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Year Album Artist
2013 Ready or Not R.I.O. / U-Jean Composer
2013 Café del Mar: Classical Mastering, Composer
2013 Broken Record EP Jayme Dee Composer
2011 Turn This Club Around R.I.O. Composer
2011 Es Vivé Ibiza: 10th Anniversary Edition Composer, Mastering, Producer
2010 Sunset Beach DJ Session ATB Composer
2010 Mezzanine de L'Alcazar Vol. 10 Producer
2010 Hed Kandi: Beach House [2010] Additional Production, Remixing
2009 Kontor: Vocal House Session Composer
2009 Chilled Euphoria [Ministry of Sound] Additional Production, Remixing
2009 Bargrooves: Summer Sessions, Vol. II Composer, Producer
2008 Defected in the House 2009 Composer, Producer
2007 Stilettos (Pumps) Crime Mob Mixing Engineer
2007 Private Beach Club: Compiled by Afterlife Producer
2007 Ibiza: The Sound of Renaissance, Vol. 4 Producer
2006 Paris Paris Hilton Mixing
2005 Guilt Is a Useless Emotion New Order Mixing
2005 Café del Mar: Dreams, Vol. 1 Café del Mar Producer
2005 B in the Mix: The Remixes Britney Spears Mixing
2004 Shiva Beats Producer
2004 Hip Spiritual Lounge: The Ultimate Trip of Cultural Exotica for Mind, Body & Soul Producer
2004 Big Floor Funk Richard Vission Mixing
2003 Sex Lounge Producer
2003 Real Ibiza, Vol. 6: Poolside Chill & Hammock House [Mixed] Producer, Engineer
2003 Real Ibiza, Vol. 6: Poolside Chill & Hammock House Producer, Engineer
2003 Not Gonna Get Us t.A.T.u. Mixing
2003 Mixed Live 2nd Session Donald Glaude Engineer
2003 Mixed Live 2nd Session Tall Paul Engineer
2003 Mixed Live Dave Audé Engineer
2003 Illegal Substance Illegal Substance Mixing
2003 Guide Me God, Pt. 2 [Single] Ghostland Remixing
2003 Euphoria: Very Best Of Remixing, Reproduction
2003 Euphoria: Deeper Shades Of Remixing, Re-Produced
2003 Defected in the House Simon Dunmore Mastering
2003 Chillin' at the Playboy Mansion Chris Coco Producer, Engineer
2003 Astor Piazzolla Remixed Astor Piazzolla Mixing
2003 Ambient Lounge, Vol. 5 Remixing, Reproduction
2002 Visions Jakatta Producer, Engineer, Remixing
2002 The Ultimate Trance Party Mixing
2002 The Chillout Sessions, Vol. 3 [EMI] Remixing, Reproduction
2002 The Chillout Session [2002] Remix Producer
2002 The Chillout Session 2003: Winter Collection Producer, Remixing, Reproduction
2002 Surrealism Remixing, Re-Produced
2002 Style: Broker Lounge Producer
2002 Songs From The Chillout Lounge Remixing, Re-Produced
2002 Perfecto Collection, Vol. 2 Mixing
2002 Naked Amber Engineer, Remixing
2002 Mixed Live 2nd Session Carl Cox Engineer
2002 Midweekbreaks Afterlife Producer
2002 Karma Lounge, Vol. 2 Producer
2002 Joia: Chill Out in Miami Producer
2002 Hed Kandi: Winter Chill 06.02 Editing, Mastering
2002 Hed Kandi: Deeper [2002] Producer, Keyboards
2002 Global Lounge [Neurodisc] Producer
2002 Euphoria: Very Best Euphoric Chillout Mixes Remixing, Re-Produced
2002 Electronico Madredeus Producer, Engineer, Remixing, Mixing, Remix Engineer
2002 Duty Free, Vol. 2 Tall Paul Mixing Engineer
2002 Duty Free Remixed Mixing, Mixing Engineer
2002 Counterfeit Cirrus Mixing
2002 Clubber's Guide to 2000 Judge Jules Mixing Engineer
2002 Chillout Mix, Vol. 3 Producer, Engineer
2002 Cassagrande Lounge Producer
2002 BPM Presents: That Trance Mix Mixing Engineer
2002 All the Things She Said t.A.T.u. Mixing
2002 Alfresco Soiree Remixing
2002 21st Century Disco 2003 Ministry Offer Mixing
2001 Trance Theory DJ X-Dream Mixing Engineer
2001 The Chillout Session, Vol. 2 Engineer, Remixing, Reproduction, Remix Producer
2001 The Annual Spring Ministry Offer Mixing
2001 Spitshine Naked Chollas Producer, Mixing
2001 Mixed Live AK1200 Engineer
2001 Mixed Live Donald Glaude Engineer
2001 Micro Tech-Mix Live DJ Micro Engineer
2001 Ibiza Chillout Session Ministry Offer Engineer, Remixing, Reproduction
2001 Ibiza Chill [Ministry of Sound] Engineer, Remixing, Reproduction
2001 Gatecrasher: National Anthems Mixing
2001 Cool and Deadly Remixing, Reproduction
2001 Comfort Zone, Vol. 4 Producer
2001 Comfort Zone, Vol. 3 Producer
2001 Club Nation 2001 Ministry Offer Mixing
2001 Chillout Annual 2002 [#1] Producer, Engineer
2001 Café del Mar, Vol. 8 Producer, Engineer, Remix Producer, Composer
2000 Victory Style, Vol. 4 Vocals
2000 The Loft, Vol. 2 David Mancuso Producer, Vocals, Guitar
2000 Summer Annual Australia Mixing Engineer
2000 Summer Annual Mixing
2000 Movement in Still Life BT Mixing
2000 Chillout Album, Vol. 3 Producer
2000 Café del Mar, Vol. 7 Café del Mar Producer
1999 Prototype Seb Fontaine Mixing
1998 Moonshine Mixed, Vol. 2 Mixing
1998 Killerbeats DJ Jeff K Mixing
1998 Fully Automatic: Drum & Bass Mixed by Ak1200 AK1200 Engineer, Mixing
1998 Big Dirty Beats Engineer
1998 Basslines [Moonshine] Mixing
1998 Back on a Mission [12"] Cirrus Engineer, Mixing
1998 Back on a Mission Cirrus Mixing
1998 Altered Ego Trip (Remix Album) Keoki Mixing
1997 Moonshine Mixer, Vol. 2 Engineer
1997 Moonshine Mixer, No. 1 Engineer
1997 Ego Trip Keoki Engineer
1997 Café del Mar, Vol. 4 Producer
1997 Black Flys Presents: Club Flys Engineer
1996 Pompatus of Love Producer
1996 Moonshine Mixed Engineer
1996 Mo' House Yo' Mama Engineer
1996 Massive Dance Mix '96 Engineer
1996 Elevator Song: The Mixes Dubstar Engineer
1996 Drop in Standing I Wish I Producer
1996 Café del Mar: Ibiza, Vol. 3 [React] Café del Mar Producer
1995 House Yo Mama Engineer
1995 Café del Mar: Ibiza, Vol. 1 Café del Mar Composer, Producer
1991 The Album with No Name Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I. Composer
Vargo Lounge: Summer Celebration, Vol. 2 Vargo Composer
Sunshine Live: Mix Mission 2010 Composer
Obsession Lounge, Vol. 4 Composer, Producer
Nu House Composer, Producer
Most Rated Ibiza 2010 Producer
Lauschkost 3: Feinkost für die Sinne Composer
Climate Soundtrack, Vol. 2 Composer
Chilled Dub Step & Bass Mastering
Café del Mar: Terrace Mix Additional Production, Composer, Mastering, Producer, Remixing
Café Del Mar: Ibiza, Vol. 3 Composer, Producer