Steve Hammonds


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Year Album Artist
2017 A-Sides 1978-2016 The Fall Product Manager
2017 Divine Victims: The Witchfynde Albums 1980-1983 Witchfynde Release Coordinator
2017 During After: The Best of 10cc 10cc Project Coordinator
2017 Official Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 1 Humble Pie Release Coordinator
2017 Singles 1978-2016 The Fall Product Manager
2017 Trunk of Funk, Vol. 1 Grand Funk Railroad Release Coordinator
2017 Trunk of Funk, Vol. 2 Grand Funk Railroad Release Coordinator
2017 Warrior Warrior Release Coordinator
2016 Final Wild Songs The Long Ryders Project Coordinator
2016 The Ultimate Collection Black Sabbath Project Coordinator
2016 Your Turn to Remember: The Definitive Anthology, 1970-1990 Uriah Heep Coordination, Assistant
2014 Stories: The Singles Collection Therapy? Sequencing
2014 The Singles Box Set 1975-1986 Rainbow Release Coordinator
2014 To Hellion & Back: 2CD Anthology 1983-2014 Hellion Coordination
2013 Anthology Daniel Ash Release Coordinator
2013 Everybody Wants to Rule the World: The Collection Tears for Fears Sequencing
2013 Heat of the Moment: The Essential Collection Asia Sequencing
2013 Keys to the Country/Barefootin' Barefoot Jerry Release Coordinator
2012 Anthology Ned's Atomic Dustbin Release Coordinator
2012 Great British Albums Release Coordinator
2012 The Kinks at the BBC The Kinks Coordination
2012 The Singles Box Set (1983-1993) Dio Product Manager
2011 Children of Tomorrow The Mike Stuart Span Coordination
2011 Hidden Treasures Dave Davies Coordination
2011 Kaboodle The Muffs Release Coordinator
2011 Live at the BBC Thin Lizzy Product Manager
2011 Old School: 1964-1974 Alice Cooper Project Coordinator
2011 Paradise Lost: The Complete U.K. Fontana Recordings The Herd Coordination
2011 The Ronnie James Dio Story: Mightier Than the Sword Dio / Ronnie James Dio Project Coordinator
2010 High Voltage Emerson Project Coordinator
2010 Move Ass Baby Iggy & the Stooges / The Stooges Reissue Coordination
2010 On the Rebound: A Very 'Eavy 40th Anniversary Collection Uriah Heep Project Coordinator
2010 Rarities Edition: Ace of Spades Motörhead Release Coordinator
2010 Sometime World: An MCA Travelogue Wishbone Ash Project Consultant
2010 Swings & Roundabouts: Very Best of Jetset The JetSet Coordination
2010 The Shining Breeze: The Slowdive Anthology Slowdive Project Manager
2009 Anthology Rainbow Project Consultant
2009 Collected Ray Davies Release Coordinator
2009 Double Crossed Jim Diamond Release Coordinator
2009 Growing Up Absurd/What's in a Word/Fruit Machine EP Brilliant Corners Assistant Coordinator
2009 Last Night at the Palais The Fall Project Coordinator
2009 Morning Stands on Tiptoe Dave Arthur / Dave & Toni Arthur / Toni Arthur Coordination
2009 The Greatest Hits Black Sabbath Project Coordinator
2009 Works, Vols. 1-2 Emerson Project Coordinator
2008 Light Flight: The Anthology Pentangle Project Coordinator
2008 The New Game Mudvayne Product Manager
2007 20 Years in Show Business I Coordination
2007 Close Your Eyes: A Collection 1965-1986 Vincent Crane Project Coordinator
2007 Every Time You Move Hunter Muskett Coordination
2007 Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Rubinoos Project Coordinator
2007 From the Beginning [Box Set] Emerson Release Coordinator
2007 Live Starz Project Coordinator
2007 Rough an' Ready M3 / Bernie Marsden / Micky Moody / Neil Murray Project Compiler
2007 The Essential Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson Compilation Producer
2007 The Fall Box Set The Fall Project Coordinator
2007 The Time Has Come 1967-1973 Pentangle Project Coordinator
2007 This Time Around Glenn Hughes Project Coordinator
2006 Bird of Prey: Best of Uriah Heep Uriah Heep Project Coordinator
2006 Buzz Buzz Buzz: The Complete Lazy Recordings The Primitives Coordination
2006 Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice: The Transatlantic Anthology Hamish Imlach Project Coordinator
2006 Damage Case: Lemmy Anthology Lemmy Project Coordinator
2006 Easy Livin: The Singles A's and B's Uriah Heep Project Coordinator
2006 Elements: The Anthology Ken Hensley Compilation Producer
2006 Everything as Nice as Mother Makes It/The Best of the Nice The Nice Project Coordinator
2006 Fairport Convention Companion Project Coordinator
2006 From Here to Eternity: The Live Box Set New York Dolls Project Coordinator
2006 Full Metal Garage: Songs That Drove Metallica Project Coordinator
2006 Gold Roger Daltrey Coordination
2006 Hell to the Unknown: Anthology Cronos Release Coordinator
2006 Look Thru the Eyes of Roy Wood Roy Wood Coordination
2006 Nazz Nazz/Nazz III: The Fungo Bat Sessions The Nazz Project Coordinator
2006 Nebulous Dawn: The Early Years Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
2006 Off the Shelf Keith Emerson Project Coordinator
2006 One of Those Nights: The Anthology UFO Project Coordinator
2006 Original Bootleg Series from the Manticore Vaults, Vol. 4 [Box Set] Emerson Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
2006 So What: Early Demos & Live Abuse Anti-Nowhere League Project Coordinator
2006 The Black Swan Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
2006 The Circle Is Unbroken: Live and Studio 1967-1972 The Incredible String Band Project Coordinator
2006 The Fairport Companion Fairport Convention Project Coordinator
2006 The Singles Box, Vol. 1: 1985-1992 Helloween Project Coordinator
2005 Alive Bruce Dickinson Project Coordinator
2005 Are You Ready to Testify? The Live Bootleg Anthology MC5 Release Coordinator
2005 Ars Longa Vita Brevis: A Compendium of Progressive Roc 1967-1974 Release Coordinator
2005 BBC Live & In-Session Motörhead Project Coordinator
2005 Big Game Hunting: The Rarities Tygers of Pan Tang Release Coordinator
2005 Chapter & Verse: The Uriah Heep Story (35th Anniversary Collection) Uriah Heep Project Coordinator
2005 Feel Like Jumping! Bad Manners Project Coordinator
2005 Find the Way Out The Boo Radleys Project Coordinator
2005 Get Down in the Dirt: The Complete Upp Upp Project Coordinator
2005 Go North: The Bronze Anthology Tony Hazzard Coordination
2005 Hammer It Out: The Anthology Keith Emerson Coordination
2005 If You Ain't Got a Weapon... You'll Never Get a Say 3 Colours Red Project Coordinator
2005 If the Kids Are United: The Punk Box Set Project Coordinator
2005 It's All Up Now: Anthology Fruupp Release Coordinator
2005 Judas as Black Moth Current 93 Project Coordinator
2005 Juggernaut Rides '89-'98 Swervedriver Project Coordinator
2005 Live at the Gibus Club The Slits Compilation Producer, Project Coordinator
2005 Livin' for the Weekend: Anthology Triumph Release Coordinator
2005 MMV Venom Reissue Coordination
2005 Running from Home: An Introduction to Bert Jansch Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
2005 Street Feeling The Selecter Project Coordinator
2005 The Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 1 Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
2005 The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 The Fall Photography, Project Coordinator
2005 The Lasting Spirit: The Collection Fairport Convention Compilation Producer
2005 The Times They Are A-Changin' Ian Campbell Folk Group Project Coordinator
2005 Those Pleasant Days: The Transatlantic Anthology Stefan Grossman Project Coordinator
2005 Urban Kids: A Punk Rock Anthology Chelsea Project Coordinator
2005 We Survive: Anthology Terraplane Release Coordinator
2004 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong: 39 Golden Greats The Fall Project Coordinator
2004 Albion Sunrise: The HTD Recordings 1994-1999 The Albion Band Project Coordinator
2004 An Introduction To ... Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
2004 And in the Beginning: The Complete Early Man 1968-69 Man Release Coordinator
2004 Catch the Breeze Slowdive Project Coordinator
2004 Crossing the Styles: The Transatlantic Anthology Gryphon Project Coordinator
2004 Gather in the Mushrooms: The British Acid Folk Underground 1968-1974 Project Coordinator
2004 It Suits Me Well: The Transatlantic Anthology Dave Swarbrick Project Coordinator
2004 Journey: The Anthology 1967-1993 Duncan Browne Coordination
2004 Listening In: Radio Sessions 1978-1982 The Undertones Compilation Producer, Release Coordinator
2004 Live in Austin Texas The Mavericks Project Coordinator
2004 Moonlighting: The Anthology Roger Daltrey Coordination
2004 My Mama Never Taught Me How to Cook Annette Peacock Project Coordinator
2004 Neat Neat Neat: The Alternative Anthology The Damned Project Coordinator
2004 Nixa Jazz Today [Box Set] Chris Barber / Chris Barber & His Jazz Band Project Coordinator
2004 One of These Days: The Trespass Anthology Trespass Release Coordinator
2004 Paradise: Complete 1989-1991 Birdland Release Coordinator
2004 Psychotropia Nick Nicely Coordination, Project Coordinator
2004 Roadrunner, Roadrunner: The Beserkley Collection Jonathan Richman Project Coordinator
2004 Roxy London WC2: A Live Punk Box Set Coordination
2004 Satan's Serenade: The Quartz Anthology Quartz Release Coordinator
2004 Shark Frenzy Shark Frenzy Coordination
2004 Society's Victims Discharge Release Coordinator
2004 The Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 2 Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
2004 The Complete Pye Collection Status Quo Creative Coordinator
2004 The Definitive Pye Collection The Searchers Creative Coordinator
2004 The Legend of Sweeney's Men: Anthology Sweeney's Men Project Coordinator
2004 Time Was...The Live Anthology Wishbone Ash Release Coordinator
2004 Time and Again: The Private Stock Collection Mud Project Coordinator
2004 Total Metal: The Neat Anthology Atomkraft Release Coordinator
2004 Ultimate Collection Emerson Release Coordinator
2003 Action Time Vision: The ATV Anthology Alternative TV Project Coordinator
2003 Blues Run the Game Jackson C. Frank Project Coordinator
2003 Bootleg Series, Vol. 3: Nearly Human Tour, Japan '90 Todd Rundgren Project Coordinator
2003 Come to the Sabbat: The Anthology Black Widow Release Coordinator
2003 Dancin on a Saturday Night Barry Blue Project Coordinator
2003 Don't Look Back: The Very Best of the Korgis The Korgis Coordination
2003 Femme Fatale: The Aura Anthology Nico Release Coordinator
2003 Fight to the Last: Anthology Chateaux Release Coordinator
2003 Fire! The Story of Arthur Brown Arthur Brown Concept
2003 Flying in & Out of Stardom Baker Gurvitz Army Project Coordinator
2003 Glitter from the Litter Bin: 20 Junk Shop Glam Rarities from the 1970s Project Coordinator
2003 Heydays Tim Hart / Tim Hart & Maddy Prior Project Coordinator
2003 I Want Candy: Anthology Bow Wow Wow Project Coordinator
2003 It's the New Thing! The Step Forward Years The Fall Project Coordinator
2003 Kissing the Beast Venom Release Coordinator
2003 Live in Poland Emerson Release Coordinator
2003 Living in the Danger Zone Strangeways Release Coordinator
2003 Long Stick Goes Boom: The Anthology Krokus Release Coordinator
2003 Noonday: The Aragorn Anthology Aragorn Release Coordinator
2003 On the Highwire Trapeze Release Coordinator
2003 Power Crazy: The Best of Marshall Law Marshall Law Release Coordinator
2003 Rock You Tonight Marseille Release Coordinator
2003 Saving Grace Sad Café Project Coordinator
2003 Sittin' in the Middle of Madness: Anthology Earth Quake Project Coordinator
2003 Smokin' Valves: The Anthology Holocaust Release Coordinator
2003 Stone Deaf Forever! Motörhead Project Coordinator
2003 Stop Thinking Clam Abuse Project Coordinator
2003 Strawberry Bubblegum: A Collection of Pre-10CC Strawberry Studio Recordings 1969-1972 Coordination
2003 Terminally Groovy: The Singles Ned's Atomic Dustbin Release Coordinator
2003 The Lark in the Morning: The Early Years Steeleye Span Project Coordinator
2003 The Neat Singles Collection, Vol. 2 Release Coordinator
2003 The Ultimate Collection Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
2003 This Ain't No Fit Place: The Best of Savage Savage Release Coordinator
2003 Time Enough at Last The Fall Project Coordinator
2003 Tomorrow's Blues Colosseum Project Coordinator
2003 Touch Sensitive...Bootleg Box Set The Fall Project Coordinator
2003 Twelve Shots on the Rocks Hanoi Rocks Release Coordinator
2003 Ultimate Collection [Sanctuary] Small Faces Product Manager
2003 What Kind of Rock N Roll: The Anthology The Crybabys Project Coordinator
2003 Words of Expectation The Fall Project Coordinator
2002 3744 James Road: The HTD Anthology Groundhogs Project Coordinator
2002 Alive in Japan 10cc Project Coordinator
2002 All Systems Go! The Neat Anthology Raven Release Coordinator
2002 Anthology Gary Numan Release Coordinator
2002 Art of Levitation Peter Bardens Project Coordinator
2002 Best of Sweet Dreams Tonight Angelou Release Coordinator
2002 Best of the Bootlegs Emerson Coordination
2002 Bootleg Series, Vol. 1: Live at the Forum, London '94 Todd Rundgren Project Coordinator
2002 Bootleg Series, Vol. 2: KSAN 95FM, Live '79 Utopia Project Coordinator
2002 Bronze Albums Motörhead Reissue Coordination
2002 Decontrol: The Singles Discharge Coordination, Release Coordinator
2002 Disconnection Gary Numan Release Coordinator
2002 Down the Dustpipe Status Quo Release Coordinator
2002 Floating on the Breeze: The Dawn Anthology Prelude Project Coordinator
2002 Heavy Soul Atomic Rooster Release Coordinator
2002 I'm Alright Jack & The Beanstalk The Damned Release Coordinator
2002 In League with Satan Venom Coordination, Release Coordinator
2002 Journey Through a Burning Brain (Anthology) Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
2002 Keep Us on the Road: Live 1977 Motörhead Release Coordinator
2002 Light Flight: The Anthology Pentangle Compilation Producer
2002 Live Vicious White Kids Release Coordinator
2002 Live at the BBC The Nice Coordination
2002 Live in London The Dickies Project Coordinator
2002 Live: Anthology The Damned Project Coordinator
2002 Magic in the Air/Caught in the Act Lindisfarne Project Coordinator
2002 Metal Anarchy: The Best of Warfare Warfare Release Coordinator
2002 My Number Girl Project Coordinator
2002 No Future UK?/Spunk Sex Pistols Project Coordinator
2002 No Strings Attached: Themes from ATV Television Series (Original Soundtrack Recordings) Barry Gray Orchestra Artwork, Research, Project Coordinator
2002 PWEI Product 86-94: The Pop Will Eat Itself Anthology Pop Will Eat Itself Project Coordinator
2002 Painted Heroes: The Anthology Tysondog Release Coordinator
2002 Paper and Smoke Mike Cooper Project Coordinator
2002 Power Games: The Anthology Jaguar Release Coordinator
2002 Punk Lives! Project Coordinator
2002 Riding with the Angels: The Anthology Samson Release Coordinator
2002 Rock of Ages [Essential] Concept
2002 Roy Budd: Great Songs & Themes from Great Films (Original Soundtrack Recordings) Roy Budd Project Coordinator
2002 Sham Pistols Sex Pistols / Sham Pistols Project Coordinator
2002 Singles The Damned Concept
2002 Smash It Up: The Anthology 1976-1987 The Damned Project Coordinator
2002 Some of Our Yesterdays: Anthology, 1985-1995 Fairport Convention Project Coordinator
2002 Stairway to the Stars: Live and Rare Sweet Release Coordinator
2002 Straight Faced Fighters Widowmaker Project Coordinator
2002 Streams of Whiskey: Live in Leysin, Switzerland The Pogues Producer, Project Coordinator
2002 Tear Ya Down: The Rarities Motörhead Release Coordinator
2002 The Best of Atomic Rooster [Silverline] Atomic Rooster Release Coordinator
2002 The Best of Irish Folk [Essential] Project Coordinator
2002 The Best of Scottish Folk [Essential] Project Coordinator
2002 The Big H: Hellanbach Anthology Hellanbach Re-Release Coordinator
2002 The Boxed Miniatures Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
2002 The Dazzling Stranger Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
2002 The Definitive Collection Stray Project Coordinator
2002 The Original Bootleg Series from the Manticore Vaults, Vol. 3 Emerson Project Coordinator
2002 The Original Lo-Fi Babybird Project Coordinator
2002 The Punk Singles 1981-1984 G.B.H. Release Coordinator
2002 The Rough Trade Singles Box The Fall Project Coordinator
2002 The Sea Wolves (Original Soundtrack Recording) Roy Budd Artwork, Coordination, Concept, Research, Project Coordinator
2002 The Seven Gates of Hell: Singles 1980-1985 Venom Release Coordinator
2002 The Transatlantic Anthology The Dubliners Project Coordinator
2002 The Transatlantic Years Billy Connolly Release Coordinator
2002 The Very Best of Girlschool Girlschool Compilation Producer
2002 The Very Best of Motörhead Motörhead Compilation Producer
2002 Too Wild to Tame: Anthology Avenger Release Coordinator
2002 Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology The Fall Project Coordinator
2002 Very Best of Uriah Heep [Sanctuary] Uriah Heep Compilation Producer
2002 We're Mad: The Anthology Toy Dolls Compilation Producer
2002 You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory Johnny Thunders Release Coordinator
2001 Are You Are Missing Winner The Fall Project Coordinator
2001 Back to the Trenches Nazareth Release Coordinator
2001 Blood on Stone: Anthology, Vol. 2 Uriah Heep Compilation Producer, Project Coordinator
2001 Buddism Roy Budd Release Coordinator
2001 Cockney Kids Are Innocent: The Best of Sham 69 Sham 69 Project Coordinator
2001 Come Away Melinda: A Collection of Classic Uriah Heep Ballads Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
2001 Early 70's: Singles Status Quo Project Coordinator
2001 Grievous Acoustic Behaviour: Live at the 12 Bar Ginger Release Coordinator
2001 Guitar Workshop [Castle Double Disc] Project Coordinator
2001 Mirrors Sally Oldfield Compilation Producer, Project Coordinator
2001 Plus REO Speedwagon Project Coordinator
2001 The Best of Matt McGinn Matt McGinn Project Coordinator
2001 The Bronze Years Alaska Project Coordinator
2001 The Original Bootleg Series From Manticore Vaults, Vol. 2 Emerson Project Coordinator
2001 The Songs We Sang for Auntie: BBC Sessions 1964-1977 The Kinks Release Coordinator
2001 There Is No Future Sex Pistols Compilation Producer
2001 Travelling Ways Caravan Project Coordinator
2001 We Don't Care: Anthology Slaughter & the Dogs Production Coordination
2000 Anthology The Rubinoos Project Coordinator
2000 Anthology Jesse Winchester Project Coordinator
2000 Baby Jump: The Dawn Anthology Mungo Jerry Coordination
2000 Best of the Blessing The Blessing Project Coordinator
2000 Boom Boom Pat Travers Project Coordinator
2000 Ever After: Live The Mission UK Project Coordinator
2000 Feel Glenn Hughes A&R
2000 Home of the Hits: The Beserkley Story Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers Coordination
2000 In the Mood for Something Rude/Zig-Zag Walk Foghat Project Coordinator
2000 Kidnapped (Original Soundtrack Recording) Roy Budd Concept, Research, Project Coordinator, Project Concept
2000 Live in Germany Steve Marriott Project Coordinator
2000 Over the Top: The Rarities Motörhead Coordination
2000 Popcorn Hot Butter Project Coordinator
2000 Resurrection Venom Reissue Coordination
2000 Something to Hide/Internecine Project/Foxbat Roy Budd Concept, Art Coordinator, Research, Project Coordinator
2000 The Best of Ralph McTell [Castle 2000] Ralph McTell Project Coordinator
2000 The Best of Tony Hatch & His Orchestra Tony Hatch / The Tony Hatch Orchestra Compilation Producer
2000 The Handy Wah! Whole The Mighty Wah! Project Coordinator
2000 The Pentangle Family Compilation Producer
2000 The Y Records Years Shriekback Project Coordinator
2000 Tight Shoes/Girls to Chat & Boys to Bounce Foghat Project Coordinator
2000 Tomorrow Never Comes (Original Soundtrack Recordings) Roy Budd Coordination, Project Coordinator
2000 True Confessions (Singles = A's & B's) The Undertones Project Coordinator
1999 Down in the Park: The Alternative Anthology Gary Numan Project Coordinator
1999 The Deviants 3/Mona: The Carnivorous Circus The Deviants Coordination
1999 The Dawn Anthology Project Coordinator
1999 The Way It Is Glenn Hughes A&R
1999 Two Sides Of A Coin: 1979-1984 The Barracudas Project Coordinator
1999 Up, Up, and Away: The Songs of Jimmy Webb Liner Notes
1998 Better Than Raw Helloween Release Coordinator
1998 Cast in Stone Venom Reissue Coordination
1998 Kingsize The Boo Radleys Coordination
1998 Soldier Blue; Catlow; Zeppelin (Original Soundtrack Recordings) Roy Budd Artwork, Coordination, Concept, Research, Project Coordinator
1998 The Chemical Wedding Bruce Dickinson Project Coordinator
1998 The Definitive Collection: Beat Boys in the Jet Age The Lambrettas Coordination, Research
1998 The Definitive Transatlantic Collection John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1998 With a Vengeance Laurie Johnson / Laurie Johnson Orchestra Compilation Producer
1997 Accident of Birth Bruce Dickinson Project Coordinator
1997 Addiction Glenn Hughes A&R
1997 Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970 Emerson Coordination
1997 Live in London 1980: The Legendary Chaos Tape The Fall Project Coordinator
1997 Rebirth of the Budd Roy Budd Liner Notes
1997 Watchin' TV (With the Radio On)/You Can't Get off with Your Shoes On Barefoot Jerry Release Coordinator
1996 C'mon Kids The Boo Radleys Coordination
1996 Live at the 12 Bar Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1996 Skunkworks Bruce Dickinson Project Coordinator
1996 The Light User Syndrome The Fall Project Coordinator
1996 The Rock John Entwistle Project Coordinator
1996 The Thrill of It All Thunder Release Coordinator
1996 The Time of the Oath Helloween Release Coordinator
1996 Theme Park BMX Bandits Help
1996 Wonderland Judie Tzuke Project Coordinator
1995 Cerebral Caustic The Fall Project Coordinator
1995 Gettin' Dirty BMX Bandits Assistant Project Coordinator
1995 Infernal Love Therapy? Project Coordinator, Track Details
1995 Live in Concert The Stranglers Project Coordinator
1995 Milestones The Dubliners Project Coordinator
1995 Shooting Stars: The Dollar Collection Dollar Compilation Producer
1995 Skin Skin Product Manager
1995 The Reunion Concerts 1994 Colosseum Project Coordinator
1995 The Twenty-Seven Points The Fall Project Coordinator
1995 Wake Up! The Boo Radleys Project Coordinator
1994 Balls to Picasso Bruce Dickinson Project Coordinator
1994 Chameleon Helloween Release Coordinator
1994 Early Daze Sex Pistols Project Coordinator
1994 Evil Live Diamond Head Project Coordinator
1994 Get a Life Stiff Little Fingers Project Coordinator
1994 In the Hot Seat Emerson Release Coordinator
1994 Master of the Rings Helloween Release Coordinator
1994 Middle Class Revolt The Fall Project Coordinator
1994 Rare, Live & Unreleased 1974-76 The Stranglers Project Coordinator
1994 Skeletons in the Closet Venom Release Coordinator
1994 The Lansdowne Tapes Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
1994 The Vicious White Kids: Live in Concert Sid Vicious Release Coordinator
1993 Death & Night & Blood The Stranglers Project Coordinator
1993 Giant Steps The Boo Radleys Project Coordinator
1993 Life Goes On BMX Bandits Help
1993 Lions and Tigers and Bears The Adventures Release Coordinator
1993 Souvlaki Slowdive Project Coordinator, Project Manager
1993 Spilt Milk Jellyfish Project Assistant
1993 The Infotainment Scan The Fall Project Coordinator
1993 Trade Test Transmissions Buzzcocks Project Coordinator
1993 Truth and Beauty Ian McNabb Release Coordinator
1992 Adrenalize Def Leppard Compilation Producer
1992 Black Moon Emerson Release Coordinator
1992 High Stakes & Dangerous Men UFO Project Coordinator
1992 Idle Gossip Toy Dolls Project Coordinator, Project Manager
1992 Live At the Marquee Gary Moore Coordination
1992 Rocks in the Head Roger Daltrey Project Coordinator
1991 Different World Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
1991 Just for a Day Slowdive Project Coordinator
1991 Peggy Suicide Julian Cope Reissue Coordination
1991 Pink Bubbles Go Ape Helloween Release Coordinator
1990 Come Down Heavy Thee Hypnotics Coordination
1990 Live at Chelmsford Top Security Prison Sex Pistols Project Coordinator
1990 Song It's Immaterial Reissue Coordination
1990 The Ornament Tree Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1990 Valentine Valentine Product Manager
1989 Alannah Myles Alannah Myles Product Manager
1989 Amigos Lindisfarne Project Coordinator
1989 Bad English Bad English Product Manager
1989 Dr. Feelgood Mötley Crüe Release Coordinator
1989 Dreamweavers (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) Sabbat Coordination, Release Coordinator
1989 Extreme Aggression Kreator Product Manager
1989 More Songs About Love & Hate The Godfathers Release Coordinator
1989 No Future UK? Sex Pistols Project Manager
1989 Raging Silence Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
1989 Up Around The Bend: Super Best Hanoi Rocks Creative Coordinator
1989 Vanity/Nemesis Celtic Frost Art Direction, Project Coordinator
1989 Velveteen Transvision Vamp Product Manager
1988 Better Live than Dead Sex Pistols Project Coordinator
1988 Birth, School, Work, Death The Godfathers Release Coordinator
1988 Blind The Icicle Works Release Coordinator
1988 Everything Bangles Product Manager
1988 History of a Time to Come Sabbat Release Coordinator
1988 Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 2 Helloween Release Coordinator
1988 Live Chronicles Hawkwind Project Coordinator
1988 Live Miles Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1988 Now for a Feast! Pop Will Eat Itself Project Coordinator
1988 Pop Art Transvision Vamp Product Manager
1988 Terrible Certainty Kreator Product Manager
1988 The Nine Maidens John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1987 Am I Evil?: Anthology Diamond Head Release Coordinator
1987 American English Wax UK Release Coordinator
1987 Box Frenzy Pop Will Eat Itself Project Coordinator
1987 Hysteria Def Leppard Project Coordinator, Track Annotations
1987 Keeper of the Seven Keys, Pt. 1 Helloween Release Coordinator
1987 Live in Europe 1979 Uriah Heep Reissue Producer
1987 Rock 'N' Roll Motörhead Release Coordinator
1987 Saint Julian Julian Cope Release Coordinator
1987 Tyger Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1986 Anything The Damned Coordination
1986 Green Desert Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1986 Not the Captain's Birthday Party? The Damned Release Coordinator
1986 Orgasmatron Motörhead Release Coordinator
1986 Pleasure to Kill Kreator Product Manager
1986 Underwater Sunlight Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1986 Walls of Jericho Helloween Release Coordinator
1985 A Far Out Disc Toy Dolls Project Coordinator
1985 Dangerous Music Robin George Project Coordinator
1985 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Venom Re-Release Coordinator
1985 Endless Pain Kreator Product Manager
1985 Fighting Back/Children Of Madness Battlezone / Paul Di'Anno's Battlezone Release Coordinator
1985 Honky Keith Emerson Project Coordinator
1985 Le Parc Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1985 Long Days Black Nights Magnum Release Coordinator
1985 Metal Anarchy Warfare Release Coordinator
1985 On a Storyteller's Night Magnum Release Coordinator
1985 Some People Belouis Some Reissue Coordination
1985 Songs from the Big Chair Tears for Fears Project Coordinator, Track Selection
1985 The Cat Is Out Judie Tzuke Project Coordinator
1985 The Small Price of a Bicycle The Icicle Works Release Coordinator
1985 Theodore & Friends The Adventures Release Coordinator
1985 To Mega Therion Celtic Frost Project Supervisor
1984 Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof Project Coordinator
1984 Dance Your Life Away Lindisfarne Project Coordinator
1984 Dirty Fingers Gary Moore Coordination
1984 Morbid Tales Celtic Frost Project Supervisor
1984 Never Again Discharge Project Coordinator
1984 No Remorse Motörhead Coordination
1984 Poland: The Warsaw Concert Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1984 Sparkle in the Rain Simple Minds Project Coordinator, Track Details
1984 The Last in Line Dio Product Manager
1983 Another Perfect Day Motörhead Release Coordinator
1983 At War with Satan Venom Release Coordinator
1983 Born Again Black Sabbath Project Coordinator
1983 Dig That Groove Baby Toy Dolls Project Coordinator
1983 Fall in a Hole The Fall Project Coordinator
1983 Hell Hath No Fury Rock Goddess Release Coordinator
1983 Live (Hot Curry and Wine) Holocaust Release Coordinator
1983 No Sweat Geordie Release Coordinator
1983 Octopuss Cozy Powell / Cozy Powell's Hammer Release Coordinator
1983 Perverted by Language The Fall Project Coordinator
1983 Pyromania Def Leppard Compilation Producer
1983 Sheriff Sheriff Product Manager, Reissue
1983 Taken by Storm Bronz Project Coordinator
1983 The Eleventh Hour Magnum Artwork, Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1983 The Hurting Tears for Fears Project Coordinator
1983 The Sin of Pride The Undertones Project Coordinator
1982 A Part of America Therein, 1981 The Fall Project Coordinator
1982 Abominog Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1982 Back with a Vengeance: The Anthology Fist Release Coordinator
1982 Black Metal Venom Release Coordinator
1982 Chase the Dragon Magnum Art Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1982 Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing Discharge Project Coordinator
1982 Hex Enduction Hour The Fall Project Coordinator
1982 Iron Fist Motörhead Release Coordinator
1982 Live Evil Black Sabbath Project Coordinator
1982 Road Island Ambrosia Product Manager
1982 Room to Live: Undilutable Slang Truth! The Fall Project Coordinator
1982 Sleepless Nights Lindisfarne Project Coordinator
1982 Swing to the Right Utopia Project Coordinator
1981 Denim and Leather Saxon Project Consultant
1981 Hit and Run Girlschool Project Coordinator
1981 Lightning to the Nations (The White Album) Diamond Head Project Coordinator
1981 Mob Rules Black Sabbath Project Coordinator
1981 Never Too Late Status Quo Release Coordinator
1981 No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith Motörhead Project Coordinator
1981 Positive Touch The Undertones Project Coordinator
1981 Sky 2 Sky Project Coordinator
1981 Slates The Fall Project Coordinator
1981 The Power of Rock 'n' Roll Frank Marino Product Manager
1981 The Nightcomers Holocaust Release Coordinator
1981 Tilt Cozy Powell Release Coordinator
1981 Too Late the Hero John Entwistle Project Coordinator
1981 Turn Back Toto Product Manager
1981 Welcome to Hell Venom Release Coordinator
1981 Why? Discharge Project Coordinator
1980 Ace of Spades Motörhead Reissue Coordination, Release Coordinator
1980 Adventures in Utopia Utopia Reissue Coordination
1980 Angel Witch Angel Witch Release Coordinator
1980 Conquest Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1980 Demolition Girlschool Project Coordinator
1980 Gamma 2 Gamma Product Manager
1980 Grotesque (After the Gramme) The Fall Project Coordinator
1980 Heaven and Hell Black Sabbath Project Coordinator
1980 Hypnotised The Undertones Project Coordinator
1980 Just Supposin' Status Quo Release Coordinator
1980 Kilimanjaro The Teardrop Explodes Product Manager
1980 Marauder Magnum Art Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1980 One Eighty Ambrosia Product Manager
1980 Red Exposure Chrome Release Coordinator
1980 The Enchanted Garden John Renbourn / John Renbourn Group Project Coordinator
1980 The Strand The Strand Product Manager
1980 Totale's Turns (It's Now or Never) The Fall Project Coordinator
1980 Up Le Roux Product Manager
1980 What's Next Mahogany Rush / Frank Marino Product Manager
1980 Wheels of Steel Saxon Project Consultant
1980 White Spirit White Spirit Project Coordinator
1979 Avocet Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1979 Bomber Motörhead Reissue Coordination, Release Coordinator
1979 Down to Earth Rainbow Project Coordinator
1979 G-Force Gary Moore / Gary Moore & G-Force Coordination
1979 Hydra Toto Product Manager
1979 Live at the Witch Trials The Fall Compilation Producer, Project Coordinator
1979 Magnum II Magnum Art Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1979 Overkill Motörhead Reissue Coordination, Release Coordinator
1979 St. Paradise St. Paradise Product Manager
1979 The Adventures of Hersham Boys Sham 69 Project Coordinator
1979 The Black Balloon John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1979 The News Lindisfarne Project Coordinator
1978 Back and Fourth Lindisfarne Project Coordinator
1978 Creed Creed Project Manager
1978 Fallen Angel Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1978 Germ Free Adolescents X-Ray Spex Project Coordinator
1978 Kingdom of Madness Magnum Art Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1978 Love Beach Emerson Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1978 Mahogany Rush Live Frank Marino / Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Product Manager
1978 Never Say Die! Black Sabbath Project Consultant
1978 Tell Us the Truth Sham 69 Project Coordinator
1978 That's Life Sham 69 Project Coordinator
1978 The Wild Geese [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Roy Budd Concept, Research, Project Coordinator
1978 The Wild Places Duncan Browne Project Coordinator
1978 Toto Toto Product Manager
1978 Water Bearer Sally Oldfield Release Coordinator
1977 Damned Damned Damned The Damned Coordination, Project Coordinator
1977 Don't Stop the World Deaf School Project Coordinator
1977 Firefly Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1977 Innocent Victim Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1977 Japan Tour Bachman-Turner Overdrive Release Coordinator
1977 Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers Jonathan Richman / Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers Project Coordinator
1977 Metro Metro / Metro Project Coordinator
1977 Music for Pleasure The Damned Project Coordinator
1977 One of the Boys Roger Daltrey Coordination
1977 Oops! Wrong Planet Utopia Reissue Project Coordination Assistant
1977 Rock 'N' Roll with the Modern Lovers Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers Project Coordinator
1977 Works, Vol. 1 Emerson Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1977 Works, Vol. 2 Emerson Release Coordinator
1976 Blue for You Status Quo Release Coordinator
1976 Rising Rainbow Project Coordinator
1976 The Fiddler's Dream The Dransfields Project Coordinator
1976 The Guitar of John Renbourn John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1975 Fish Out of Water Chris Squire Reissue Coordination
1975 Mad Dog John Entwistle Project Coordinator
1975 Ride a Rock Horse Roger Daltrey Coordination
1975 Straight Shooter Bad Company Research
1975 The Stone Killer (Original Soundtrack Recording) Roy Budd Concept, Research, Project Coordinator
1975 The Winkies The Winkies Release Coordinator
1975 Two Sides of the Moon Keith Moon Coordination
1974 Bad Company Bad Company Research
1974 Latest Edition John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Release Coordinator
1974 Living in Fear Tempest Project Coordinator
1974 Solo Concert Billy Connolly Reissue Coordination
1974 The Beginning of Doves Marc Bolan Coordination
1974 The Marseille Contract (Original Soundtrack Recording) Roy Budd Concept, Research, Project Coordinator
1974 Todd Todd Rundgren Project Coordinator
1974 Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends: Ladies & Gentlemen, Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1974 Wonderworld Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1973 Brain Salad Surgery Emerson Release Coordinator
1973 Daltrey Roger Daltrey Coordination
1973 Fear is the Key Roy Budd / Roy Budd & His Orchestra Concept, Research, Project Coordinator
1973 Live: January 1973 Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1973 Moonshine Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1973 Moving On John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Release Coordinator
1973 Nice 'n' Greasy Atomic Rooster Project Coordinator
1973 Piledriver Status Quo Release Coordinator
1973 Sunforest Tom Rapp Release Coordinator
1973 Sweet Freedom Uriah Heep Coordination, Reissue Coordination
1973 Tempest Tempest Project Coordinator
1973 Ten Years Are Gone John Mayall Release Coordinator
1973 The Magician's Birthday Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination, Reissue Coordinator
1972 Bloomfield Johnny Harris Project Coordinator
1972 Demons and Wizards Uriah Heep Coordination, Reissue Coordination
1972 Faro Annie John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1972 Made in Japan Deep Purple Product Manager
1972 Pictures at an Exhibition Emerson Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1972 Right Now Wizz Jones Coordination
1972 Shearwater Martin Carthy Project Coordinator
1972 Solomon's Seal Pentangle Project Coordinator
1972 Stardancer Tom Rapp Release Coordinator
1972 Trilogy Emerson Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator, Re-Release Coordinator
1972 Zeit Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1971 Can I Have My Money Back? Gerry Rafferty Project Coordinator
1971 Colosseum Live Colosseum Project Coordinator
1971 Flight of the Doves [Original Soundtrack] Roy Budd Project Coordinator
1971 Get Carter [1971 British Score] Roy Budd Concept, Research, Project Coordinator, Project Concept
1971 In Hearing of Atomic Rooster Atomic Rooster Project Coordinator
1971 Look at Yourself Uriah Heep Coordination
1971 Master of Reality Black Sabbath Coordination, Project Coordinator
1971 No Roses Albion Country Band / Shirley Collins Project Coordinator
1971 Reflection Pentangle Project Coordinator
1971 Restrictions/ 'Ot N' Sweaty Cactus Project Consultant
1971 Rosemary Lane Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1971 Salisbury Uriah Heep Coordination, Reissue Coordination
1971 Tarkus Emerson Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1971 Uphill All the Way Unicorn Coordination
1970 Atomic Rooster Atomic Rooster Project Coordinator
1970 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Coordination, Project Coordinator
1970 Cruel Sister Pentangle Project Coordinator
1970 Daughter of Time Colosseum Project Coordinator
1970 Death Walks Behind You Atomic Rooster Project Coordinator
1970 Electronic Meditation Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1970 Emerson, Lake & Palmer Emerson Coordination, Project Coordinator, Release Coordinator
1970 Feelin' Free Pacific Drift Coordination
1970 Hark! The Village Wait Steeleye Span Project Coordinator
1970 Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One The Kinks Coordination
1970 Made in England Bulldog Breed Coordination
1970 Morning Way Trader Horne Project Coordinator
1970 Paranoid Black Sabbath Coordination
1970 The Lady and the Unicorn John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1970 Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble Uriah Heep Coordination, Reissue Coordination
1969 Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) The Kinks Coordination
1969 Basket of Light Pentangle Project Coordinator
1969 Birthday Blues Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1969 Children of the Sun The Sallyangie Project Coordinator
1969 Dylan's Gospel The Brothers and Sisters of L.A. Project Coordinator
1969 Expansions on Life Elastic Band Coordination
1969 Nice The Nice Project Coordinator
1969 Stonedhenge Ten Years After Product Manager
1969 Those Who Are About to Die Salute You Colosseum Project Coordinator
1969 Valentyne Suite Colosseum Compilation Producer, Project Coordinator
1968 Ars Longa Vita Brevis The Nice Project Coordinator
1968 Give Me Take You Duncan Browne Coordination
1968 Nazz The Nazz Project Coordinator
1968 Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Small Faces Project Manager
1968 Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo Status Quo Project Coordinator
1968 Sir John Alot of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & ye Grene Knyghte John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1968 Skip Bifferty Skip Bifferty Coordination
1968 Sweet Child Pentangle Project Coordinator
1968 The Pentangle Pentangle Project Coordinator
1968 Undead Ten Years After Product Manager
1967 Another Monday John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1967 From the Beginning Small Faces Project Manager
1967 Nicola Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1967 Small Faces [Immediate] Small Faces Project Manager
1967 Something Else by the Kinks The Kinks Coordination
1967 Ten Years After Ten Years After Product Manager
1967 The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack The Nice Project Coordinator
1966 Bert & John Bert Jansch / John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1966 Face to Face The Kinks Coordination
1966 Finnegan Wakes The Dubliners Project Coordinator
1966 Jack Orion Bert Jansch Project Coordinator, Reissue Design
1966 Small Faces [Decca] Small Faces Project Manager
1965 Bert Jansch Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1965 Fairytale Donovan Project Coordinator
1965 In Concert [Castle] The Dubliners Project Coordinator
1965 It Don't Bother Me Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1965 John Renbourn John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1965 Kinda Kinks The Kinks Coordination
1965 The Kink Kontroversy The Kinks Coordination
1965 What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid Donovan Project Coordinator
1964 Kinks The Kinks Coordination
1964 The Dubliners with Luke Kelly The Dubliners / Luke Kelly Project Coordinator
Anthology 10cc / Eric Stewart Product Manager
Cactus/One Way or Another Cactus Project Consultant
Official Box Set, Vol. 1: 1976-1980 Riot Release Coordinator
Purple People, Vol. 1 A&R
Somebody Up There Likes Me/Joy Ride Brilliant Corners Assistant Coordinator
You Can't Have It All/Stick It Out Chrome Molly Release Coordinator
You'll Get Yours: The Best of Motörhead Motörhead Project Coordinator