: Reggae Music Mastering Engineer
4 All Ages: Summer Fun Music Mastering Engineer
80s 12'' Party Mastering, Mastering Engineer
80s Classics 80s Pop 80s Bangers 80s Songs Remastering Engineer
80s Smash Hits [Rhino] Remastering Engineer
80s Summer Remastering Engineer
80s Throwback Remastering Engineer
All Good Remastering Engineer
Best of British: Classic Hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s Mastering, Mastering Engineer
Best of the 80s [Rhino] Remastering Engineer
Born and Raised in the 80s Remastering Engineer
Dance Classics: The Ultimate Throwback Club Classics Remastering Engineer
Drive Time Remastering Engineer
Eighties Mixtape Remastering Engineer
Essential Eighties [Mixed Repertoire] Digital Remastering, Engineer
Feel Good Remastering Engineer
Greatest Hits [Rhino] Remastering Engineer
Happy Alone Remastering Engineer
Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s Remastering Engineer
Just Can't Get Enough: Video Hits of the '80s Remastering Engineer
Maslow's Songbook ODI Mastering
Rock 80's [Universal] Mastering Engineer
SingALong Remastering Engineer
Soul Boys of the Western World [Original Film Soundtrack] Remastering Engineer
St. Patrick's Day Party Mastering
Throwback Forever Remastering Engineer
Top 100 80s Remastering Engineer